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Okay for someone who's pretty much never watched Doctor Who, I can't get this idea out of my head:

Marry Poppins and Ms. Frizzle have got to be Time Ladies.
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Today was nice in a number of small ways.

Usually I ignore the word jumble in the paper, but today I just so happened to bother with it. One of the words was 'ELITE'.

Spent the day with friends making gift baskets for people who... are on welfare, or something. Most important was we hadn't seen each other in ages and there was much geeky catching up to do. One friend gave us our Christmas presents--I got a teddy bear dressed like Darth Vader. More like Dart Bader, am I right. Its awesomeness made me feel bad because I haven't bought them anything yet. I never know what people would like D=

For those wondering, I gave the lesbo magnet to another coworker who thought her friend would get a kick out of it. I'm keeping the tiny business card for the sake of storytelling.
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Dear LJ:

It's great that you're sending everyone those damn snowflake cookies, but stop putting a message in my mailbox to let me know that all my friends have gotten one also. I do not need to know that every one of them has gotten it. Maybe that's why you're having such lag with sending notifications, hmm?

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The How's My Driving? Meme
EDIT: Also

universejuice 8:43 pm argh I have so much writing left to do
Kia 8:43 pm ^^; Shall I leave you to it, then?
universejuice 8:44 pm idk I'll probably keep putting it off. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just NaNo but I have no idea what to write for the short story.
Kia 8:45 pm ^^;
Kia 8:45 pm find a random premise and just start writing?
universejuice 8:46 pm Yeeeah I spose
Kia 8:46 pm Here's one: There's a sheep in the room. Nobody has any idea how it got there, and it's hungry.

Title: Symbolic
Series: original
Rating: PG for language
Word Count: 560
Then she said she wanted to see the crud when it was done. )
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I love my family they send me things that I desire

Like macadamia nut chocolates

No seriously I have my tablet now and though I can't remember where at home the right discs are for downloading it to work at its full potential, it does work at part of its potential and now I can use my computer to DRAW THINGS 8D probably in paint because I'm still not sure about how to get a copy of Photoshop workin' on here and run on sentences are fun
1) District 9: A+

2) Ponyo: C

3) Daisychain is ending what the hell am I supposed to doooooooo

My god fifteen is not enough for the epic dramatic faces of Usopp.

Not that I think I can actually play him, but filling up the spaces is fun.

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