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So you guys may have in the past heard me talk about Improv Everywhere

and how I basically think they're the closest thing to real-life Elite Beat Agents

and if you know anything at all about me you know that that sort of statement is a big thing for me. And basically implies that the idea of being in one of their things is Bucket-List material, from my end.

So yesterday I got to join in one of their events. It was large-scale, I mean, there had to be at least a thousand people there. But. But.
Oh my god, it was so great. It was no less than what I'd hoped it would be. I had so much fun. Everyone was great. Everyone was having fun. It was beautiful.

Just. I'm really pretty happy right now.
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WELL OKAY now that LJ is working again

This has been a relatively good week! It felt like I did things. Enough to call for a list!

-It took me 8 days to finish A Dance With Dragons, and though I was underwhelmed in comparison to the huge wait, in the end I was pretty happy with it.
-I managed to finish that huge beast right before heading off to Disneyland with [livejournal.com profile] lynxgriffin, [livejournal.com profile] yamikonumber7, and meeting [livejournal.com profile] bouncy_erbear for the first time! Those ladies are absolutely fabulous to hang out with, and D-land is fun as ever. Hopefully, next time I won't have to wait as long to go.
-Got a lot of brainstorming in with Lynx and the others about ideas for MSTgame, which really kinda got me looking forward to it. We're gonna have so much fun with this thing, I think.
-Absolutely exhausted after several days without sleep, I returned home... only for my dad to hand me Ghost Story as soon as he picked me up at the airport. WHELP.
-Though, Ghost Story only took me a day. It's practically a pamphlet in comparison to aforementioned dancing with dragons, but I think of just as much substance in half the pages.
-OLD SPICE vs. FABIO. More manliness than can be really handled.
-My manager has invited me to a tabletop game of Mouseguard, and lent me the comic it was based on. It looks like it'll be an interesting time.
-I found out there's going to be a Rifftrax Live broadcasting on the 17th! I have to get in on that.
-Have you heard me talk about Improv Everywhere? And how much I love them and would love to be part of their stuff? They've got something going down in San Fran on the 16th. I wouldn't miss it for the world 8DDDD

And that has been my last approximate week or so! I think it all adds up to a pretty positive experience. Also, I'll be catching Cowboys & Aliens Sunday, I'm guessing that'll add to the good time. Yaaaay!
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Special announcement:

Everyone who owns a DS needs to go buy Ghost Trick.

I'm not even kidding, you guys. This game is amazing. [livejournal.com profile] ggmoonycrisco put it best in her post--which was the first I ever noticed the game, but I'm still going to reemphasize that this game is WORTH ATTENTION.

The game is superbly written, a mystery story with endless bits of intrigue and thickening plot. Even with a couple accidental mild spoilers, I was still gawking at the screen at a few plot turns--and laughing ridiculous hard at others. The characters themselves are perfect, too, and it becomes clear through them that this really is from the creators of the Ace Attorney games. Even the most generic background characters have memorable lines and stories to them.

The puzzles themselves can be really challenging, and there were a few moments I wanted to stab my DS through the screen for having to start over yet again, but they weren't to the point where I ever actually decided to consult an FAQ (I have consulted walkthroughs at least once for all the AA games, except Investigations.). It'll challenge you, but without being a dick about it.

And my god, the sprite animation is perfect. It's gorgeous. Every single movement is smooth, natural, and eye-catching, at it really works to the advantage of bringing you into the world's atmosphere.

On top of everything, do you know what Capcom decided would be the most epic way to advertise for this game? Advertising in webcomics.
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I like having really good days. Just days where there are a bunch of little things that make you really happy. I need more of those days. I like them.

Though, in regards to MSPA: OH MY GOD VRISKA YOU ARE SUDDENLY REALLY CREEPY My skeev meters were already pretty highly wound after watching The Worst Episode in Thriller Bark, and this is not helping it wind back down, girl. PUNCH HER IN THE THROAT TAVROS

So, do any of you old Daisychain people remember Leaf Coneybear? Those of you who said yes, do any of you watch the show Modern Family? Fun fact: Leaf and Mitchell are one and the same. I always knew Mitchell looked familiar, and once I realized why, I just... it makes me happy.

Day 15: A song that describes you

...I have motivation issues.

Day 16: A song that you used to love but now hate

This was my favorite song for at least two years, maybe three. It was my most played song on iTunes by at least sixty plays, I recall. It's still a really awesome song, of this I will never deny. However, with time, I overexposed myself to it, and thusly end up often skipping it when it comes up on the 'Pod. This, unfortunately, tends to happen with most songs that were once my Favorites, and I worry for when it happens to my current favorite set.

that thing with the labels )
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Like last time was just a few little fuzzflakes that instantly melted BUT THERE'S REAL BLANKETS OF WHITE


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So today was pretty awesome.

Most important was learning that my teachers think I'm awesome. I went in to talk about my evaluation today--at Evergreen, we don't get grades, just evaluations of how you performed during the quarter--and my teacher basically said that she and the other teacher feel lucky to have me in the class. They think I'm talented, insightful, creative, and interesting. There are students in the class texting, or falling asleep, but seeing someone like me who really works and enjoys it helps them keep in mind why they came out of retirement.

I have the awkward cross of an easily-inflated ego being kept down with constant personal reminders of shortcomings. You could say that learning this has been a happy little push to the former.

That aside, I suddenly received a package today from my uncle containing Glee: Volume 1, which is awesome and had songs I had not yet stolen online. I also finally got the Random Shirt from Shirt!Woot, though I don't get it at all.

Also, continuing with adventures in Persona 4, the ~bad bad bathhouse~ level has a while yet to go, but in the meantime I got to show my friend the first two episodes of One Piece. She already thinks Luffy is a hilarious character, which is a very good sign.

So yes, I am pleased with the events of the day 8D
Oh my god you guys Lynda Barry is the coolest person ever

She just spoke in our class and it was amazing like she was just talking about all these things she did as a kid and I was like this is exactly what happened to me how do you know how to put everything into words so perfect and then she had us do some writing exercises and it was just

just so cool you guys

so much nostalgia.
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Series of happy events today:

Watched Star Trek again. Still good.
It seems we may be getting a Starr at DC. Hell yes.
Tanaka's antics at Paixao continue to amuse 83

Good moods.


Apr. 15th, 2009 08:08 pm
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Evergreen is the most perfect college for me ever.

So freakin' perfect that we cancelled plans to visit the other two colleges this weekend. There's no way they'll beat the epic that is Evergreen.

Coming home two days early is pretty sweet too.

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