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Realizing that the 5th of November is the day from Back to the Future made me way happier than anything involving the letter V.

I went to the the improv show for our campus comedy club. They're not Whose Line, sure, but it's a lot of fun guys just having a good time doing what they do. And I know a lot of the people in the club, so I know that it's really a lot of just what they do naturally. Funny people are neat like that. There's always this awkward pause after the show, where I want to hang around and congratulate them and chat them up, but I don't actually know any of them well enough to be considered a 'friend,' I think, and their closer buddies dominate the conversation while I stand all awkward on the sidelines. Seriously, how does social happen?

After this morning's My Little Pony, I needed to call up my sister. Too many emotions and feelings. We're two very, VERY different people, but we get along so well, and that's something I'm eternally grateful for. My sister is one of my biggest supporters in all I do, and I love her to no end.

I'm a little bit floored by how well NaNo is going; 11,366 words tonight, that's way beyond just my own personal goals, to say nothing of what the NaNo site desires. The chats and Word Wars I do are absolute godsends in terms of motivation. Tonight's round just flew by.

Favorite line of the night:
"This is art," blurted the voice as soon as he neared the painting.
"Well, that’s debatable, isn’t it," Wheatley replied.

Yeah, that's right. It's a Portal fic. What of it. I like this game, okay?
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Oh man I fail something fierce at keeping this updated. Curse you Plurk, you just make pointless updates so easy!

I've pretty much stopped updating my InsaneJournal, and switched to putting my art stuff on my Tumblr. So far it's primarily my artdump space, and I haven't gotten too sucked in to the black hole of .gifs and artlogs others put up... but that may just be a matter of time.

Recovering from a brief run-in with my mortal enemy, The Common Cold. He put me in a headlock that left me out of it for a couple days, but I think I'm wearing him down. Nothing but mucous, for the last few days.

My class is going great, I really love it, though my teachers have no idea how to make a decent Powerpoint, it's a little bit painful. ALL THE OVERUSED TRANSITIONS. Ecch. Since it's an all-level class, there's some extreme basics that are getting explained and make the lectures painfully long, but in the end it's good information to have about topics I want to know about, so I can suck it up.

Annnnd that's my life in a nutshell right now. Runny nose aside, I'm pretty okay with it.
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Safely returned to school, and a pretty good first day if I do say so myself. Contacted a friend off the bat and found out he was heading to a meeting for the Gaming Guild, and joined him for a very fun game of Settlers of Catan. I should definitely try to visit that club more, board games are a great chill way to make buddies. There was also Grocery Bingo where my friend won and I didn't =B Then I got to know one of my roommates really well, the rest have been off doing... things? Anyway, the one I chilled with seems like a really friendly person, so yaaay there.

The bad side to all this is the fact that very little of the actual things I own will be actually available to me for the next three days. I have the necessities; clothes, toiletries, a towel. But my sheets, blankets, trash can, scissors--all those little things that are not necessary but still really useful to have around (and also make my room not look like a blank white nothing) will not be returned to me from storage until Monday. Thankfully roommate lent me a pillow, but it's pretty painfully bare. I will power through ( ._.)9

I'm tired maybe I should sleep.
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About this time last year, I had a panic attack because I hadn't planned well in advance and had no idea where I was going to store my stuff over the summer.

Good news: A friend living in the area has agreed to store my belongings for the months I have gone!
Bad news: Though, I have no actual boxes or storage stuff to put my belongings in...
Bad news: ...and even if I did, I don't know how to get it over there. IDK if using the bus to transport boxes is very feasible or if the bus drivers allow it even, and I don't feel comfortable asking for help from my roommate with a car who doesn't like me.
Good news: Though I have found one cardboard box by lurking around the cardboard recycling bins! In fact, I think it would be large enough to carry all my stuff, if I needed to, even a couple things that really are too big for conventional boxes.
Bad news: ...which leads to the logical issue that this box is way too big, to the point it needs to be turned on its side to even fit through doors. This would be not only a bitch to carry but compress the whole "how do I transport this" problem even further. Also putting all my stuff in one box would be HEAVY.

I'm starting to think I should just hit up Target or maybe Goodwill tomorrow and see if I can buy some storage bins, which would at least be easier to carry around. But that transport thing is still an issue.

Also Washington should really not be a place where it gets too hot to sleep. That just feels wrong to me.

Hahaha ~first world problems~
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Am I really hormonal right now, or have the last couple days really been that much back and forth with the good and bad? I honestly can't tell. I'm so distracted and worked up over... everything, yet nothing. I just. Argh.
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Final project: Video edited, paper written, lecture prepared, presentation given, class entertained. Heck yeah.

I'm glad I don't get stage fright bad enough to mess with how I want to do my presentations. I can understand how some people need to have a powerpoint with all their details written down for them, or else they'll forget things and it'll be too much pressure. But for me, that's boring to watch and boring to present. I need to entertain people, and get involved, make things funny and interesting. If possible, I like to put on a sort of skit-like aspect in my presentation. It gets peoples' attentions, and actually makes people want to ask questions, which in turn makes me feel better. My heart may start going crazy and I get nervous when I get in front of everyone, but at least the adrenaline is being put into something.

In unrelated news augh my hair keeps getting in my face and is impossible to make look good at this length but I want to grow it out for cosplay-based purposes ugggh the conflict of practicality vs. fashion
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Man, with the last two quarters there was a serious dirth of options for classes that interested me, but now this quarter's coming up and there are a whole bunch of ones that sound interesting! Ah well this problem is better by a lot.
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8O We actually read a book for class this week that I found genuinely interesting! After Dark by Haruki Murakami. Like, with past books, I could be like "yeah I guess I am slightly interested in the ideas in here or whatever," but I would always check to see how many pages until the next chapter and the like. With this one, I opened it up last night because I figured I should get a little reading done so it wasn't all last minute, then suddenly whoa hey I'm on page 142 when the heck did that happen.

Also yesterday my friend invited me to go forest exploring, there's a pretty great chunk of forest around the school, and a path that you can follow to the beach a bit off, but more fun is exploring the less well-traveled areas and feeling like you're in some post-apocolyptic fantasy world where nature took over. Also I almost sank into a bog at one point which made me really glad I had decided to wear boots. There were a few moments that showed off my friend is much more coordinated than I but the pain my muscles now feel will make me mightier ( ._.)9
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It's weird when, all of a sudden, college makes you realize you're not smart.

I've never had all that much trouble writing papers, aside from procrastinating like nuts on them, but once I sit down and make myself do it--usually just a few nights before it's due, derp--it's fairly easy for me to figure out what I want to say, how to get the point across and find examples from the text.

But it turns out I've met my match. For class, we have to read The Temple of the Golden Pavilion by Yukio Mishima. I'm about halfway through it, right now, and it's by no means a bad book--it's really pretty interesting. But I cannot understand the mindset of the main character. He's obviously designed to have a very different mentality than most people, I think, seeing as the basic point of the book is describing the thought process of a man who is essentially a terrorist. But usually I really enjoy psychoanalyzing and viewing things from another viewpoint. It's usually fun, and not all that hard for me. I don't know if it's the way his thought process is described, or the manner in which the book was translated, or what, but I honestly cannot follow what this guy is getting at.

That on its own would not be a problem for me. I could read it through and not really get the character without minding too much, it's still a good book. But today our teacher told us we have to write a paper on this thing, too. Only 2-4 pages, not much, but I am now officially worried. There's a difference between BSing a point to draw it out, and having absolutely no idea what to say. When I make a thesis, I at least have to know what I'm saying. And I honestly don't know what to write about this book.

My hope is that seminaring on this thing tomorrow will generate SOMEthing, but... ugh. It's really weird, realizing that I've hit a complete wall with this thing. It's a little disorienting.
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- I've got three out of seven gift arts finished, and three partway done. Not counting the one I have to do for mom.
- I just realized I didn't buy presents for ANY OF MY IRL FRIENDS AAAAAAAAAA I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON
- Got the scarf from Kia! It is fabulous =DDD
- I am really glad to have taken the break with Hajime =D;; I think this may make things much better for him.
- Went to see Tron. Without spoiling anything, the graphics and music were great but the plot was pretty much nonsensical.
- Ant infestation in the kitchen. Awesome.
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So my friend who was gonna take me to the airport changed her mind and decided to take the shuttle. So I guess I am going to as well, except at a time that won't make me wait six hours. Never mind, guys! Herderp.

Ugh I am seven thousand words behind my personal goal for NaNo and I do not want to catch up ><

Day 24: Digimon -Favorite Villian?
Man, now that I'm thinking about it, Digimon has had some really great villains. Myotismon was the first great one, I think, and the D-Reaper was suitably terrifying. But, in the end, I really loved that Kurata was a wholly loathable, hateworthy villain in all the right ways. And above all, he was human--we've had human villains before, but in the end they were being controlled by Digimon. He's just a legitimate, genocide-loving douchebag.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
Haha murder in Digimon =( )
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Augh NaNo continues to resist me -_- I'm at about 2,500 right now, I think my problem is I'm trying too hard to make it sound good and should just freakin' write. Durrrr.

Also my phone is being weird and not letting me call out, while my mom says that it sends her to voice mail when she calls despite it being on. Also my tooth brush recharger is broken. lol technology.

Day 09: Favorite Pokeball?
I guess the Nest Ball has been pretty useful, since I didn't pay any attention to catching more Pokemon until waaaay after when my main team was powerful enough to oneshot almost anything in the wild. Quick Ball has been useful also. This is kind of a silly question.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
All the children sing, na na na na na na na )
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Hahaha, I was actually social today, what's up with that. Some friends and I took a long drive to see another friend, it was a lot of fun though now I am real life'd out. Worth it!

Also getting Hajime in a fight with the goddamn Jabberwock has possibly been the most epic thing I've done in RP for quite a while. Hell yeah.

Day 05: Pokemon -Favorite video-game?
Silver. I can't really be sure right now if Soul Silver outranks it, because they really did a great job with the remake, but I just remember loving Silver with such a passion when it came out, and ever since. I can still pick it up to play today and love the heck out of it. Soul Silver really does a great job of keeping things from the original version while bringing in new and exciting things; Leaf Green was nice for having updated graphics, I guess, but I actually have less fun playing that than my original Blue cartridge.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
On the road-a-road-a-road )
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I've realized suddenly I don't know where a bunch of my clothes are. Like, I have enough clothes to get me through the week--all the stuff that I realized I don't have were the sort of things I thought would be fun to wear on a Zombie Nerfocalypse night, or something like that. I first noticed that my boots were missing, and figured that I just must have forgotten them at home, but I kind of remember distinctly looking at my empty empty closet in the time after we sent up my boxes and thinking, "well, all my foo outfits and the like will be back up at school when I get there." But I emptied my boxes, and they're not here.

I don't know if I thought I packed them, but they're really hidden somewhere at home? If they're not in my closet, and not in my boxes, then I'm not sure where they are. =|a this is slightly distressing.
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Things to do:

-update student ID for the quarter
-buy food
-buy books for class
-buy cups, pans, spare towel, shower stuff
-buy a sleeping bag and maybe a spare mattress
-print out room inventory sheet and fill it out
-contact friends
-write more
-consider Halloween costume
-probably more things slipping my mind due to hunger
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Ugh, moving tomorrow. So not looking forward to it. I like our house. This new one is so... not the house I've lived in for thirteen years. 8(

Dunno if Internet will be up and running tomorrow, but I'm figuring it will be by the end of the day. Hopefully. We'll see.

Rocketman continues to be a douche of a computer, with lousy battery life and now the siding is coming off. Come on, man, you can do better than that.

Been playing Plants Vs. Zombies a lot lately, because that song they made is completely awful but mind-numbingly catchy. It's just plain silly.

I am so out of practice with writing fics, but the drabbles I've been doing for the 30 Challenge have been pretty fun, though none of them have been very long--all under 400 words. Though, they did inspire me to work on a slightly longer fic idea. I'm not sure how long that one will go, but it's been interesting to work with so far.
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aaaaaaaaa two years aaaaaaaaaaaaa four weeks aaaaaaaaa

Oda I love you and I expect this to be awesome but I am honestly not all okay with this


In tangentially related news I decided to claim Franky for [livejournal.com profile] 30_onepiece  for some incomprehensible reason. I've never done one of these things before, but I've kind of finished five drabbles for it already so... yes. Hopefully I don't run out of steam.

Also getting mentioned on RPS always makes me feel happy =3

In non-geek related news, oh god I hope the heat wave we had the last couple days is done, I did not want to move at ALL yesterday it was so unpleasant. I'm still not sure how to  feel about my family moving. I kind of am ready to just go back to school and be sated with a tiny dorm room instead of all this confusing stuff about furniture and beds and all that. Bluh bluh huge responsibilities.
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Apparently my parents are moving. I mean, my dad has been super excited for a week or so about this house not too far up the hill from us, with a fabulous view and not much else. But Dad doesn't get excited about much, so despite Mom's reservations she let him go ahead and start looking, but we were thinking--and kind of hoping--that it would fall through. But it sounds like things are getting serious. It's not a far move, but packing up and cleaning up our place for sale is a big process. And, on top of that, my sister just... two days ago, I guess, got an offer with a friend to share an apartment. She's been really wanting to move out lately, with how nuts Mom can get, so she's thrilled to take it up. Weird how these things line up, I guess.

Okay, I don't know why, but for some reason watching playthroughs of Persona 4 is something I find hilarious. I swear I've watched the same 4 hours of opening plot with three different comedy tracks. I found the guys who did the Endurance Run and it is cracking me up. I am a loser.

Pokemon news: Red is a bastard with ridic-level pokemon and I had my butt handed to me. I managed to get through 4 of his six, but that was with spamming hyper potions the whole way and getting a lot of help from the hail. Also I had to sacrifice one of my main 6 in order to use Rock Climb. This is why I hate HMs.

Day 06: A song that reminds you of someone

Back in 2nd or 3rd grade, I had a friend who I would hang out with all the time, with weekly playdates. Whenever she came to my house, we'd bust out the Beanie Babies and play with them while my clock-CD player went on in the background. I didn't have a very evolved taste in music back then, all my CDs were cartoon and movie soundtracks, and the Rugrat Movie one the leading one for that time. She ended up going to live overseas for a year, and by the time she got back we had grown apart. We were still classmates up through high school, but never really hung out since. It happens.

Song List )
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I'm starting packing. I'm not leaving until Saturday, but it's very important to get a head start on all this junk. I don't even have that much stuff, but it takes up a lot of space in boxes. My mom mentioned there was a woman who was driving from Washington back down to California, and might be willing to drive some of my stuff down for me, so I also need to figure out if I'll need that service. I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing; if I only end up needing a few boxes, would it be easier to just have the woman bring it all down? Though that would be pretty rude. But it seems weird using storage space when I don't have a ton worth storing.

I'm also slightly concerned about the fact that my nerf sword doesn't even come close to fitting in any of the things I have. Damn broadswords.

Speaking of which, the second round of the zombie nerfocalypse was good fun. We had a lot more attendees, and managed to play three games. Humans even won one of them! I'm still sore from all the running around and so forth.

Last of all: One Piece I love you. I love Oda for being the world's biggest troll. And I love him for giving me canon reason to play out Mr. Frank and confuse the school. Now all we need is to have the damn crew back together HNNGH
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Apparently, despite the fact that they had been making a big noisy deal out of working on fixing a pipe for like a month now and had apparently just finished it, the damn thing burst last night, and now the entire dorm area is without water for 24 hours or so. No washing dishes or taking a shower or properly working toilets or sinks. Whee.

But hey, if you're gonna fulfill the stereotype of looking like a total wreck on that last day finishing your paper, what a better way to do it?

Actually, my paper appears to be on the verge of finished. 21 pages without pictures added, which is pretty much the last thing I need to do and is what I will be spending the day taking care of in the library after class is over. Almost, almost...

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