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Hey! I'm not dead! Hard to tell by looking at this thing. Whoops.

I'm trying my hand at NaNo once more, with very little expectation to actually finish, but the fact is that I think I have enough various short story ideas that I can get along pretty well. As things stand right now, I used day one to churn out a brofic, and spent the next three days fumbling through another. Currently at 9374 words, way beyond just my personal goal for the date, so that's... that's good. I'm okay with that.

iJAG is going great, from the perspective that everyone is awesome and fantastic and I love what everyone does. However I have the particular issue of being really, really behind on tags. and NaNo does not show signs of changing that any time soon. Why am I considering a third character, again...? Of course, my issue keeping up with tags has not at all extended to the Evil AU Log, which has just. Been. Mind. Blowing.

On the school front, my class is awesome, and I'm doing analysis of Charlie/Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for my final project. (Note: that's literary analysis on the book, and film review on the original movie.) The only downside to this is that the film review is supposed to be in the style of, you know, a film review in a newspaper or for a website or something, and the book analysis is all in depth and detailed. I wish it were vice versa. The movie has so much depth that I would love to go on at length about. And the book, while a classic, isn't quite as... easy to pick apart. Especially since that one has to be done with a group. And my group is not very good at helping. But when do group projects ever have someone ELSE doing the work?
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Things are going swimmingly over at It's Just A Game. Fawful's making lots of fr--ene--...he's meeting people. And annoying them! That's all you can really ask for, with this guy. I've already written like two more apps for the game, though I'm not even sure if I want to send one of them in anyway. Besides, I want to at least hold back and get settled before bringing in another. Like, until week change! Which is tomorrow. WILL I MANAGE?

Speaking of tomorrow AAAA PONIES I NEED THEM. I have tried to avoid spoilers for the most part but people are making it so hard to wait. Though there was a fantastic interview with Lauren Faust that went up and got me very optimistic about things--particularly that Bronies haven't actually influenced the show beyond a certain pony's eyes, among a wide variety of other things. Mrs. Faust, you are the coolest.

I've got only one week now before I'm back to school, and man am I ready for it to be here now, except for all the packing and whatever. Yet somehow this last week manages to feel like it will be a very long one, particularly due to the sudden slamming down of lots of hours at work. Worse ways to eat up the time, I guess.

Also, I finally got a tumblr, perhaps as a replacement to my Insanejournal, since my RLbuddy was bugging me about wanting to see my sketches. I don't think I've quite managed to get sucked into the supposed black hole yet, but pray for me regardless.
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It's Just A Game has gotten off to a great start, I'm having a great time with everyone, old friends and new folks alike! I was worried about taking Fawful on again, but the little nutter has been absurdly fun to play with. I still flail around a bit with "HOW I MOD" but it's really a ton of fun, especially with the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] lynxgriffin behind the whole game.

Finally getting things in line for going back to schoolplace. Got my flight booked, setting things up with roommates... Still got like two whole weeks left but I am ready to be up there.

Bluh I bought a different toothpaste than usual and it screwed my mouth up something bizarre. My tongue, the inside of my lower lip, the whole lower half of my mouth really is all sore and miserable. I think my saliva glands are swollen and working double time, or maybe it just feels that way because my tongue aches every time I swallow. Needless to say I went out to get the right toothpaste posthaste.

Our cast may be small, but my hopes are high =D it is already super awesome anyway and it can only get better! OF THIS I AM CERTAIN.


In other news, finally got the Roommates assigned... one of them is a roommate from last year, but she's the one who was out of the apartment 95% of the time and was not part of the We Hate Sarah squad, so hopefully that'll be fine. The weird bit is that I'm not the only Sarah there! DOUBLE SARAH, ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY??? Meh. Forgive me for not being all that enthused after last quarter... but I still can't wait to get back to school.
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Oh man, this week is going to be a doozy. I'm slogging through the various readings due for seminar on Wednesday, and while none of them are too terribly long I can't really make heads or tails of what it is most of them are getting at. That's just a mild inconvenience to compound on top of completing research and an annotated bibliography on a topic that really is rather impossible to find primary sources for, as well as putting the finishing touches on the group project of a (freakin awesome) puppet show. I just can't wait until Friday. I'm gonna get down on Friday.

On the RP front, I'm all a tangle of conflict; I've already put my foot down and will be dropping Franky at XI within the next couple of days (probably after things get less distracting), and I had just about decided that it was time to take Hajime out of the Institute as well. Until I got to talk with Olaf, finally, for the first time in ages, and... well, dammit, I just can't resist that girl. Logs with Mod have consistently been the absolute most fascinating and entertaining parts of my entire run at that game, and the promise of the drought ending is enough to make me cling on... just a little longer...

Another thing to do once things settle down after this week is replay Ghost Trick if I want to make sure I can handle picking up Missile at Second City. That dog has all my love, and I want to do him justice. After all, no one can complain about a hyperactive puppy ghost after they've gotten used to the ponies.
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Oh man this class I'm in. It's only week one, and things haven't really hit the fan yet, but it looks like things are going to be pretty intensive. Or, rather, pretty intensive for a more artsy class at this school. I won't compare myself to the science majors.

There's a lot of reading every week, which on its own isn't all THAT bad, but it can get exhausting having to read seventy-five pages of dense language on a computer screen is hard to pull off, then followed by a hundred+ more pages for the OTHER readings we have to do. But really, that's not all that bad.

The seminar passes are cranked up, though--there's the standard "what are they about, what's the theme, what did you learn" thing we have to write, which is relatively simple. But suddenly now we also are required to pick something from the readings and do research on that--including at least one print source. Jeez, I have to actually get up and go to the library! This is nuts, man!

And we basically have to do a writeup for everything we do in class. How did you become closer to your goals in the workshop this week? How did your time working with other students go?

Honestly, it's just a lot of things that, while maybe not so bad on their own, build up fast. I'm still hoping to have fun, but man this is not the kind of writing I want to do.
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Final project: Video edited, paper written, lecture prepared, presentation given, class entertained. Heck yeah.

I'm glad I don't get stage fright bad enough to mess with how I want to do my presentations. I can understand how some people need to have a powerpoint with all their details written down for them, or else they'll forget things and it'll be too much pressure. But for me, that's boring to watch and boring to present. I need to entertain people, and get involved, make things funny and interesting. If possible, I like to put on a sort of skit-like aspect in my presentation. It gets peoples' attentions, and actually makes people want to ask questions, which in turn makes me feel better. My heart may start going crazy and I get nervous when I get in front of everyone, but at least the adrenaline is being put into something.

In unrelated news augh my hair keeps getting in my face and is impossible to make look good at this length but I want to grow it out for cosplay-based purposes ugggh the conflict of practicality vs. fashion
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Man, with the last two quarters there was a serious dirth of options for classes that interested me, but now this quarter's coming up and there are a whole bunch of ones that sound interesting! Ah well this problem is better by a lot.
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8O We actually read a book for class this week that I found genuinely interesting! After Dark by Haruki Murakami. Like, with past books, I could be like "yeah I guess I am slightly interested in the ideas in here or whatever," but I would always check to see how many pages until the next chapter and the like. With this one, I opened it up last night because I figured I should get a little reading done so it wasn't all last minute, then suddenly whoa hey I'm on page 142 when the heck did that happen.

Also yesterday my friend invited me to go forest exploring, there's a pretty great chunk of forest around the school, and a path that you can follow to the beach a bit off, but more fun is exploring the less well-traveled areas and feeling like you're in some post-apocolyptic fantasy world where nature took over. Also I almost sank into a bog at one point which made me really glad I had decided to wear boots. There were a few moments that showed off my friend is much more coordinated than I but the pain my muscles now feel will make me mightier ( ._.)9
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Awful class=dropped for next quarter

first class choice=grabbed for next quarter

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Halfway through my first day of class.

Really uncertain about whether or not I'll enjoy it at all.

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Things to do:

-update student ID for the quarter
-buy food
-buy books for class
-buy cups, pans, spare towel, shower stuff
-buy a sleeping bag and maybe a spare mattress
-print out room inventory sheet and fill it out
-contact friends
-write more
-consider Halloween costume
-probably more things slipping my mind due to hunger
Paper is over, done, turned in, mission complete, dai sei kou!

I am going to celebrate by shooting people with toy bullets.

Saturday there's going to be a game of Zombie Capture-The-Flag, 10PM to midnight. I went today to Target to check out the Nerf selection. It's pretty huge, and Sarah is very very bad at making decisions when it comes to spending money.

So I am asking you guys for advice! (Especially you, [livejournal.com profile] anzila , you nerf warlord you) If you were in a zombie nerfocalypse for two hours, what would you go with? A huge tommy gun or belt-fed blaster, plenty of ammo and little accuracy to worry over, but cumbersome? A smaller dart gun, easy to move around and hide with but requiring more refills? A sword, requiring no reloading but a bit large and forcing closer combat? There's plenty of extra darts available purchase, though nothing to hold them with. Nothing costs more than $20 without tax.

Final order of business: HEY  [livejournal.com profile] katiebalatie   HAPPY  BIRTHDAY  I LOVE  YOU  I  MISS  YOU  I  AM  SO  CALLING  YOU  WHEN  YOU  GET  BACK  IN  THE COUNTRY  TOMORROW
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Apparently, despite the fact that they had been making a big noisy deal out of working on fixing a pipe for like a month now and had apparently just finished it, the damn thing burst last night, and now the entire dorm area is without water for 24 hours or so. No washing dishes or taking a shower or properly working toilets or sinks. Whee.

But hey, if you're gonna fulfill the stereotype of looking like a total wreck on that last day finishing your paper, what a better way to do it?

Actually, my paper appears to be on the verge of finished. 21 pages without pictures added, which is pretty much the last thing I need to do and is what I will be spending the day taking care of in the library after class is over. Almost, almost...
Argh I wouldn't normally consider a game as freakin huge as Luceti but they have every Strawhat but Franky It is slightly too tempting.

Well, no considering things until Thursday, when this paper's done with. Got 16 pages out of the 20 I've set for myself, going to the writing center tomorrow for some help smoothing out and getting ideas.
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So on top of the essay I'm writing on Iron Man (coming along slow but sure, I think), we have to read one book a week, and then write two 'talking points' to bring in for seminar. It's pretty much all books based on music, with a few exceptions. And it has been getting harder for me every week to find points to go off about. I just... I love music, I think music is awesome. But I am not a scholarly analyzer when it comes to music. I listen to it, and enjoy it, but I couldn't tell you much about composition or genre or influences or how it connects. I just enjoy it.

I am looking at this book and staring at the pages and trying to figure out what I can say that I haven't already said in all the past papers I've turned in. It's. Not coming easy.

Hnarrrg having to use my brain is not as easy as it should be
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Soooo, had my conference with my teacher about my first draft, but it turns out that mine is one of the three that he hasn't gotten to read yet. Thanks, Big D. He gave it a glancethrough, though, while we talked, and commented that it looked pretty strong so far. I've got more sources to go off of right now, as well, so hopefully this won't be much of an issue.

And hey, maybe if I didn't procrastinate so much, I could get in a second draft that he could look over before the final is due and get more feedback.

I'm not sure who I think I'm kidding with that line of thought though.

My buddy [livejournal.com profile] childofthemoor  let me borrow her PS2 so hopefully I can pick up my Persona playing, which I am satisfied with. I maxed out my social link with Brosuke today. It was epic manly. Next in line, Chie. B|b

Ummm jeez what else can I say. I'm mostly updating just because it's been a while and Ma likes it when I do these things.

...it is so weird having Franky and Hajime as my most active muses. Enjoyable, though. Hopefully plot with the Ouenkid can start up within the week...?

...I think that's it.

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Man all last week I didn't have any inspiration for drawing stuff and then a bunch of memes happened in XI and I'm like "MAN NOW I HAVE DRAWING INSPIRATION" and then my class is like "PS DRAW SOME STUFF FOR YOUR ESSAY ON TOP OF ALL THIS OTHER WORK" and I'm like "CRUD SUDDENLY I HAVE LESS TIME TO DO THINGS I WANT"


Comment and I will tell you:

1. Something random about you.
2. Which color you remind me of.
3. My first memory of you.
4. What animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.
6. My favorite thing about you.
7. My least favorite thing about you.
8. Challenge you to post this on your journal.
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Workin on my paper really I promise


So cool. Just. So you know.

Also I have an extremely unpleasant earache on the left side and it makes focusing a little difficult.

More stalling why not

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Class based: We watched Montreal Pop, a recording of an epic concert that made a name for a lot of the 60s musicians. Including the epic moment of Jimi Hendrix lighting his guitar aflame, then bashing it to pieces.

But shortly before he did that, when he was rocking out, he did a guitar riff of Frank Sinatra. I had to doubletake there, I thought I imagined it, but after it was over my teacher was like "hey who noticed that bit on Strangers In The Night" and I just geeked out like crazy.

Now to get to work on that annotated bibliography.

RP based: This latest plot is freaking the hell out of Spin. It kind of shocked me how bad he retreated from all this mess. J's invitation to Christmas turned out to be a bigger blessing than I knew, they've definitely left early to evade hearing about this and to keep Spin's brain from shutting down.

I am tryyyying to get Tanaka more CR and I really hope it works. And maybe I can finally do a fight with Franky! And Fawful... well. *ahem*

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