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NaNoWriMo count: 50,066 words.

awwww yiss.

I may or may not keep going, since I had other ideas I was thinking a little bit about (more boatghosts, mostly) but I've effectively exhausted the stuff I was really jazzed up for. So. Yes. Good things.

Oh god editing is going to be an absolute mess.
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31,031 words as of last night. I'll be aiming for the full set of 3s tonight, I assume. I'm not sure how I managed to get this much done, but then again, looking at all the junk I've written, it's a lot of silly rubbish anyway. Progress is progress!

School's still going pretty well, aside from some mild disasters with group projects. Because, well. Group projects are pretty much guaranteed to have a few of those. Professors can't actually assign that stuff and expect anything to go right. Logically, this means I should be busting my chops to pick up the slack, get my work done, be prepared. And I have been, for the last week or so. But right now I just found out there's a new Layton game out, so I think that that earns a little leeway.

Be setting up a christmas card post soon, I assume. It's still baffling to me how we need to start these things so early, but hey.
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Realizing that the 5th of November is the day from Back to the Future made me way happier than anything involving the letter V.

I went to the the improv show for our campus comedy club. They're not Whose Line, sure, but it's a lot of fun guys just having a good time doing what they do. And I know a lot of the people in the club, so I know that it's really a lot of just what they do naturally. Funny people are neat like that. There's always this awkward pause after the show, where I want to hang around and congratulate them and chat them up, but I don't actually know any of them well enough to be considered a 'friend,' I think, and their closer buddies dominate the conversation while I stand all awkward on the sidelines. Seriously, how does social happen?

After this morning's My Little Pony, I needed to call up my sister. Too many emotions and feelings. We're two very, VERY different people, but we get along so well, and that's something I'm eternally grateful for. My sister is one of my biggest supporters in all I do, and I love her to no end.

I'm a little bit floored by how well NaNo is going; 11,366 words tonight, that's way beyond just my own personal goals, to say nothing of what the NaNo site desires. The chats and Word Wars I do are absolute godsends in terms of motivation. Tonight's round just flew by.

Favorite line of the night:
"This is art," blurted the voice as soon as he neared the painting.
"Well, that’s debatable, isn’t it," Wheatley replied.

Yeah, that's right. It's a Portal fic. What of it. I like this game, okay?
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Hey! I'm not dead! Hard to tell by looking at this thing. Whoops.

I'm trying my hand at NaNo once more, with very little expectation to actually finish, but the fact is that I think I have enough various short story ideas that I can get along pretty well. As things stand right now, I used day one to churn out a brofic, and spent the next three days fumbling through another. Currently at 9374 words, way beyond just my personal goal for the date, so that's... that's good. I'm okay with that.

iJAG is going great, from the perspective that everyone is awesome and fantastic and I love what everyone does. However I have the particular issue of being really, really behind on tags. and NaNo does not show signs of changing that any time soon. Why am I considering a third character, again...? Of course, my issue keeping up with tags has not at all extended to the Evil AU Log, which has just. Been. Mind. Blowing.

On the school front, my class is awesome, and I'm doing analysis of Charlie/Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for my final project. (Note: that's literary analysis on the book, and film review on the original movie.) The only downside to this is that the film review is supposed to be in the style of, you know, a film review in a newspaper or for a website or something, and the book analysis is all in depth and detailed. I wish it were vice versa. The movie has so much depth that I would love to go on at length about. And the book, while a classic, isn't quite as... easy to pick apart. Especially since that one has to be done with a group. And my group is not very good at helping. But when do group projects ever have someone ELSE doing the work?
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There was a blackout last night that prevented me from getting any work done on NaNo, and also on the paper that was due today. Luckily, due to said blackout not only affecting the whole campus but even the town as a whole well into this morning, class was canceled and I am able to finish said paper today. However, there is also a project due tomorrow, so now I need to work on two projects, further delaying any progress with NaNo.

Considering I've more or less completely run out of ideas with where I'm going with NaNo, I'm mostly glad for the excuse not to stare at the word count and try to will it up another few thousand words. Good lord is this month over yet.

Day 23: Pokemon -Favorite Evil organization?

I always thought that Aqua and Magma had pretty dumb plans, and I never even finished Pearl so I don't really care for Galactic much at all. Besides, even if Rockets were just 'evil for the sake of evil' which is always pretty dumb, the fact that they were around for two whole generations makes a much better impression in my mind.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
I love that 5th Gen is gonna be evil hippies too )
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Bluh I am officially out of ideas for where to take this NaNo story. Bluhhhhhh. I guess that means I get to just start a new one now whooooo

Today my friends and I had our first round of Avatar The Last Airbender DnD. It was pretty awesome. We're huge dorks.

Day 18: Digimon -Favorite Siblings?
You know, thinking back, the only characters I ever saw really feel like a true sibling relationship were Henri and Suzie. Sure, Tai and Kari were close, and Matt cared about TK, but you never saw them really get annoyed at each other like real siblings do--or at least not like me and my sister ever did. They felt a lot more like actual siblings, to me, than just characters we're told are siblings.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
Davis and June were pretty hilarious tho )
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Just passed eight thousand and managed to get to a part that got really pretty fun to write, which at least was good for the day's worth. The slight issue is I didn't plan a whole lot of stuff to happen after this point, maybe another day's worth... but I'll worry about that when I get there! At this point I'm just glad to meet each day's quota.

Day 11: Pokemon -Favorite Manga Character?
Ehh, it's been a while since I've actually read the comic, but I really did enjoy it at the time... I'd have to go with Red or Yellow, I think. they're both pretty good heroes, without too many annoying character traits that I think get in the way of a lot of the other guys.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
Hide your pokeballs in your bra, duh. )
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6,070 words. It's crap, and I realized yesterday that it probably would read like one of those really terrible romance novels at some parts, despite the fact that there is no romance. Hurdurrrrrrr.

Also yesterday I made the mistake of reading fanfiction for Channel Awesome, which makes the interesting decision to take itself way too seriously for RPF about a bunch of people who like to make fun of things.

Day 10: Favorite Crest?
I remember just thinking that the crest of Friendship just looked plain cool. It's a yinyang with BLADES. Awesome. I can't really say which crest I really thought was genuinely best, though, I remember thinking they were all really good traits and probably switched which one I liked best every few weeks. Though, I also remember thinking that Zudomon was totally the coolest looking of the Ultimates. WALRUS TURTLE WITH A HAMMER, HELL TO THE YEAH.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
That's the impression I get. )
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Augh NaNo continues to resist me -_- I'm at about 2,500 right now, I think my problem is I'm trying too hard to make it sound good and should just freakin' write. Durrrr.

Also my phone is being weird and not letting me call out, while my mom says that it sends her to voice mail when she calls despite it being on. Also my tooth brush recharger is broken. lol technology.

Day 09: Favorite Pokeball?
I guess the Nest Ball has been pretty useful, since I didn't pay any attention to catching more Pokemon until waaaay after when my main team was powerful enough to oneshot almost anything in the wild. Quick Ball has been useful also. This is kind of a silly question.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
All the children sing, na na na na na na na )
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Had a pretty decent Halloween! Got to hang out with some cool people, get some candy, watch some videos, the works. Though, one woman got mad at us for being loud, because 'there are children around and I don't want to hear any of the f word!" Never mind the fact that we weren't swearing at all and were mostly singing. Haha, mothers. On the opposite end of the scale, there was a pregnant woman dressed in an alien costume, and she called herself the Mothership. It was perfect.

Really not looking forward to tackling NaNo right now, though; I don't have much in the way of ideas for it, so I figure I'll stumble through it as an exercise but won't beat myself up if I run out of steam. I think for the most part it'll just serve as motivation to get more work done on some fics I've been putting off.

Day 08: Digimon -Favorite LEGITIMATE RELATIONSHIP?
Hmmmm. The only 'canon' relationship I remember ever really liking was Rika and Ryo from Tamers. The flirting from him and the tsundere-type denial on her part was really entertaining to me back when I was...what... twelve. I think, out of all the actual canon relationships, theirs was the only one I felt got enough development to make me feel like it worked. I'm still mad that Sora didn't end up with Tai.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon

In related news! DIGIMON ABRIDGED!
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People who are interested in either my NaNo story OR Daisychain, this may interest you, or maybe not just puttin' it out there.

Also, I'm starting to work on my friend cards/muse cards, and will send them out sometime next week, so if you haven't remember to give me your address!

That being said oh my god guys it snowed it was amazing 8D


Nov. 25th, 2009 12:31 am
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50625 words. Admittedly, there were parts that were repetitions of other parts via cut-paste, but you know what, It was part of the deal.

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Okay, so I have been looking wherever I can for my Rhythm Heaven game, right? But you'd think long enough in a house with a cleaning-happy mother would turn it up already. Checking under dressers and couches didn't work, so I figured it's likely not going to turn up around the home.

I did hold hope out for today, however, as it was my first shift back at work. (PS [livejournal.com profile] deltashade my theater has Pirate Radio.) I thought, I've brought the games to work for downtime before, it's totally plausible that the thing slipped out of my bag at some point without me noticing. Maybe someone found it and put it somewhere, but it's pretty tiny so maybe not.

Work gave more than enough downtime for me to rifle through the mess of where we stick our bags and look for it. I even pulled out all the crap and organized it to make sure I didn't overlook anything. And guess what? I did find my game! Just... not the right one.

I hadn't even noticed that I'd lost my Fire Emblem game ._. way to go, self. I guess that sort of counts for a happy ending?

Gonna try and finish NaNo today, so I don't gotta worry about it during Thanksgiving prep in Sacramento.
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NaNoWrimo's comin' by, slow and sure. I do feel a little weird making what is in some definitions a giant fanfic based on a RP but you know what I'm rolling with it and the words are coming. *poses* I can do this!

In other news, some people may remember this doofy One Piece conversation. It wouldn't leave my head. So I drew some nonsense.

Can you tell I'm not used to drawing for One Piece? )

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NaNoWriMo, guys

I'm doing it

No really, I'm gonna. Gonna do it. For real.

._. If I tell enough people then maybe I won't put it off then give up, so.

Wish me luck, guys. The name's groovehoppin, if you want to friend me.

*crosses fingers*

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