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Am I really hormonal right now, or have the last couple days really been that much back and forth with the good and bad? I honestly can't tell. I'm so distracted and worked up over... everything, yet nothing. I just. Argh.
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I realized last night that Tanaka is pretty much the Butt Monkey of all my muses. I'm not sure why, but he is.

Something about how he takes himself too seriously, I guess. It's so easy to knock him down a peg. His facade of confidence is just begging to be knocked down. Also, I guess, because the way I play him, he's so caught up in all that OSU business right now that he doesn't know how to enjoy himself doing much else. Which gets boring to type up again and again, so the other option is him looking like a dork all the time. And then after a while of that he gets depressed.

I am both entertained and worried for him. He needs friends soooo bad.

EDIT: Oh man Sanji made him really depressed now D= I was not planning on that.

These make me so happy. Sorry for breaking anyone's internet.
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So over the last three days, everyone in my class gave monologues reflecting parts of themselves. Going through a class on introspection, it can make it hard to realize some of the things about the people you're sharing the time with. And now, all of a sudden, we get to realize things about these people we never knew, never imagined about them.

Some of the monologues were more interesting than others, more dynamically presented, better memorized, but everyone was putting themselves out there for people to see, and many of them were really powerful. People were still coming up to me two days after my monologue to tell me how much they enjoyed mine, but I still felt a little self-conscious when I saw how deep some of the other people got.

I don't have much else to say about it. It was just really, really nice.

Now for some memes.

Snowballs flyin pine trees dyin )

Television, television )

Lastly, I've been debating who, if anyone, I should app at [livejournal.com profile] xi_rpg next. I do like playing Morris, but considering who he was as a kid I'm not sure if he'd really work in that sort of environment. It'll be something I'll have to think on a lot. I've also considered Tanaka, as it could be fun to work with him there (especially since I'm missing playing him now), but I don't wanna seem like a canon-hog. I dunno. I wish I had more muses outside these games.
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Series of happy events today:

Watched Star Trek again. Still good.
It seems we may be getting a Starr at DC. Hell yes.
Tanaka's antics at Paixao continue to amuse 83

Good moods.
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Taken from [livejournal.com profile] aviekokyre 

Pick ten of your currently unfinished stories. Fanfic, original fic, RP logs, whatever. Post a sentence or two from each story.

Okay. Ten. I can... figure something out.

Mostly unfinished due to my supreme procrastination skills )
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I wrote an essay about Elite Beat Agents and Ouendan.

It took me a long time

I'm very proud of it.

It's here.

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Brief overview of the last couple days:

Phenomenauts concert was freakin' awesome once we figured out how to get back home. The first opening band was okay, good music but truly paled in comparison to what came after; dude with an accordion came in doing cover songs and being weird and generally awesome, and teaching us things like how to get wasted without alcohol or that violins and trombones are natural enemies. It was hilarious and epic. I am EXTREMELY disappointed, however, that the Phenomenauts did not play Rocket Roll. It's not a full concert without Rocket Roll, really. But they did have Earth is the Best! That's important.

Also mosh pits are SCARY ;-;

Beat the final level of Ouendan with the Cheer Girls; in fact, after beating it, I achieved the final rank. Epic timing, eh? Yeah. Kinda proud of myself.

And now my brain is bombarded with ideas for both an EBA comic and a fanfic. And maybe an Ouendan comic too. FFFFF I remember when I had original characters.
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Survived long day of stuff. Man, working matinee is way easier than evening, even on Saturday. But I'm probably going to get scolded soon for playing Ouendan between rushes. >> Just the final Cheerleader level left, though...

And then Abantey was pretty cool. Becky's seriously like one of the coolest people ever, right? She's just so... so... I dunno. Becky's awesome. And the three other players, all guys about my age. Becky aptly noted to me in private how 'Preposterone' they were, and I wonder if they're just teen boys trying to be cool just because that's how teen boys are, or if it's because "LOL YOUNG FEMALE IN OUR MIDST WE GOTTA BE MANLY MEN." The sane part of me hopes for the former, while the attention whore in me is pleased at the thought of the latter. Nnh. Either way, Becky says I play a better male character than any of them, so la-de-da. She noted that maybe my character should hit on hers, just to show the guys up. I'm kinda tempted 8D;;

Backdating a minute because I think this is awesome: My English teacher at a community college imposed the rule that we can't use the 'to be' verb, so we can expand our vocabulary and improve our writing. To find someone who encourages learning like this, at a college of such low caliber, is really really exciting for me.

For some reason I am inordinately pleased with the burrito I made myself for dinner. It was damn tasty.

I beat Ippongi/Hayato's level at about 2:50 AM this morning. And I was like "That was awesome. Dude. That was fuckin' ace. My nose is running from all the crying I did at the sad parts waaaargh I should sleep now."

But then I was like "You know what I wanna witness Kikuchi's opening sequence, it'll only take one level to see him and I mean it's freakin' easy level it'll just take a minute"

Then I got to Kikuchi's opening and I was like "Oh dear LORD he is the most adorable person ever LOOKIT THAT FACE." And so then I played a few more levels and was like "LOOK AT THESE NEWB CHEERLEADERS, THEY ARE THE MOST RIDICULOUS  AND  ADORABLE GUYS EVAR."

Then I beat their level and it was 4:30 AM.

I have two new muses.

Dear Jesus Balls I love this game so mucking fuch.
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It cost sixty dollars BUT I HAVE IT



Ahaha It's all SHINY look at the graphics it's GREAT

There's FIRE everywhere it's so goddamn INTENSE and then the CATS dear god I love this game

Whoa the graphics are really pretty this is awesome.





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