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It's not enough for me to be missing DC so badly for months, to be getting extra wistful over the reunion thread. Having the OOC chat's return was what really hammered it in. I haven't had that feeling that DC chat gave for a long time; feeling like being part of a chat where you're all friends who know each other, can have conversations together about the game without even being involved in plots directly with one another. It amplifies how much fun you have with the game itself by a ton. XI chat feels so disconnected for me, in comparison. We need to do this sort of thing more often.

Aaaaaugh I miss you guys.
Well, my personal birthday for it didn't come until about six months after, but that doesn't change the fact. I still don't think I'll ever find another game that I'll love as much as this one.

Happy birthday, Daisychain. It's been said before, but one time more won't matter: It was the best night ever.
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I've never seen a new year as all that big a deal. I stay up to midnight anyway, but 2010 seems like a nice enough thing to acknowledge. Especially since, looking back, I'm pretty happy with this year.

I made friends, online and in reality. I tried new things, perhaps not as many as some would recommend, but enough for me to feel proud enough. For a year that started off academically lousy, it's resolved into a place where I'm looking forward to more, hoping for the best. Heck, I'm feeling pretty pleased with things as a whole right now, even if not everything is exactly as needed and maybe I should be a little more prepared. But I've always been the sort to let things come as they are.

I want to repeat Erica's sentiment: So much of the support and happiness this year came from my experiences at [livejournal.com profile] daisychainrpg . I made great friends, did some great writing, had some powerful emotional experiences, found some fabulous new series to delve into. Not everything was perfect, but I couldn't have wished for a more supportive, welcoming, exciting game to have seen me through the majority of this year.
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So yesterday I was feeling super lousy, but you know what? Talking with friends totally helps. I'm feeling a lot better. Yay friends <3

And did I ever need the boost. Today I just decided, "You know what? I need today to be happy. I'm going to do happy things today."

So I baked cookies.

Cookies! )

And now I have tags to do so I better do them Yay

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So today started out lousy because I felt bad for not doing work an' crap and also I had really awful cramps that made me miserable and I just wanted to go home after Psych class and down some ibuprofen and sleep. Then I went home and downed some ibuprofen and ma was like "Let's look at class options for Evergreen" and I was all "Yeah I did all the cool ones are for non-sophomores D="

Then I went online and the coolest class was like "Hey we accept sophomores now" and I'm like "Bitch yeeeeeees."

Then I still had to go to Asian Media class and was like "ehhh" but then my teacher was like "We're watching Blue Hawaii" and I was like "What" and the Spin in me was all "THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME" so I enjoyed it immensely despite it being so stupid

And then I came home and this secret was all like Haaaaay and I was like "Aww thanks Guin <3"

So yaaaay

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This is what happens when DC gets too caught up in discussion of marriages
image is totally stuck in my head <3 )

God I can imagine the epic fluff in my head so gorram well. *flail*

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