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Because I said I would, and also because Dandy's was more than a little related to what I had been working on...

Title: A Million Tries
Characters: XI!Verse: Jack, Hajime
Summary: Sometimes, Jack's the one who needs to be the cheerleader.

In the ten-odd years they'd known each other... )
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Title: Honor System
Characters: Hajime, Jack, Ryuuta, Saito, Suzuki (XI!Verse)
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Freaking nosy empaths just can't leave well enough alone, sometimes.
Notes: Just needed to get this out; there's no way this wouldn't come up, in a group like this. But whoops, Saito came out as kind of a huge jerk, sorry cyclops-bro =(

You have the worst secret base ever. )
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Okay, this turned out to be less just about Hajime and bled in a few areas into stuff about the Ouendan squad or things about his family, but it's still mostly focused on him. This took me a few days of staring at the list to complete, I'm not good at coming up with random facts like this, but it was a lot of fun!

Like a boss )
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Title: Miso Hungry
Characters: Tanaka Hajime, Jack Spicer, the Tanaka family (XI!Verse)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Delicious surprises and small let downs.
Notes: Written in the wee hours of the morning so it's rambly and could probably use editing but I'm tired ._.

One really weird thing )


May. 24th, 2011 04:19 am
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Title: How Brothers Get
Characters: Tanaka Hajime, Jack Spicer, the Tanaka family (XI!Verse)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Families work weird. Especially when they get an add-on.
Notes: I took this kind of as an excuse to develop Hajime's family, on top of how Jack settles in. Not as focused or as light-hearted as I was hoping it'd be, but still interesting I hope? Other ones will be more fun,  I promise.

You're wearing makeup. )
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Oh man, this week is going to be a doozy. I'm slogging through the various readings due for seminar on Wednesday, and while none of them are too terribly long I can't really make heads or tails of what it is most of them are getting at. That's just a mild inconvenience to compound on top of completing research and an annotated bibliography on a topic that really is rather impossible to find primary sources for, as well as putting the finishing touches on the group project of a (freakin awesome) puppet show. I just can't wait until Friday. I'm gonna get down on Friday.

On the RP front, I'm all a tangle of conflict; I've already put my foot down and will be dropping Franky at XI within the next couple of days (probably after things get less distracting), and I had just about decided that it was time to take Hajime out of the Institute as well. Until I got to talk with Olaf, finally, for the first time in ages, and... well, dammit, I just can't resist that girl. Logs with Mod have consistently been the absolute most fascinating and entertaining parts of my entire run at that game, and the promise of the drought ending is enough to make me cling on... just a little longer...

Another thing to do once things settle down after this week is replay Ghost Trick if I want to make sure I can handle picking up Missile at Second City. That dog has all my love, and I want to do him justice. After all, no one can complain about a hyperactive puppy ghost after they've gotten used to the ponies.
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Am I really hormonal right now, or have the last couple days really been that much back and forth with the good and bad? I honestly can't tell. I'm so distracted and worked up over... everything, yet nothing. I just. Argh.
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Hahaha, I was actually social today, what's up with that. Some friends and I took a long drive to see another friend, it was a lot of fun though now I am real life'd out. Worth it!

Also getting Hajime in a fight with the goddamn Jabberwock has possibly been the most epic thing I've done in RP for quite a while. Hell yeah.

Day 05: Pokemon -Favorite video-game?
Silver. I can't really be sure right now if Soul Silver outranks it, because they really did a great job with the remake, but I just remember loving Silver with such a passion when it came out, and ever since. I can still pick it up to play today and love the heck out of it. Soul Silver really does a great job of keeping things from the original version while bringing in new and exciting things; Leaf Green was nice for having updated graphics, I guess, but I actually have less fun playing that than my original Blue cartridge.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
On the road-a-road-a-road )
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Haha, wow, I'm finally back into rhyme-writing, and it's not even for Spin. I feel soooooo out of practice, but it's fun to finally try it again.

Also it's a pretty bad sign when I've fallen behind on this meme THIS early in the month but oh well RET'S GO!

Day 03: Pokemon -Favorite Movie?
I remember the second movie was coming out right when my love for the Pokemon series was on the decline, I only went to see it because they gave you the then-rare Ancient Mew card on opening weekend. Of course, afterwards the price plummeted, derp derp. All the movies have been honestly dorky as all heck, but I remember enjoying the Lucario movie when I saw it on TV, pretty much because Lucario's a huge badass.

Day 04: Digimon -Favorite Female Character?
As a little girl, I thought Sora was the most awesome fictional girl there was. She was cool, and she could fight, but she was nice, and she was good at soccer and was taken completely seriously by all the guys as an important member of the team. It's worth noting that I remember hating Yolei when I first saw Season 2, but when I rewatched it last year I thought she was a really great and well-designed character, too.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
Changing all the time, change into power )
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Oh my god One Piece, what are you even--Franky and Brook's stories are terrifying. Like, Franky's hilarious and badass but also terrifying, because it makes you think, oh my god how did he do all that by himself without any proper tools and it blows my mind to even start figuring it out. I'm a little sad it looks like they're going to make it so he doesn't get credit for the disaster and huge bounty increase, too. And Brook's thing... it's... ugh. So bad. Has this man not had enough to deal with already? Reduced to a circus attraction? It's terrifying DDDD=

Bluh bluh the latest plot at XI drove me nuts for a few days but I'm getting over it. Franky's the only one in the midst of it right now and lord knows he doesn't get bothered by this stuff. But Hajime was freaking out so hard that I actually lost sleep over it--took some brainwashing to calm him down, but now we're both feeling better about it. I can handle this, though I'm still miffed. I'm looking forward to events at 2C, it's been slow enough that I bet lots of people will make this latest stuff interesting.

Finally watching the Very Potter Sequel. It's awesome.

Day 25: A song that makes you laugh

When I was first moving into my dorm and getting used to this state, I kept thinking of this. It made me entertained all the way through.

Day 26: A song that you can play on an instrument

For a few years in middle school, I played the piano, prety much solely for the reason that I was tired of how my sister would play it and then when relatives came over they'd go "OOOOOOH CAITLIN PLAY FOR US ON THE PIANO." This was the last song I learned before my parents got tired of my whining about practicing and stopped paying for lessons. For years I could play it on muscle memory, and it's only been a year or so since I noticed that it finally has vanished for good.

Day 27: A song that you wish you could play

THIS is the song that makes me wish I still played the piano. LISTEN TO THAT ROCKOUT. Unf.

listage )
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It is truly ridiculous, the fact that I manage to have drama about my stupid Pokewalker. Though, I guess I don't need to worry about it anymore; the front half of it fell off at some point during my walk home from work without my noticing, and thusly I can assume it is lost forever. With how bad it was glitching out, I don't really mind, but it had my Vulpix in it D=

The latest drama at XI is a real stretch for me. Hajime was already mentally close to the breaking point after being trapped in the past, and I can't have him ignore the fact that the school is suddenly alive. He's having a total breakdown, and I'm just hoping that he'll be able to get through it in one piece. Morrison was having a really harsh time after a certain talk with Derrick, too, and this is not helping him think things through clearly. Franky doesn't really care, but I miss his Dad-logs already. Ugh.

Wow it's been four days since I updated this sucker MY LIFE IS BORING

Day 21: A song you listen to when you're happy

Pretty much all mys songs are happy. This is one that is suitably catchy.

Day 22: A song you listen to when you're sad

Not much to add there. Makes me giggle.

Day 23: A song you want to play at your wedding

Hahahahahahahahahahaha I am so not having a wedding, but uhhh here's an awesome sequence about that afterglow feeling |D

Day 24: A song you want to play at your funeral

Again... not much to add =3

derp )
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Back from Disneyland with [ profile] yamikonumber7. Had a great time. Am now not very coherent.

I have a bunch of things to catch up on. Old tags that need to be tagged back. Huge MSPA updates bluh bluh. New events at XI, including dance stuff that I'm not sure I care about but should look into anyway. Introing Franky at Second City. Finding out if I'm working tomorrow. Sleeping.

That last one seems the most important right now.

The whole journey was awesome, and I soooooo wish I could have hung out with Kia longer, but a comfortable homebed is important right now. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
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I'm starting packing. I'm not leaving until Saturday, but it's very important to get a head start on all this junk. I don't even have that much stuff, but it takes up a lot of space in boxes. My mom mentioned there was a woman who was driving from Washington back down to California, and might be willing to drive some of my stuff down for me, so I also need to figure out if I'll need that service. I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing; if I only end up needing a few boxes, would it be easier to just have the woman bring it all down? Though that would be pretty rude. But it seems weird using storage space when I don't have a ton worth storing.

I'm also slightly concerned about the fact that my nerf sword doesn't even come close to fitting in any of the things I have. Damn broadswords.

Speaking of which, the second round of the zombie nerfocalypse was good fun. We had a lot more attendees, and managed to play three games. Humans even won one of them! I'm still sore from all the running around and so forth.

Last of all: One Piece I love you. I love Oda for being the world's biggest troll. And I love him for giving me canon reason to play out Mr. Frank and confuse the school. Now all we need is to have the damn crew back together HNNGH
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Soooo, had my conference with my teacher about my first draft, but it turns out that mine is one of the three that he hasn't gotten to read yet. Thanks, Big D. He gave it a glancethrough, though, while we talked, and commented that it looked pretty strong so far. I've got more sources to go off of right now, as well, so hopefully this won't be much of an issue.

And hey, maybe if I didn't procrastinate so much, I could get in a second draft that he could look over before the final is due and get more feedback.

I'm not sure who I think I'm kidding with that line of thought though.

My buddy [ profile] childofthemoor  let me borrow her PS2 so hopefully I can pick up my Persona playing, which I am satisfied with. I maxed out my social link with Brosuke today. It was epic manly. Next in line, Chie. B|b

Ummm jeez what else can I say. I'm mostly updating just because it's been a while and Ma likes it when I do these things. is so weird having Franky and Hajime as my most active muses. Enjoyable, though. Hopefully plot with the Ouenkid can start up within the week...?

...I think that's it.

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Class based: We watched Montreal Pop, a recording of an epic concert that made a name for a lot of the 60s musicians. Including the epic moment of Jimi Hendrix lighting his guitar aflame, then bashing it to pieces.

But shortly before he did that, when he was rocking out, he did a guitar riff of Frank Sinatra. I had to doubletake there, I thought I imagined it, but after it was over my teacher was like "hey who noticed that bit on Strangers In The Night" and I just geeked out like crazy.

Now to get to work on that annotated bibliography.

RP based: This latest plot is freaking the hell out of Spin. It kind of shocked me how bad he retreated from all this mess. J's invitation to Christmas turned out to be a bigger blessing than I knew, they've definitely left early to evade hearing about this and to keep Spin's brain from shutting down.

I am tryyyying to get Tanaka more CR and I really hope it works. And maybe I can finally do a fight with Franky! And Fawful... well. *ahem*
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Hnnnnnng I hate HMs I hate HMs I hate HMs

I forgot that you need Strength to get through Victory Road and I really do not want to have one of my team wasting one of their moveslots for such a lame move, it's bad enough they make me waste a Pokemon on Waterfall, what is even the point

Also, I talked with my teacher today and he was totally cool with the idea of comparing some of the ideas in EBA with the 60s music for the research paper. I'm not sure I'll do it, since I've already done a lot of junk on EBA and it might be good to branch out, but it's good to have that option. These teachers are cool people, f'real.

Blarg suddenly I have no tags to do, joining new logs what is this
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First bit of class had already. I am nervous. I'll do a more in-detail post later today.

More importantly: I had a conversation with XI's Chopper-mun the other night, and he ended up putting a marvelous image in my head, for the inevitable battle versus Magneto. And it had to be drawn.

Warning: Immature audiences only )
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So, when I was finishing my project, adding the last of the inking and putting the words in, I kept thinking, "Oh man, what was I thinking, this is so dumb, why did I like this ending, everyone will think the story is so poorly constructed and this character is so one dimensional, this panel is the worst drawn panel in the history of comics oh my god I am such a bad artist."

Then I put up the twenty-six pages of hell and everyone was like "oh my god this is awesome you put so much work into it this story is interesting I wish I had more time than class gave us to look it over"

and I felt better.

In other news I now have to get active in XI again, right in time for app period too, I'm so out of practice with actually initiating stuff and I need more CR aaa

Also why is it that of all the things that I could draw now that I have time to focus on other things, I decide to do gendershuffled Franky and Spin. DERP.
Hahahaha I need to focus on my comic and I am I swear

but all this Brotherhood stuff is awesome and I love that picture of them. It entertains me endlessly and it is very hard to keep from throwing all my guys into this fray in some way or another.

In mostly-unrelated news, I had a dream about Franky being all manly and brotherly in helping some kid impress a girl. It was adorable and kind of silly but the best part was somehow the dream seemed to keep him IC the whole way through. I kind of wish I could find a way to make it happen, now.

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