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Safely returned to school, and a pretty good first day if I do say so myself. Contacted a friend off the bat and found out he was heading to a meeting for the Gaming Guild, and joined him for a very fun game of Settlers of Catan. I should definitely try to visit that club more, board games are a great chill way to make buddies. There was also Grocery Bingo where my friend won and I didn't =B Then I got to know one of my roommates really well, the rest have been off doing... things? Anyway, the one I chilled with seems like a really friendly person, so yaaay there.

The bad side to all this is the fact that very little of the actual things I own will be actually available to me for the next three days. I have the necessities; clothes, toiletries, a towel. But my sheets, blankets, trash can, scissors--all those little things that are not necessary but still really useful to have around (and also make my room not look like a blank white nothing) will not be returned to me from storage until Monday. Thankfully roommate lent me a pillow, but it's pretty painfully bare. I will power through ( ._.)9

I'm tired maybe I should sleep.
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Today my roommate bought a pinata and we all went at it with a hatchet and a sword. I suspect this may be the best way to celebrate any holiday ever.

You know what's really, really refreshing after dealing with Hussie's passive-aggressive dealings with his fanbase? Reading Linkara's responses to comments in his videos. He's willing to explain any perceived plot holes or missed points in a logical manner, is willing to concede on points but mostly stands by what he's done, but above all, he's respectful and friendly towards praise and criticism alike. When he does go on his occasional rants, they always feel well-thought out, justified, and even if he's angry, he doesn't talk down to anyone or get insulting to his fans. Thank you, Lewis. You are awesome.
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Playthrough of Ace Attorney: Investigations. 'Cause why not. Potential spoilers ahead!

Case One: Turnabout Visitor )

Overall, the game looks like it's off to a good start. Great graphics, characters no less enjoyable than before, and clear evidence of an overarching plot that'll be throughout the game, which we usually don't get.

In other news, Roommate 1 decided to get rid of the mice today. She's... going through a lot of issues right now, and their wheel keeps her up at night. Not helpful to the situation. They were annoying in a lot of ways, but I'm going to miss having the furry little guys around.

I am so glad that there is a small but steady trickle of new EBA fanart to be found. It just makes my day when I check up on these things.
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Has my portrayal of a character changed the way you think of them?

Fff I have tags to catch up on for once why do I waste time watching videos =|
Also why on earth is it so hard to find Franky icons he is so iconable... for that matter why are pretty much all my characters free of icons it makes me sad. You'd think Fawful would be a little easier after the latest game, but nope.

Yesterday my friend straightened my hair, and that was pretty much the first time having anyone do anything beyond a haircut and a rinse dye. It came out looking half cool, half derpy, and half emo teenage boy.

It has gotten to the point where I pretty much avoid Roommate 2 whenever possible because she has to complain about something every time. Also I think Roommate 1 was retching this morning and I am scared to bring it up.
Hoooo boy. Long day. Not a bad long day! Just a long day.

First and foremost, my costume is all but completed; I finished the shirt yesterday, and I finally made myself go out to Goodwill today to snag a pair of cheap pants. I was a bit worried about how I'm going to pull off the headphone goggles and the actual hoverboard; cardboard works, but it's not easy to make look good, especially on short notice. But I decided to look around the area of Goodwill, just in case; the shopping area around it is massive. Turns out Target is amazing and they have everything. Amongst other things, I bought a ten dollar skateboard. Ten dollar skateboard. I'm not sure what they did to it to make it so freakish cheap, and it kind of frightens me, but the point is I have a cheap but functional solution to what was once a worry.

There are a million tiny baby spiders in my windowsill area. Easily thirty of 'em, likely more. I do not want them there. I suspect one spider from early last month may have laid eggs somewhere, Roommate 1 worries that they're all sneaking in from outside and I need my window recaulked. I just don't want them crawling around my window D=

Speaking of roommates, we've finally gotten off our butts and spoken up to Roommate 2 when it feels needed. I think it's helped. Yaaaay!

First day of acting class, blah blah blah. I don't mind acting, but I'm really bad with improv. Guess what today was. Again, not bad, just long; one hour of acting class felt about as busy as three hours of drawing. Yeesh.

I've got to actually write my play now. I've been struggling with it all along, but I'll have to figure it out. Go Sarah Go!

But first I'm going to take a nap. Firing missiles afterwards is not guaranteed.

I've never carved a pumpkin before.

When I was little, we'd just pick a page from the book of templates, and then Dad would do it. When we got older, the family stopped bothering to even do that. Parents didn't want to bother with it, and sister and I never wanted to go through that much effort for something that would rot in a couple days anyway.

Roommate 4, being from Japan, had never carved a pumpkin before, and she was totally excited for the opportunity. She invited over another Japanese friend and we decided to make an apartment-wide carvin' party out of it!

So many pictures in here guys )

Most of the way through we got to listen to my Halloween playlist of super cool, but then we ran out of playlist and it devolved into Roommate 1's collection of Taylor Swift. I would've blasted Beyonce over it but to be fair I'd gotten everyone to listen to Re: Your Brains and Ghost Island Adventure so I figured I'd met my quota.

Yaaaay me
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Day one.

Here I am.

Kind of stunned, gotta say. Just like, wow wtf. I'm at college. Oh my god. What.

I'm excited. Totally. Amazingly. Like usually when I take big new steps in life, I get all nervous and scared, but I was just so ready for this.

Two of my roommates haven't shown up yet. Two of them seem like pretty cool girls, friendly enough and cool to hang with. The last one has kept to herself so far. Hopefull she'll open up? I think one of my biggest hopes is that we'll continue to get along.

I'm kind of awash in 'what now.' I mean I know what now, I've gotten it hammered in by my sister whom I love, but still, it's a little totally nuts. Just like a sudden overwhelming sense of "oh wow. I'm totally by myself now." It's new and different. But I didn't cry when Mom left, when usually I get all sad and separation anxiety-ridden.

My toes are very cold and there are a lot of little things we need to shop for, even though all of us did shopping with our parents AFTER we got here. Room is spacious, but bare. I didn't bring many decorative things with me. It'll fill up in time, I'm sure. It'll take getting used to. I need to get me a job.

My phone gets like no bars unless I leave it by the window =|

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