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Am I really hormonal right now, or have the last couple days really been that much back and forth with the good and bad? I honestly can't tell. I'm so distracted and worked up over... everything, yet nothing. I just. Argh.
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Finally found my old, misplaced copy of Rhythm Heaven; for some ridiculous reason, I must have thought that putting it inside the case of another game entirely was a good idea. Note to self: it ain't. But hey, now I have another copy, in case... something.

I actually got a decent number of shifts at work this week! It is a good thing. Some of them are closing shifts, which have the advantage of mo' money, but the disadvantage of being there until midnight. Though I'm up well past midnight every night anyway so v(._.)v

Annnnnnnnd because my willpower has crumbled... 30 DAY MUSIC MEME WOOOOO

My goal is to get through this with only one song per artist and no EBA or OTO things because that is just too obvious for me.

Day 01: Your favorite song

Couldn't find a good quality version of it outside of live performances, unfortunately. I just love the message of the song: Please don't be a lobster, friends are best. Even if it's dorky as all get out, it's still super sweet when you get down to it.

30 Day List )
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Things that are awesome:

1. A Very Potter Musical

2. The World God Only Knows (GO READ IT)

3. Homestuck

4. ????

5. Having a PROFIT!
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Okay I've gotten too distracted to keep doing the LP of Investigations, not that I think anyone was reading it anyway. Though let me say case 3 has been giving me much reason to "OH GOD WHY."

Progress is actually happening with the comic! If I keep up this pace, I may actually complete it in time. Though, it will be a close one, of this I am sure.

Also seriously why is it that all the music I want to download is only the sort not available on iTunes.

Aaaaaugh my subscription is almost up ;-; Fifteen icons is so small
My music collection has officially exceeded the space available on my iPod. I must now pick which songs I must delete until I get something with more space. Sadface.

I wish I weren't so cheap so I would be willing to bid on stuff to help Haiti, but I'm just that kind of person, I guess.
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I could post a haul list, but it would be very short as I got a total of three things this year. They were very nice though =D

I worked today, which is fine because I got paid x1.5, the worst bit was Ckoworker, who hadn't showed up for her last like four shifts finally reappeared (it was nice to know she wasn't dead, at least), claimed to have been in the hospital, then just kind of hovered around in a creepy way.

BUT YES I am enjoying my Xmas anyway.
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Ooof long day

Not in the bad way, though. Been out for the last five hours, walking about and purchasing things. A couple roommates admitted to needing to go out as well, so it was good, though Roommate 1 is currently wheelchair-bound and the sidewalks in Olympia weren't always accommodating. Also hills. But I got a workout from the pushing, I think, my muscles will be sore tomorrow and I will be proud. I got most items I need for my costume, now I just need to get to work sewing on the accents I need, and also go back sometime for pants.

There was this booth at the mall where they were trying to sell this mini spa kit, the guy there totally buffed one of my nails for free and it was amazing. It is shiny. Usually the kit was 60 bucks, and today only it was 30, but come on we had already spent money and we're in college.

Speaking of which I love my mother for sending me more funds. None of my job applications have gotten back to me yet and I am worried D=

I am for food now

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Went to Seattle today to check out a big Japanese shopping center there... Uwajimoto's? I think? Anyway it was good. The majority of the place was a huge Japanese grocery, but there was also a food center and a book and music shop. Very extensive; I found Choco-Baby, which I'd gotten to try at Fanime back in '08 and fell in love with. I'm well stocked on instant soups and Japanese snacks now, though I held back on spending as much as I wanted. Apparently every person in the house has their own soy sauce bottle, which I think is silly and we should just share, but hey if they don't want to I might as well have my own. There was also a lot of intriguing "learning Japanese" books, but it's hard to know at a glance which of those'll be actually useful. But man that manga collection is ridiculous. They're up to volume 54 of One Piece over there, apparently. Yeesh.

While I was there, I just kept thinking, "man, I'm sure there are a million things I should think to buy here, I just can't remember any of it..." but it matters not, for I still got a good haul. Yaaaaay!

Aaaaaand no there's no real substance to this post. XI opens in four days augh gotta get those icons done...
Why did I just buy myself a paid account

This is poorly spent money


ps love meme is so much better than anon meme.


Aug. 20th, 2009 02:17 am
Professor Layton 2 comes out in four goddamn days

Why did I not know this before for the love of Hershel

And  I mean M&L 3 is in a month, and Drawn to Life 2 is another month after that, and Edgeworth in February... what the hell, man! I gotta go to college, and you throw this at me! Auuuugh

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