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Parallels between my relationship with Homestuck and Heroes are becoming more and more relevant.

That aside, hey guys! Does anyone know how to set up iTunes so that the songs you don't want on your iPod will still play on the computer? I mean, I've got it set up right now so that unchecked selections won't go on the Pod, but I still want to be able to put my iTunes on random and be able to listen to those songs, without having to recheck and uncheck them every time. I officially have too much BGM on my Tunes, the Pod can't hold them all >>;;
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1. Happy belated December, everybody!
2. Vriska stop making me want to punch you
4. In every new chapter of One Piece Franky gets more and more hilaridiculous
5. Man you can tell Oda has been waiting for the opportunity to be an ocean geek
6. Oh wow the new Homestuck album is great gorgeous
8. New Golden Sun game is a lot of fun! But wow they have not fixed the dialogue boringness in this game in the slightest.
9. ?????
10. PROPHET? idek
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In regards to Glee: Whoa, snap.

In regards to Homestuck: WHOA SNAP WHAT THE HELL

In other news hey guys my friend introduced me to a fun new game!
1) Go to DeviantArt
2) In the search bar, type in your first name followed by "hedgehog", "echidna", "bat", "fox", etc.
3) Look at all the Sonic fancharacters!

Day 17: Pokemon -Favorite Contest outfit?
...What? There are different ones? I always thought the one you had to wear in the game was pretty ugly.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
Do we really have to show the changing animation every time, too? )
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Hey all my MSPA-loving flist, did you notice that awesome thing that happened last night? Well hey, look what I found. (I still need to figure out how people make animated .gifs and stuff for avatars if they don't have photoshop 8| what am I missing here)

Day 02: Which Digimon would you like to have for your own?

I always thought that Gomamon was the coolest of the Chosen kid's Digimon. He was just so goofy, and had a lot more personality than some of the other Digimon, at least in season 1. Also, despite the fact that he's never been in any real focus at all, I think that Kotemon has an absolutely adorable design <3

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
Digt-digt-digt )
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My chumhandle is ultimateJiver and I tend to avoid zounding harzh

Come chum with me


Day 17: A song that you hear often on the radio

I don't listen much to the stations that play stuff like Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga, because KFOG is cool.

bluh bluh huge list )
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I like having really good days. Just days where there are a bunch of little things that make you really happy. I need more of those days. I like them.

Though, in regards to MSPA: OH MY GOD VRISKA YOU ARE SUDDENLY REALLY CREEPY My skeev meters were already pretty highly wound after watching The Worst Episode in Thriller Bark, and this is not helping it wind back down, girl. PUNCH HER IN THE THROAT TAVROS

So, do any of you old Daisychain people remember Leaf Coneybear? Those of you who said yes, do any of you watch the show Modern Family? Fun fact: Leaf and Mitchell are one and the same. I always knew Mitchell looked familiar, and once I realized why, I just... it makes me happy.

Day 15: A song that describes you

...I have motivation issues.

Day 16: A song that you used to love but now hate

This was my favorite song for at least two years, maybe three. It was my most played song on iTunes by at least sixty plays, I recall. It's still a really awesome song, of this I will never deny. However, with time, I overexposed myself to it, and thusly end up often skipping it when it comes up on the 'Pod. This, unfortunately, tends to happen with most songs that were once my Favorites, and I worry for when it happens to my current favorite set.

that thing with the labels )
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Sorry guys, I still don't like Vriska.

In other news, I am actually leaving the house for once--for more than a few hours, holy crap! I'm off tomorrow to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] yamikonumber7  and other similarly cool people in Disneyland. It will be super awesome, so I will catch you suckers on the flip side.
Good things:

-Equius is hilarious. In a creepy way. But I'm not as disturbed by him as I probably should be. I mostly just find him hilarious.
-Hopefully my sister won't lame out and will follow through on our plans to bake cookies
-Aaaa gonna go to Disneyland in a few days I am soooo excited

Less good things:

-Probably jumped the gun on that D_M post considering we're still learning about Equius and I made assumptions that are already proving to be incorrect
-My sister might not follow through on our plans to bake cookies
-I was dumb and didn't make sure to stay at a hotel with a free airport service

But the good things are more good than the less good things are bad (especially Old Spice Guy) so right now I'm in a decent enough mood


Jul. 8th, 2010 08:38 pm
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A lot of fans think that the seasons stopped being worth watching after season two. I, however, still love this show to pieces and totally one hundred percent plan on watching this through; I loved Data Savers, and there's no reason to shoot down this new series without giving it a look. And when I realized the first episode was already out today, you better believe I squee'd!

Episode 1: Taiki Goes to a New World! )

also, in regards to MSPA: WHAT A TWEEST
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Happy Belated America Day, all you Americans.

So, I went to see Toy Story 3 again, this time with my parents. Dad liked it but doesn't like to talk about his emotions so was vague on how much he cried. Mom, on the other hand, said she was bored. My mom fails at watching movies.

Toy Story 3 spoilers )

Anyway... I think I might have to make a Nepeta account. This is wholly the fault of [livejournal.com profile] deltashade  and all the other Trolls on D_M. Damn y'all and your entertainingly eye-searing formatted trolling. C'mon Hussie, give me more to work with.
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...Oh god Tavros.

Not gonna lie, I totally gasped when I saw him. Like, one of those slow, deep, quiet gasps, hand over the mouth and everything. I really should have seen this coming somehow but. ;-;
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Things that are awesome:

1. A Very Potter Musical

2. The World God Only Knows (GO READ IT)

3. Homestuck

4. ????

5. Having a PROFIT!
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Glee finalie: Cliched and highly predictable throughout... but still very entertaining to watch.

In MSPA news... god I feel so bad for PM. On every level. It just. The whole situation must be awful for her. If I were more coherent right now I would do a big writeup about it. But I needed to get out something about it. Like, I feel worse for her than the kid who just had to find his friend/sister's dead body, and after that D_M post yesterday my heart was kind of wrenched for him.

[livejournal.com profile] secondcityrpg officially has opened the app gates, and Spin's is in. Now I sit back and be excited and hopeful for a week, aaa.

oh god packing is scary and we don't have a microwave and eating is suddenly difficult hnnnng
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Workin on my paper really I promise


So cool. Just. So you know.

Also I have an extremely unpleasant earache on the left side and it makes focusing a little difficult.

More stalling why not

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Okay so

two days of no sleep

and then one more day where I don't finish adding the dialogue on the computer until around two in the morning

and it is done

I am both pleased and displeased with the results but the biggest thing is the fucker is done
and that is what really matters.


VIM - 43

SARAH learned a new skill: LV. 3 COMATOSE INSOMNIA

SARAH gained allegiance with LENIENT TEACHERS!


brb oversleeping and missing my presentation.
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So... uh.

Hey, people who read MS Paint Adventures
(By which I mean basically only [livejournal.com profile] theguindo )

If I were to make a Jade account, what do you think would be a good name?

And yes, gardengnostic is taken.
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