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lasjdlfjalskdf I have never seen snow this deep it's on everything it's all light and fluffy and everywhere. Like it was snowing yesterday but it wasn't all that deep and it hadn't been snowing before I went to bed so I expected it to rain or melt overnight but NOPE SUPER DEEP

Unfortunately my teacher decided not to email anyone and let us know she wasn't going to make it to class. I don't mind for my sake so much, it's just a seven minute walk across campus through delightfully pretty snow, but for the people who live off campus it sucks pretty hard =(

I don't have the energy for frolicking right now because I stayed up super late working on something I might try and put up later if luck is on my side.
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The sky was purple for a minute there

Note that the sky was also completely cloudy and raining at the time as well

Again: Washingtonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
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Started raining within the half hour of getting to my new dorm.

Washingtonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn 8B


Mar. 29th, 2010 06:33 pm
Auuuuuuuuuuuuuugh finally back in my warm happy room

So remember how I lost my iPod in the shuttle? They were still holding onto it, thank god. But I had to go get it myself at the shuttle company's office. The bus didn't get me very close, and it was raining. I was irritated. There was, however, a bus that was able to take me back. Which was nice.

Anyway, important thing is I got my iPod back. Musiiiiiiiiiiiiiic.

Other important thing is first class today. I hadn't realized that writing papers was going to be such a big deal; they expect something every week, on top of the big research paper due at the end. Learning that made me nervous; I haven't written a real research paper in years, and I've never enjoyed them much at all. But then I recalled that this is, essentially, what a college workload is supposed to be like, and I should suck it up because it doesn't mean the class is any less interesting.  So I'll just. See how this works.
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Like last time was just a few little fuzzflakes that instantly melted BUT THERE'S REAL BLANKETS OF WHITE


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People who are interested in either my NaNo story OR Daisychain, this may interest you, or maybe not just puttin' it out there.

Also, I'm starting to work on my friend cards/muse cards, and will send them out sometime next week, so if you haven't remember to give me your address!

That being said oh my god guys it snowed it was amazing 8D
Augh there was a huge blackout in the entire city last night

It got in the way of my NaNo and homework, but more importantly it got in the way of Franky making the best worst first impressions ever

Travesties >(
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Ooof long day

Not in the bad way, though. Been out for the last five hours, walking about and purchasing things. A couple roommates admitted to needing to go out as well, so it was good, though Roommate 1 is currently wheelchair-bound and the sidewalks in Olympia weren't always accommodating. Also hills. But I got a workout from the pushing, I think, my muscles will be sore tomorrow and I will be proud. I got most items I need for my costume, now I just need to get to work sewing on the accents I need, and also go back sometime for pants.

There was this booth at the mall where they were trying to sell this mini spa kit, the guy there totally buffed one of my nails for free and it was amazing. It is shiny. Usually the kit was 60 bucks, and today only it was 30, but come on we had already spent money and we're in college.

Speaking of which I love my mother for sending me more funds. None of my job applications have gotten back to me yet and I am worried D=

I am for food now

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So! Today is dubbed productive.

First off, more class. It took a while to find the right room, namely since it was on the exact opposite side of campus from the apartment... at least for now. See, on Thursday the class is split in two. Half does the Drawing class, and the other half does Acting. After four weeks, they switch.

I'm in Drawing first, and guess what we get on day one? NUDE MODEL! |D I was surprised by how unbothered I was, but the fact that she was female likely assisted with that. It was weird for me to realize that, after drawing for years and generally being considered good at it, this was my first official art class of any sort. And I don't think I did too bad! Yay me.

Made another stop by the mall today. It was mostly for the sake of scoping out clothing to put together for my Halloween costume, as an Airboarder from Rhythm Heaven. (No one will recognize me in the slightest, which keeps up with tradition =Db)  It is ridiculously hard to find blue pants that are not jeans at the mall. Or, really, any pants that aren't jeans. I eventually found all the pieces I need though, but held off on purchasing until Monday; there's a sale starting at the fabric store I got a coupon for.

I really hope I can find a way to draw and scan myself some decent icons before the 14th...

It is raining in Washington. I am prepared to never see the sun again.
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Day one.

Here I am.

Kind of stunned, gotta say. Just like, wow wtf. I'm at college. Oh my god. What.

I'm excited. Totally. Amazingly. Like usually when I take big new steps in life, I get all nervous and scared, but I was just so ready for this.

Two of my roommates haven't shown up yet. Two of them seem like pretty cool girls, friendly enough and cool to hang with. The last one has kept to herself so far. Hopefull she'll open up? I think one of my biggest hopes is that we'll continue to get along.

I'm kind of awash in 'what now.' I mean I know what now, I've gotten it hammered in by my sister whom I love, but still, it's a little totally nuts. Just like a sudden overwhelming sense of "oh wow. I'm totally by myself now." It's new and different. But I didn't cry when Mom left, when usually I get all sad and separation anxiety-ridden.

My toes are very cold and there are a lot of little things we need to shop for, even though all of us did shopping with our parents AFTER we got here. Room is spacious, but bare. I didn't bring many decorative things with me. It'll fill up in time, I'm sure. It'll take getting used to. I need to get me a job.

My phone gets like no bars unless I leave it by the window =|

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