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So, I finally got the focus down and started working on some of my project, which of course has been evading some solid, sit-down work lately. I got some work done last night, and figured I'd have to keep it up today and get a lot of work done.

But, I had to go shopping for foodthings first. Which is good. I was low on foodthings, and now I have sauces with which to make my ramen taste more like actual food. So while I'm waiting for the bus, I stop into the EB Games they got right there, to ask when they think the new Ace Attorney game's gonna get there, since there's often a few days in between release and arrival at the store.

They had it already.

I'm not going to be able to focus on anything at all but this game for the next approximate 30 hours.

Hoooo boy. Long day. Not a bad long day! Just a long day.

First and foremost, my costume is all but completed; I finished the shirt yesterday, and I finally made myself go out to Goodwill today to snag a pair of cheap pants. I was a bit worried about how I'm going to pull off the headphone goggles and the actual hoverboard; cardboard works, but it's not easy to make look good, especially on short notice. But I decided to look around the area of Goodwill, just in case; the shopping area around it is massive. Turns out Target is amazing and they have everything. Amongst other things, I bought a ten dollar skateboard. Ten dollar skateboard. I'm not sure what they did to it to make it so freakish cheap, and it kind of frightens me, but the point is I have a cheap but functional solution to what was once a worry.

There are a million tiny baby spiders in my windowsill area. Easily thirty of 'em, likely more. I do not want them there. I suspect one spider from early last month may have laid eggs somewhere, Roommate 1 worries that they're all sneaking in from outside and I need my window recaulked. I just don't want them crawling around my window D=

Speaking of roommates, we've finally gotten off our butts and spoken up to Roommate 2 when it feels needed. I think it's helped. Yaaaay!

First day of acting class, blah blah blah. I don't mind acting, but I'm really bad with improv. Guess what today was. Again, not bad, just long; one hour of acting class felt about as busy as three hours of drawing. Yeesh.

I've got to actually write my play now. I've been struggling with it all along, but I'll have to figure it out. Go Sarah Go!

But first I'm going to take a nap. Firing missiles afterwards is not guaranteed.
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Ooof long day

Not in the bad way, though. Been out for the last five hours, walking about and purchasing things. A couple roommates admitted to needing to go out as well, so it was good, though Roommate 1 is currently wheelchair-bound and the sidewalks in Olympia weren't always accommodating. Also hills. But I got a workout from the pushing, I think, my muscles will be sore tomorrow and I will be proud. I got most items I need for my costume, now I just need to get to work sewing on the accents I need, and also go back sometime for pants.

There was this booth at the mall where they were trying to sell this mini spa kit, the guy there totally buffed one of my nails for free and it was amazing. It is shiny. Usually the kit was 60 bucks, and today only it was 30, but come on we had already spent money and we're in college.

Speaking of which I love my mother for sending me more funds. None of my job applications have gotten back to me yet and I am worried D=

I am for food now

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Went to Seattle today to check out a big Japanese shopping center there... Uwajimoto's? I think? Anyway it was good. The majority of the place was a huge Japanese grocery, but there was also a food center and a book and music shop. Very extensive; I found Choco-Baby, which I'd gotten to try at Fanime back in '08 and fell in love with. I'm well stocked on instant soups and Japanese snacks now, though I held back on spending as much as I wanted. Apparently every person in the house has their own soy sauce bottle, which I think is silly and we should just share, but hey if they don't want to I might as well have my own. There was also a lot of intriguing "learning Japanese" books, but it's hard to know at a glance which of those'll be actually useful. But man that manga collection is ridiculous. They're up to volume 54 of One Piece over there, apparently. Yeesh.

While I was there, I just kept thinking, "man, I'm sure there are a million things I should think to buy here, I just can't remember any of it..." but it matters not, for I still got a good haul. Yaaaaay!

Aaaaaand no there's no real substance to this post. XI opens in four days augh gotta get those icons done...
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So! Today is dubbed productive.

First off, more class. It took a while to find the right room, namely since it was on the exact opposite side of campus from the apartment... at least for now. See, on Thursday the class is split in two. Half does the Drawing class, and the other half does Acting. After four weeks, they switch.

I'm in Drawing first, and guess what we get on day one? NUDE MODEL! |D I was surprised by how unbothered I was, but the fact that she was female likely assisted with that. It was weird for me to realize that, after drawing for years and generally being considered good at it, this was my first official art class of any sort. And I don't think I did too bad! Yay me.

Made another stop by the mall today. It was mostly for the sake of scoping out clothing to put together for my Halloween costume, as an Airboarder from Rhythm Heaven. (No one will recognize me in the slightest, which keeps up with tradition =Db)  It is ridiculously hard to find blue pants that are not jeans at the mall. Or, really, any pants that aren't jeans. I eventually found all the pieces I need though, but held off on purchasing until Monday; there's a sale starting at the fabric store I got a coupon for.

I really hope I can find a way to draw and scan myself some decent icons before the 14th...

It is raining in Washington. I am prepared to never see the sun again.
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Ugh I am so freaking tired.

All right, here's the low down on this weekend:
~Got an hour and a half of sleep the night before going off to ComicCon. Argh.
~Survived regardless. It was super awesome.
~[livejournal.com profile] yamikonumber7  is so awesome and I approve of the things she does because she is cool.
~Death is not an emotion, apparently, but rather a shorter way of saying "the void of emotion."
~I bought sixty-one dollars worth of One Piece swag. Thanks [personal profile] edward_hyde .
~I forgot my camera on the second day, thereby depriving me of pictures of me and Kia being totally awesome and stupid together D=
~Only one dude recognized my costume D=
~However the costume was still badass, and somehow I managed not to overheat! [livejournal.com profile] starherd  is still amazing~
~Man I don't remember what else I'm too tired I'll put more up later
~Why the hell did I only get evening shifts this week do not want

Also because I'm a whore:
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So today I went with my nana to get some shoes, lo an' behold, three damn pairs, including the ones I needed for cosplay! Go me. Now I need the wig and the gloves... the wig shouldn't be a problem, so long as I actually go get it, but... where the hell do you buy white cloth gloves? I know they exist, I just have no idea where to look!

Anyway, because we cut it kinda close between shopping and the start of my shift, Nana dropped me off at work and I had to sit around without any of my timekilling methods. I was like "aaa need video games." But it was an okay shift aside from being boring. I got free chocolate yaaay, and someone asked me to cover another shift tomorrow. More money's good, but I'm spending it with Ckoworker. God she annoys me, she just complains nonstop and... I need to learn to tune her out, man. She's unbelievable.

I feel like I had more to say but no I guess not.
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