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Someone who's played Persona 4 get online so I can geek out to them

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How did I get a Franky muse

I play characters with totally crippling self-esteem issues. Characters who have mental blocks from sheer panic of messing up, from the rejection of others. Most even have mental issues stemming from it.

And now I have a muse who runs around in speedos because he feels like it


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Okay. Checklist for DC endgame, just as it stands:

~Spin has bust out the Healers, but they're out of commission more or less right now. He and Harry can go off and look for more help, and a special room of awesome super. I need this to happen. Just... aaaa. I will not let him get shot or tranq'd. He's suffered enough in this game as it is.
~Morris is in his hall looking for the family, likely to run into J soon, has a Tranq gun, and is eager to beat some faces into the floor quite literally. He will get a grazing arm shot, but otherwise will be okay.
~Fawful is out until September 11 at 11:00 PM. Who knows where the plot will have turned by then, but my god headgear.
~Madotsuki, my god she just keeps getting tugged around: gonna die, not gonna die, needs to die, wait maybe not, but will commit suicide at this rate. Got put in the room with the worst possible person, and now believes she's out of her 'coma' and into some sort of horrible asylum. She's probably too weak to move much, and hasn't been Crab Vaccinated, so soon the symptoms are going to start and take her out fast. If she's going to live, Derek needs to be patient with her crazy and get her to a Healer ASAP.

I had other things to maybe write about, but honestly I am too tired and distracted to write about them now. This seems to happen a lot since endgame started.

My god I want a happy ending for my characters so bad.

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I know we find out tomorrow but fuuuuuuuck
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So today was hot, like stick-to-the-couch hot. But I feel like I've been through worse. And I come into work, where it's even hotter due to no air conditioning in the lobby and the heatblaster popcorn machine. Turns out, some idiot down in LA where they're in charge of our theater is all like "OMG WHY DO YOU READ AND STUFF DURING THE TWO HOURS OF DOWNTIME BETWEEN MOVIE SETS THAT'S NOT ALLOWED ANYMORE." You can imagine that pissed me off pretty bad, because honestly, man, cleaning up between movies takes maybe twenty minutes, what are we supposed to do? Not to mention most the workers here are students, and need that time to do homework. So I go into the seven o clock rush annoyed and hot, and the sevens are always our busiest, so it all combines into a big ball of overheated stress.

If I had to guess, that's why I fainted.

Yeah, fainted. About halfway through the rush, I suddenly get dizzy. And I think, "Whoa. That's not good. But it's in the middle of the busiest rush, I don't wanna back out for nothing, maybe if I just try to clear my head..." but a second later, my vision starts blurring, so I manage to say to Joworker that I need to sit down. Next thing I remember, I'm waking up, wondering why Joworker is standing over me while I'm napping, what's she doing standing over my bed oh damn.

Apparently, since Joworker was looking right at me when I went out, she caught me the instant I started to fall, so I didn't hit my head or anything. I came to maybe thirty seconds later? Something like that. They got me some water and ice to cool me off, and within a few minutes I was feeling fine aside from a dull headache that I've still got now. But they made me sit out the rest of the rush, no surprise.

At least we didn't have to worry about how to spend the time, since we're not allowed to read anymore. That gave us plenty to talk about during the downtime.

I love that, after Joworker totally freakin' took charge and helped me out, when a cricket got into the theater during closing, she screamed and hid behind me. Silly woman.


Like I suspected a lot of this stuff but having it confirmed is


what the hell

Note to self don't do that thing you always do with plot revelations. DON'T.
unij: YOU BET KID (what the HELL)
Kind of freaking out here.

About an hour ago, my home phone got called by my mom's cell. When I answered, I heard a bunch of unfamiliar voices on the other end; young men, calling to each other. I had no clue what to make of it. My mother's car is here, and my dad's is gone, which made me think the two of them are out together, but my dad left his cell phone at home. I tried calling my mom a few times after that, but she never picked up.

After a lot of personal freaking and debating, I called the police, just in case there was something to be done. They weren't able to get through, but they're seeing if they can contact the phone company to get an idea of where she is. Since there's not much to go off of, they told me that maybe she just accidentally hit the speed dial for home and it was background noises. I'm hoping that's it.

...I don't know, I'm just... a little spazzy right now.

EDIT: It's okay everything's fine 8D;;

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