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Hello friends holiday cards

give me your address and I will card you

i can draw a thing on it if you want but it will not be quality and only 1 character probably

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hahahaHAHAHAHAHA okay you wanna go let's go because i tell you
i have wanted to go on this rant for a long time
buckle up everybody here we go we’re gonna make a list


In Dark Dawn your mission is to get a feather because your friend is a dumbass who broke your dad's shit.
It's a fucking fetchquest. That's what ninety percent of the game is, going to fetch this stupid fucking feather that's halfway across the planet. There’s a landslide, better go the long way around to get the feather. Gotta activate a machine to go through a cave on the way to the feather. Better activate a different machine so you can enter a new cave so you can get an ability that will help get the feather.

There's absolutely nothing but this dumbass feather driving you along, so the game lacks any sense of urgency or motivation for you to think "I gotta take care of this and I gotta do it now." In the first games you were heroes out to save the whole planet from destruction, so there was some context for you to be concerned about the places you visit and people you meet. You’re saving the world, you want to protect people from exploding chaos or the withering death of the elements, so it makes sense to be worried about a crazy tree mutating people into sentient saplings. Here, you're just a bunch of kids passing through the area, sticking your nose into problems way bigger than you. You know what settling race relations is not going to do? Get me to the top of this fucking mountain so I can skin this motherfucking mystical turkey.

The last chunk of the game includes a considerably more urgent plot, but it is seriously only at the VERY end, and again this shit would never have happened and no one would have needed to die if you had just found a more efficient goddamn way to go get your stupid feather.

Finally, after you’ve done everything (and everyone is for some reason treating you like heroes even though everything that went wrong is your fault), the game has the FUCKING GALL to show you what the considerably more interesting plot SHOULD have been but WASN’T, because you had to go get your feather.

Belinsk is stupid

Okay so I never had a problem with the fact that every single place you go has some sort of random ass ancient ruins full of puzzles and convoluted defense systems and nonsense, because the puzzles are always a lot of fun and they’re a pretty important part of the game, so whatever, that’s just a thing that happens.

Belinsk has only been around as long as its populace of furries, though, which became a thing thirty years ago. It does not have an ancient culture. Which means they had to’ve decided to settle on top of this ancient doom site that houses an apocalypse machine. And that’s stupid. Real stupid.

Why would you move there? Because other furries moved there? Why did everyone who was suddenly mutated into an animal beast decide to move in with one another and leave their old lives? Why are they all cool with it? Why are they just acting like this place that has only just been founded has a deep and long-standing culture? It doesn’t. Stop that. Move somewhere that isn’t on top of a doomsday device. You guys are asking for trouble.

Everyone is stupid

Every time a cutscene started I dreaded what was coming next, because I knew someone was going to say something stupid or nonsensical with really forced logic that’s only there to move the plot along, and the only light to shine its way through was the thought “maybe Eoleo’s going to have a line” because Eoleo’s the guy who goes “why the fuck are we still talking let’s GO DO SOME SHIT” seriously why did we have to get him so late in the game

Okay but focusing on the point at hand, whenever the bad guys of this game would show up they’d stand around and smirk and go “ha ha we are leading you into a trap!” The main characters would then retort, “we will not fall for your trap!” But then the bad guys taunt “ah but you will have no choice but to go to the trap!” The main characters scoff, “whatever we are super smart and will not fall into any traps at all!”
Then as soon as the bad guys are gone they go “wow but that trap they mentioned sounds really interesting we should check it out.” So they go on and they get to the trap and they go “oh shit we have no choice but to do this even though we know it is a trap” and they walk into the trap.

It’s stupid.

Everyone is stupid.

Ryu Kou is stupid

Every time we meet this little shit all he does is bitch and moan and act like an asshole and refuse to trust the main characters despite their best efforts to help him out. Yet, for some reason, we’re still supposed to want to help him? The main characters do, at least, though I can’t really fathom why.

So after like three encounters wherein he is nothing but a jerkoff who is rude and suspicious and acts as if the main characters are the douchebags we still help him out and go to help save his sister

But we gotta be careful guys because there’s this thing on the way that might cause the apocalypse. We have to make sure not to do the thing that will cause the apocalypse. We promised! We promised not to cause the apocalypse, because that’s extra incentive not to cause the apocalypse, the promise. Woooooh, looks like it’s going to be hard to get past this dungeon without causing the apocalypse to go off, but we promised not to, so let’s try and find another way to—

Then because you brought Ryu Kou along and because he’s a stupid little shit he goes and causes the apocalypse why the fuck did we bring him along everyone is dead now

Kraden is stupid

Okay, but seriously, I actually kind of liked Kraden in the first games! wow shocking. No, but really, I got the feeling that the main characters looked up to him as a mentor and he knew a lot, and I was concerned for the guy when he got kidnapped because clearly he knew a lot of stuff that the bad guys could use for evil and whatever! Ah, but even though he’s in a shitty situation, he’s sort of excited to see the world and go on adventures! He hasn’t got many years left, so it’s probably exciting for him to get to see all these crazy phenomena in the world outside of Vale, I can’t blame him for getting a little carried away with investigating werewolves.

Except now he doesn’t do jack shit but add more useless lines of dialogue to already enormously tedious cutscenes and he’s got no reason to be with you on this quest but it’s okay because GUESS WHAT THIS ASSHOLE’S BASICALLY IMMORTAL NOW AND YOU’RE NEVER GETTING RID OF HIM I mean was this old bastard really such a touching and lovable character that they couldn’t bear to let him die peacefully and happily in his sleep knowing he’d gotten to see the world? I GUESS SO here’s twenty lines of discussion about his messenger pigeon THANKS FOR THAT VITAL INFO

So after causing the apocalypse, I had no idea where to go in this rad new pirate ship with my rad new pirate member. So I sailed around wherever I could. I went to every place accessible by ship, and then walked around the mainland to explore what was available, because, again, I had no clue where to go. The game makes it extremely clear, at this point, that everyone is dying, and every second you waste leads to more people dying. Cities under the eclipse’s power were filled with corpses. My rad new pirate member, whose father just died getting him to safety, gets to see his already struggling homeland dying and reduced to shambles. My beastman party memeber gets to go on knowing that her home is the epicenter of this disaster, and likely everyone she knows is dead. None of us have any fucking clue where to go in order to fix it.

Finally, I find the right island to visit. I pull up on the dock. Kraden finally speaks up.

“Wow we finally got here!” He knew where to go. Why the fuck didn’t he say something earlier. “Well we’d get here eventually, I didn’t want to waste any time by talking to you about it!”








Missed Djinn and Summon Tablets

Personally, this is a minor thing but I know it pissed other people off, so I’ll describe it how I experienced it firsthand.

Something I’ve always liked about these games is how easy it is to recover PP. Casually walking around the world map will restore it really quickly, so it’s pretty easy to just stroll around for a while, maybe grind against the random encounters in the area, and then heal up with the endless supply of psynergy rolling in. This meant that I pretty much never ever used the Inns in town, which is ok by me, saving a little extra cash, where’s the downside?

Turned out the downside was I never found out that I needed to have the special dream leaf in the special inn at a special time to get the special Djinn and once I did find out it was gone forever oops.

There’s a lot of moments like this in the game where you have to do this really stupid song and dance to get your rad summons and cute Djinnimon and if you don’t know what to do at the exact right time then it’s locked away because of convoluted plot reasons. It’s lame and I don’t see how anyone could have known to do it without consulting a guide.

What is up with the characters from the last game

Look I understand that the story of the characters from the previous games are over. I’m fine with not having them around. But… like, two words, maybe, about where they even are? If Isaac, Jenna, Tyrell, and Ivan all live together, then where did Jenna and Ivan go? Just a really quick blurb about where the fuck they went! That’s all I ask! I don’t need to see Mia, I’d just like to know why she’s not with her two young children, okay?

And I’m seriously not a shipper, really, but… I mean, the first games kind of really made a point of going “hey guys Jenna is into Garret. She’s more into Garret than Isaac. Just saying. She is.” So what I’m taking away from this is that after Garret married someone we never saw or heard about or learned the name of, Jenna settled for Isaac. And that’s weird.

Anyway that’s all, it’s not a big thing, just seemed a little bit weird to me.

PS you know what would be neat knowing what the fuck is up with Sheba’s backstory I’m still mad that they never answered any of that in The Lost Age ok moving on

In Conclusion

If you like this game then that’s fantastic. I’m really glad for you, seriously. There are things to like in this game, I will not deny it! But for me, those things that are good do not come anywhere close to outweighing the atrocious plot, grating dialogue, and overall forced idiocy of every single character except Eoleo. I don’t even completely hate the game, really—I genuinely love how angry it makes me. I relish in the opportunity to share my experience with people, to try and convey the absurdity of its plot holes. It’s a cathartic feeling, to take it apart and really analyze it from a storytelling perspective and to understand what exactly it is that rubs me the wrong way about it.

Those of you who love it entirely? Rock on, keep on liking it, I will not stop you. I’m going to love to loathe it.


Jan. 13th, 2012 04:25 pm
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So I haven't posted in two months
that's cool
I'm just gonna leave some brofic right here if that's all right
I wrote this for class when I had to write a story with one character not talking at all

There was the click of the bedroom door opening )
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NaNoWriMo count: 50,066 words.

awwww yiss.

I may or may not keep going, since I had other ideas I was thinking a little bit about (more boatghosts, mostly) but I've effectively exhausted the stuff I was really jazzed up for. So. Yes. Good things.

Oh god editing is going to be an absolute mess.
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It's that time of year again...


To my friends and buddies! I love you guys, and I want to draw things for you in celebration of how great you all are.

Here is how this works: pick one or two characters from whatever fandom I am reasonably familiar with, and maybe something for them to do, or whatever! It does not need to have anything to do with holidays. And then, I will draw the requested thingy for you. (Please don't say "anything works," I will have no idea what to do 8D;;)

All things will be inked and color will be involved if I feel inspired.

I figure it will be easier to email these to people, so comments are unscreened. But I would be happy to send the art itself to you, if you would like to PM me your address! It is up to youuuu.
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31,031 words as of last night. I'll be aiming for the full set of 3s tonight, I assume. I'm not sure how I managed to get this much done, but then again, looking at all the junk I've written, it's a lot of silly rubbish anyway. Progress is progress!

School's still going pretty well, aside from some mild disasters with group projects. Because, well. Group projects are pretty much guaranteed to have a few of those. Professors can't actually assign that stuff and expect anything to go right. Logically, this means I should be busting my chops to pick up the slack, get my work done, be prepared. And I have been, for the last week or so. But right now I just found out there's a new Layton game out, so I think that that earns a little leeway.

Be setting up a christmas card post soon, I assume. It's still baffling to me how we need to start these things so early, but hey.
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Realizing that the 5th of November is the day from Back to the Future made me way happier than anything involving the letter V.

I went to the the improv show for our campus comedy club. They're not Whose Line, sure, but it's a lot of fun guys just having a good time doing what they do. And I know a lot of the people in the club, so I know that it's really a lot of just what they do naturally. Funny people are neat like that. There's always this awkward pause after the show, where I want to hang around and congratulate them and chat them up, but I don't actually know any of them well enough to be considered a 'friend,' I think, and their closer buddies dominate the conversation while I stand all awkward on the sidelines. Seriously, how does social happen?

After this morning's My Little Pony, I needed to call up my sister. Too many emotions and feelings. We're two very, VERY different people, but we get along so well, and that's something I'm eternally grateful for. My sister is one of my biggest supporters in all I do, and I love her to no end.

I'm a little bit floored by how well NaNo is going; 11,366 words tonight, that's way beyond just my own personal goals, to say nothing of what the NaNo site desires. The chats and Word Wars I do are absolute godsends in terms of motivation. Tonight's round just flew by.

Favorite line of the night:
"This is art," blurted the voice as soon as he neared the painting.
"Well, that’s debatable, isn’t it," Wheatley replied.

Yeah, that's right. It's a Portal fic. What of it. I like this game, okay?
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Hey! I'm not dead! Hard to tell by looking at this thing. Whoops.

I'm trying my hand at NaNo once more, with very little expectation to actually finish, but the fact is that I think I have enough various short story ideas that I can get along pretty well. As things stand right now, I used day one to churn out a brofic, and spent the next three days fumbling through another. Currently at 9374 words, way beyond just my personal goal for the date, so that's... that's good. I'm okay with that.

iJAG is going great, from the perspective that everyone is awesome and fantastic and I love what everyone does. However I have the particular issue of being really, really behind on tags. and NaNo does not show signs of changing that any time soon. Why am I considering a third character, again...? Of course, my issue keeping up with tags has not at all extended to the Evil AU Log, which has just. Been. Mind. Blowing.

On the school front, my class is awesome, and I'm doing analysis of Charlie/Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for my final project. (Note: that's literary analysis on the book, and film review on the original movie.) The only downside to this is that the film review is supposed to be in the style of, you know, a film review in a newspaper or for a website or something, and the book analysis is all in depth and detailed. I wish it were vice versa. The movie has so much depth that I would love to go on at length about. And the book, while a classic, isn't quite as... easy to pick apart. Especially since that one has to be done with a group. And my group is not very good at helping. But when do group projects ever have someone ELSE doing the work?
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I can't tell if this is fluff or angst or what ALL THE H/C WITH THESE TWO sob

Neither of them really wanted to ask the question. )
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Oh man I fail something fierce at keeping this updated. Curse you Plurk, you just make pointless updates so easy!

I've pretty much stopped updating my InsaneJournal, and switched to putting my art stuff on my Tumblr. So far it's primarily my artdump space, and I haven't gotten too sucked in to the black hole of .gifs and artlogs others put up... but that may just be a matter of time.

Recovering from a brief run-in with my mortal enemy, The Common Cold. He put me in a headlock that left me out of it for a couple days, but I think I'm wearing him down. Nothing but mucous, for the last few days.

My class is going great, I really love it, though my teachers have no idea how to make a decent Powerpoint, it's a little bit painful. ALL THE OVERUSED TRANSITIONS. Ecch. Since it's an all-level class, there's some extreme basics that are getting explained and make the lectures painfully long, but in the end it's good information to have about topics I want to know about, so I can suck it up.

Annnnd that's my life in a nutshell right now. Runny nose aside, I'm pretty okay with it.
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Safely returned to school, and a pretty good first day if I do say so myself. Contacted a friend off the bat and found out he was heading to a meeting for the Gaming Guild, and joined him for a very fun game of Settlers of Catan. I should definitely try to visit that club more, board games are a great chill way to make buddies. There was also Grocery Bingo where my friend won and I didn't =B Then I got to know one of my roommates really well, the rest have been off doing... things? Anyway, the one I chilled with seems like a really friendly person, so yaaay there.

The bad side to all this is the fact that very little of the actual things I own will be actually available to me for the next three days. I have the necessities; clothes, toiletries, a towel. But my sheets, blankets, trash can, scissors--all those little things that are not necessary but still really useful to have around (and also make my room not look like a blank white nothing) will not be returned to me from storage until Monday. Thankfully roommate lent me a pillow, but it's pretty painfully bare. I will power through ( ._.)9

I'm tired maybe I should sleep.
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Things are going swimmingly over at It's Just A Game. Fawful's making lots of fr--ene--...he's meeting people. And annoying them! That's all you can really ask for, with this guy. I've already written like two more apps for the game, though I'm not even sure if I want to send one of them in anyway. Besides, I want to at least hold back and get settled before bringing in another. Like, until week change! Which is tomorrow. WILL I MANAGE?

Speaking of tomorrow AAAA PONIES I NEED THEM. I have tried to avoid spoilers for the most part but people are making it so hard to wait. Though there was a fantastic interview with Lauren Faust that went up and got me very optimistic about things--particularly that Bronies haven't actually influenced the show beyond a certain pony's eyes, among a wide variety of other things. Mrs. Faust, you are the coolest.

I've got only one week now before I'm back to school, and man am I ready for it to be here now, except for all the packing and whatever. Yet somehow this last week manages to feel like it will be a very long one, particularly due to the sudden slamming down of lots of hours at work. Worse ways to eat up the time, I guess.

Also, I finally got a tumblr, perhaps as a replacement to my Insanejournal, since my RLbuddy was bugging me about wanting to see my sketches. I don't think I've quite managed to get sucked into the supposed black hole yet, but pray for me regardless.
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It's Just A Game has gotten off to a great start, I'm having a great time with everyone, old friends and new folks alike! I was worried about taking Fawful on again, but the little nutter has been absurdly fun to play with. I still flail around a bit with "HOW I MOD" but it's really a ton of fun, especially with the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] lynxgriffin behind the whole game.

Finally getting things in line for going back to schoolplace. Got my flight booked, setting things up with roommates... Still got like two whole weeks left but I am ready to be up there.

Bluh I bought a different toothpaste than usual and it screwed my mouth up something bizarre. My tongue, the inside of my lower lip, the whole lower half of my mouth really is all sore and miserable. I think my saliva glands are swollen and working double time, or maybe it just feels that way because my tongue aches every time I swallow. Needless to say I went out to get the right toothpaste posthaste.

Our cast may be small, but my hopes are high =D it is already super awesome anyway and it can only get better! OF THIS I AM CERTAIN.


In other news, finally got the Roommates assigned... one of them is a roommate from last year, but she's the one who was out of the apartment 95% of the time and was not part of the We Hate Sarah squad, so hopefully that'll be fine. The weird bit is that I'm not the only Sarah there! DOUBLE SARAH, ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY??? Meh. Forgive me for not being all that enthused after last quarter... but I still can't wait to get back to school.


Sep. 1st, 2011 12:08 am
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Because I said I would, and also because Dandy's was more than a little related to what I had been working on...

Title: A Million Tries
Characters: XI!Verse: Jack, Hajime
Summary: Sometimes, Jack's the one who needs to be the cheerleader.

In the ten-odd years they'd known each other... )
ROCKETMAN'S BACK! Complete with a shiny new keyboard and a functional battery! Now he can strut down the street and all the lady computers will stare at his fine, fine bottom case.
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As a reminder, guys! It's Just A Game now has open reserves! Please check it out; we're already shaping up to have a wonderful cast, and the more the merrier!

In less jolly news, Rocketman is in the computer hospital. Sunday evening he spat out screws, and suddenly attempts to try and close the monitor became very difficult, with the siding coming off and computer innards showing. HP said they'll take care of it, but that means sending him away for perhaps a full week; I'm relying on the home computer now, which at some point since I got Rocketman became slow as balls. Just a heads up for anyone who I didn't whine to about already |D;;b

I guess the advantage to having unreliable 'net access would be it might force me to do more writing. And considering all the terrible things Evil AU has been doing... I think some brofic is in order. More as the situation develops =|
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So you guys may have in the past heard me talk about Improv Everywhere

and how I basically think they're the closest thing to real-life Elite Beat Agents

and if you know anything at all about me you know that that sort of statement is a big thing for me. And basically implies that the idea of being in one of their things is Bucket-List material, from my end.

So yesterday I got to join in one of their events. It was large-scale, I mean, there had to be at least a thousand people there. But. But.
Oh my god, it was so great. It was no less than what I'd hoped it would be. I had so much fun. Everyone was great. Everyone was having fun. It was beautiful.

Just. I'm really pretty happy right now.
For those of you on my flist who are not Plurkers, but are role players...

An MST3K-inspired Panfandom RP

Lynx has been working on this game for a long while now, and I'm excited to be a part of it. I really hope you guys will be interested in it, because I'm sure it'll be buttloads of fun!

Reserves are open as of today, Applications open August 20th, and the game itself starts on September 3rd! Please check it out!

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