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So today I went to take care of a couple extra job-type things to fill up time so my mom would get off my ass seriously woman

First was this caretaking thing for a three-year-old girl. It was only a ten-minute walk around the house, the dad filling me in. I'm scheduled to work with her tomorrow and Tuesday, but they made it pretty clear that they want me to do it various days throughout the summer. I'm starting to realize, though, that I'm starting to really get over working with kids. It's money though.

Then I went to the local animal shelter to get a lesson on how I can volunteer there. Omigaw. Dogs. Sad dogs and aaa. ;-; I don't know if I can balance it with both the theater and this caretaking thing, but man I would really like to be able to get time there. The animals! Look at them, how could you not want to try and make them more comfortable? Aaa.

So yeah that's my day

Plus my dad got a new mouse and keyboard and it is throwing me off like whoa

Also [livejournal.com profile] yamikonumber7  is the best person ever for renewing Spin's account <3<3<3<3<3<3

EDIT: Also I just realized I have all three of the Rhythm Rookies in RPs now. I am pleased with this 8D I just hope I don't drag down the epic that is Metallia.

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Various notes:

~Up was really good and that is totally how dogs talk <3
~Oh god Spin's account is about to die out D= I know I shouldn't spend the money but I have no idea how I can survive with him only having fifteen icons, seriously DDD=
~I don't know if anyone CARES but as a reminder I keep all my writings and art on my InsaneJournal account. Just an FYI.

Well I'm back and tired has hell yaaaaaaaaay

Various events and realizations:
~New York is awesome. I feel that a lot of big cities have a life of their own, and I like the feel of New York's, as crazy as it must be.
~It must be such hell learning to drive there. Seriously I would never do it.
~In The Heights is a great play, I actually kind of enjoyed it more than West Side Story, but it helps that ITH was new and WSS has been in my life for the last nineteen years.
~I did in fact buy a bat. I hoped to keep it hidden from sister and mother, but turned out the thing would only fit in my sister's suitcase... They reacted much the way I expected. And I didn't even get to bring it through Central Park with me! Tch.
~I like the rain but I do not want to walk through Central Park in it.
~My sister noted that one of the rocks on display in Belvedere Castle was mislabeled. My thought was, "HA! Those bastards aren't as smart as they think they are!" Take that, douchebags in gray.
~I got to see a guy propose in Grand Central Station. It was the most adorable thing EVER.
~[livejournal.com profile] lovediamond  is a super duper cool person and I wish we'd hung out more. The time spent was thoroughly enjoyed <3
~Rai Rai Ken is a great place to have your first real bowl of ramen. Mmmmm.
~Also I finished books 4, 5, and half of 6 for The Dresden Files. Harry's rapidly becoming more badass. Needs moar Marcone, imho.
~I have a buttload of tags to do.
~Ffff I got mentioned in the anon meme for being a cool guy. I feel all warm and fuzzy.

Welcome home, me!
Groan. These last couple days have been a mixed bag.

Some jerk decided it would be a great idea to cut the student parking area into like a fourth its size so they could put up a carnival for the weekend. I mean, sure, it's the last Friday before spring break, but c'mon, man!

Also, my college claims to have sent out the transcripts I asked for weeks ago, but none of the colleges seem to have gotten them. This is problematic and worrisome.

On the more entertaining side of things, as of yesterday afternoon we'd already sold 20 advance tickets to the midnight 3D porno at our theater, and while I was working three different people asked me what "Wildcat Women in 3D" was about. One even asked, upon my informing, for details: "Is it, like, lesbians, or...?" As hilarious as this is, I'm very glad I'm not working the midnight shift. The people who come to those things are scary, from what I hear.

And auuuugh I'm just so annoyed at my English teacher. I can't tell if his methods piss me off because he's doin it rong or if he's doin it rite and it's just not working for me. Maybe I just fuggin' hate having to read articles on American Culture in my English class. nnngh.

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Today in Psychology we spent a bunch of time talking about Pavlov's dogs, and all I could think of was

I've been leaving on my things
So in the morning when the morning bird sings
There's still dinner on my dinner jacket
'Til the dinner bell rings

It was good.

Also the songs I got from Binks' Sake are insanely catchy and remind me that I really need to check out more Once Piece.

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(Because I'm a whore)

So Oregon was good. Mostly. The first part. See 'cause first we went to Western Oregon University, and it was nice, and a deaf guy showed us around campus which was pretty cool. They're super friendly and welcoming, and heck, I even got accepted, so I can officially go to a non-community college in the fall and man is that a good feeling.

Then I drove for four and a half hours with my mother to stay in a Travelodge, so we could see Eastern Oregon University. It was a nice campus, it really was. But it takes a lot to make up for a four hour drive. But now I know, right? And I can laugh about it now that it's in the past.

I have begun reading the Zombie Survival Guide. It is very informative and I need to buy myself a machete.
Okay, so our theater announced what our next set of Midnight Classic Movies is going to be in the spring. I swear to god I squealed.

The Goonies
Terminator 2
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Wildcat Women in 3D (yes, a 3-D porno. It's rule for these things, apparently.)
American Psycho
Star Trek 2: Wrath of Kahn
My Neighbor Totoro
The Big Lebowski

I'm going to have to not work so I can go in and watch all these holy crap <3<3<3<3

Also I bought pants yesterday. It was good to find things that fit me for once. The secret: shop from the men's side of the store. 8D

Leaving for Oregon tomorrow. It's gonn' be cooooold.
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Times like this--i.e. Valentines, stupid though it may be--make me even happier that I'm asexual. I know that there are so many people out there who feel lonely, inadequate, unwanted around this time of year. And though I don't have that same desire for companionship that so many do, I want anyone out there to know that there's someone out there,and that with time and luck you will find the right person. Valentines Day means nothing, it's just another day. The day that you find someone, that's what really matters.

Goin' to Oregon this whole weekend to look at colleges. I am nervous because Jesus Christ I still don't know what I want in a college and how am I supposed to know and blah blah blah I've gotten like a million rants on "IT'S OKAY YOU CAN DO IT" but still. nnnrgh.


I need ideas for drawing. Yes, Ryune, I have not forgotten your request and I shall do it I swear!

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Brief overview of the last couple days:

Phenomenauts concert was freakin' awesome once we figured out how to get back home. The first opening band was okay, good music but truly paled in comparison to what came after; dude with an accordion came in doing cover songs and being weird and generally awesome, and teaching us things like how to get wasted without alcohol or that violins and trombones are natural enemies. It was hilarious and epic. I am EXTREMELY disappointed, however, that the Phenomenauts did not play Rocket Roll. It's not a full concert without Rocket Roll, really. But they did have Earth is the Best! That's important.

Also mosh pits are SCARY ;-;

Beat the final level of Ouendan with the Cheer Girls; in fact, after beating it, I achieved the final rank. Epic timing, eh? Yeah. Kinda proud of myself.

And now my brain is bombarded with ideas for both an EBA comic and a fanfic. And maybe an Ouendan comic too. FFFFF I remember when I had original characters.
~Got a B in Chemistry last semester oh goddamn so relieved
~My English teacher is still cooler than the last one, but he's taking the class in an even more random direction than the last one. An English Teacher teaching a class on research papers is fine, if not boring as fuck. But teaching a class on American consumerism? wtf. I have no idea. I have been given pause.

~People with Gold Memberships rank above people with Platinum Memberships. The Tabletop RPer in me is aggravated to no end.
~I need to stop wanting to talk about coworkers behind their backs. It's just not cool.
~NOTE TO ALL MOVIEGOERS: If it's the last showing of the night, and there is like no popcorn left in the popper to the point of almost needing another batch, and the workers look really stressed because, for example, their shift is almost over but they have to first clean the popcorn machine, please, for the love of all god, have the consideration NOT TO ORDER A LARGE POPCORN. Okay? Okay. THANK YOU.

~Okay so the Phenomenauts concert tomorrow would be a lot more exciting if the whole getting home afterwards part wasn't starting to look like a total disaster D8

I've lost weight. My pants don't fit. Oh my gah.

Good news: This is awesome and encouraging especially with potential for cosplay
Bad news: Oh man I have to go shopping. God I hate shopping. I'm like that perfect weight where 'normal' stores are too small and plus-sizes are too big. I don't think I've lost quite enough to get into gorram Macys.
Regardless, I'm still pumped about this epiphany and hope I can keep it going.

Auuugh I have five and a half hours of work tomorrow followed by five hours of Abantey which is cool but still five hours. My teeth are gonna be throbbing all up ons.

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