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There was a blackout last night that prevented me from getting any work done on NaNo, and also on the paper that was due today. Luckily, due to said blackout not only affecting the whole campus but even the town as a whole well into this morning, class was canceled and I am able to finish said paper today. However, there is also a project due tomorrow, so now I need to work on two projects, further delaying any progress with NaNo.

Considering I've more or less completely run out of ideas with where I'm going with NaNo, I'm mostly glad for the excuse not to stare at the word count and try to will it up another few thousand words. Good lord is this month over yet.

Day 23: Pokemon -Favorite Evil organization?

I always thought that Aqua and Magma had pretty dumb plans, and I never even finished Pearl so I don't really care for Galactic much at all. Besides, even if Rockets were just 'evil for the sake of evil' which is always pretty dumb, the fact that they were around for two whole generations makes a much better impression in my mind.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
I love that 5th Gen is gonna be evil hippies too )
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Day 06: Digimon -Favorite Male Character?

I really like Joe. I dunno why, he was probably the least focused on during Adventure and showed up in, seriously I think three episodes for 02. But there's something so endearing about the kid trying so hard to be taken seriously and wants so badly to help everyone out, no matter how rarely he's taken seriously or how bad he gets trounced in the process. ...Dear god I think I just found the origin of my love for the Rookies. WOW. Cody and Henry in 02 and Tamers were also great characters. I guess I just have a thing for the serious-minded guys that try to act as the more logic-based teammate.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
Kids in Ameri--Japan--uh )

Hey Sarah how're those three art projects due Tuesday coming

Haha oh yeah I was supposed to work on those wasn't I

brb making fun of Creation of Man
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Workin on my paper really I promise


So cool. Just. So you know.

Also I have an extremely unpleasant earache on the left side and it makes focusing a little difficult.

More stalling why not

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Okay so

two days of no sleep

and then one more day where I don't finish adding the dialogue on the computer until around two in the morning

and it is done

I am both pleased and displeased with the results but the biggest thing is the fucker is done
and that is what really matters.


VIM - 43

SARAH learned a new skill: LV. 3 COMATOSE INSOMNIA

SARAH gained allegiance with LENIENT TEACHERS!


brb oversleeping and missing my presentation.
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Oh my god you guys I am so bad at coming up with an actual, solid, planned plot.

My teacher, noticing how generally panicked and depressed I was over my lack of productivity, agreed with me that it would be best if I was given solid deadlines, rather than the loosey-goosey, open-ended thing that a lot of my classmates are doing, she'd assign me specific dates to show her bits of my project.

Her first deadline was to have a solid outline of the story, specifically the ending, e-mailed to her by Monday at the latest. She's a firm believer that having an ending when you start is the most important thing. You can change the ending while you work, but you have to have an ending in mind. And this is, as far as I have known from looking at the processes of others, an entirely accurate assumption. But I have never been able to come up with a solid ending for anything I've done. Ever. I come up with characters, basic premises, a starting point and a few bits of things to happen along the way. I always hope I'll come up with more later. This may explain why I've never actually finished anything.

Anyway, point is, I'm sitting here staring at the paper, and realizing I have no freaking clue where to go with this. It is unbelievably frustrating to just be caught up on the outline.

Instead of working, I found a pretty cool thorough quiz to determine your Hogwarts House. I took it for Spin and Franky.

Spin: Gryffindor-50, Ravenclaw-67, Hufflepuff-94, Slytherin-28
(Haha I am not surprised by this, he would generally come up Hufflepuff in quizzes I took in the past, but some bias in me always hoped he would get in Gryffindor. I think that's the bias lingering from the books. Didn't help that they called Hufflepuffs "a bunch of duffers" ._.)

Gryffindor-90, Ravenclaw-47, Hufflepuff-41, Slytherin-85
(I'm not sure how I feel about that Slytherin score. Franky can be a bastard, sure, but he's not all that cunning or power-hungry. Gryffindor's a good fit, though. ...Hahah Harry Potterish score, now that I think of it.)

Fun fact: whenever I take housing quizzes, I'm really very close between all four of them ._. I get different answers all the time, no clue which I fit into.

I also did that Sailor Senshi thing for the two of them and had way too much fun with it ._. CURSE YOU INTERNET
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NaNoWriMo, guys

I'm doing it

No really, I'm gonna. Gonna do it. For real.

._. If I tell enough people then maybe I won't put it off then give up, so.

Wish me luck, guys. The name's groovehoppin, if you want to friend me.

*crosses fingers*

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