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Oh god I'm finally getting back into RPing after dragging my feet for ages. I'm having a lot of fun in both games, thank god, and have a ton of tags to do which is both stressful and amazing, because I actually have the brainpower to RESPOND to them! Vampires and Time travel, that's all it takes, I guess.

Yesterday was a weird day at work. The systems were down, so I had to do all the math by hand, and if anyone had a credit card we had to put it through this really oldschool receipt machine. However, three years of experience with adding up prices without a cash register helped me through the task, along with the fact that it was pretty damn slow. We put up the poster for The Room, and... dear god, it's ugly. It's just a close-up of Wisseau, and lord he is just a bizarre looking man. It's amazing. We won't start showing until October, but it's worth it to get people excited. Because gog damn, this movie.

Also, completely bizarre: We're showing Toy Story 3 for a week. Like, a movie that people will have heard of. A movie people will take their kids to. You have no idea how big a deal that is for this theater. I am excited and will sneak in all the time.

I left my sketchbook at work ._. d'oh

Day 13: A song that is a guilty pleasure

Oh god why is this song on my iPod ;-; It's so. So dorky. Oh god. But I can't bring myself to delete it.

Day 14: A song no one would expect you to love

Ahahahahahaha it's just so hilariously VULGAR I can't get over it. I laugh every time this comes on my 'pod.

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My Pokewalker is a loser who cannot keep a battery charged for more than a damn month. Grrr.

Also, the coworker I filled in for today has some serious issues. It is not the first time her alcohol habit has impeded her ability to work; she's called in sick many more times, along with storming out of work, and sometimes even going to get drinks in between the rushes. I'm surprised Ganager hasn't fired her ages ago, but he's been known to be really resistant to the idea of firing his workers; Ckoworker was a prime example, it took a real clusterfuck to finally get him to act on that. Hrmph.

In more entertaining news, Nanager apparently has plans to start showing The Room once a month at our theater. Yeah, that The Room. We'll see how that works out.

Day 06: A song that reminds you of somewhere

Unfortunately, none of the versions of BNL's Best Hits album are available to embed, but pretty much any one of their songs in here will remind me of Florida, where my mother and I occasionally will visit her friend. One visit, I listened to the aforementioned album pretty much nonstop, forever implanting the association. I loved visiting over there, so it's a good thing. Also, who doesn't love a song about Yoko Ono? So long as it's not... actually sung by Yoko.

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Have you guys heard about that movie, The Kids Are All Right? It's gotten a lot of positive buzz, and it's our most popular movie at the theater right now. Almost everyone comes out looking pleased, but as of today, our fourth day with the movie, there have been two walk-outs who make sure to share their feelings of how terrible and offensive it is.

First was on opening night, a woman who stormed out, growling "I hate that movie," and when we ask her, as she storms past, why she feels that way, she says that the main characters, a lesbian couple, are "sell outs" because one of them made out with the male lead. I guess I can understand that point of view, a little, since it's gotta be pretty annoying to have so little representation of lesbians in Hollywood, only to have it twisted a little, but... the trailer for the movie showed that was going to happen. And I think storming out before seeing how the thing was resolved is a bit hasty.

Then there was today, when two girls came in to see the movie. They commented on how much they liked my coworker's shirt, which was a promotional one for the movie, with the title written on the front. We had spares, so we gave them two for free. About an hour into the movie, they came out, asking for their money back, because the movie was racist (the male lead was rude to the gardener, they said), misogynistic, and the couple appeared to be verbally abusive to each other, played for laughs. I mean, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I think there's a lot of assumptions being put in there. I mean, there's no laugh track, can you really be sure all of the above is played for laughs, and not meant to be commentary? And aren't there lots of couples who trash talk to each other for the fun of it? I wouldn't know, admittedly.

...There's no real point to this above rambling, it's one thirty in the morning and I'm just rehashing the things me and my coworkers were saying.

Moving on to less political things! After spending a bunch of time in Pokemon leveling up a few spare Poke's for the sake of evolving and adding to the 'Dex, it is really refreshing to get back with my main six, and actually feeling like the leveling up process has a point. Also I'm finally en route to Mt. Silver, which contains Pokemon with a decent exp. rate turnover and that feels awesome. Not to mention I caught like four new guys in an hour, that was awesome--I always made a point of trying to only catch the first in an evolutionary chain and evolving them naturally, but after realizing I never actually followed up on that I have started being a little more progressive. It feels good.


Also I really like my neighbor she is a sweetheart who pays me a ton to look after her cat sometimes but it would be great if she actually emailed me with instructions when she says she is going to. This is for the sake of her gimp cat after all.

Day 04: A song that makes you sad

To be honest, I don't really listen to very many sad songs at all. I don't like feeling sad. I like to feel happy. My iPod is full of songs that either make me feel happy, or make me feel badass, or make me feel like a total geek. Or some combination of the three. Songs make me most sad when I have something sad to associate them with. And no scene has ever made me cry harder than the one I associate this song with.

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And now Strong World has been implanted into my brainbanks. And it is beautiful. And full of crack. Oda, my good man, what are you? No really, tell me. You can trust me. If you are secretly an alien bringing visions of nirvana, or some sort of holy shonen angel, I understand. And I thank you, so deeply, for what you have bestowed upon this world.

But no really why didn't Biri join the crew.

Doctor Who continues to be cool, too, though Martha has yet to really grow on me as instantaneously as Donna did. I wish they could just have Shakespeare as a companion, he seems well suited. Either way, sad to say, I don't love it as much as One Piece, because holy hell that was awesome.

I found two dollars while sweeping up a theater! Dropped by two different people, no less. Guess there's an advantage to people being slobs!

Day 03: A song that makes you happy

"And please remember, people, that no matter who you are, and what you do to live, thrive, and survive, there are still some things that make us all the same: you, me, them, everybody. Everybody."
I haven't actually seen the movie >> believe me when I say that this song makes me want to.

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Finally found my old, misplaced copy of Rhythm Heaven; for some ridiculous reason, I must have thought that putting it inside the case of another game entirely was a good idea. Note to self: it ain't. But hey, now I have another copy, in case... something.

I actually got a decent number of shifts at work this week! It is a good thing. Some of them are closing shifts, which have the advantage of mo' money, but the disadvantage of being there until midnight. Though I'm up well past midnight every night anyway so v(._.)v

Annnnnnnnd because my willpower has crumbled... 30 DAY MUSIC MEME WOOOOO

My goal is to get through this with only one song per artist and no EBA or OTO things because that is just too obvious for me.

Day 01: Your favorite song

Couldn't find a good quality version of it outside of live performances, unfortunately. I just love the message of the song: Please don't be a lobster, friends are best. Even if it's dorky as all get out, it's still super sweet when you get down to it.

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I could post a haul list, but it would be very short as I got a total of three things this year. They were very nice though =D

I worked today, which is fine because I got paid x1.5, the worst bit was Ckoworker, who hadn't showed up for her last like four shifts finally reappeared (it was nice to know she wasn't dead, at least), claimed to have been in the hospital, then just kind of hovered around in a creepy way.

BUT YES I am enjoying my Xmas anyway.
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So weird shift today. I mean it was mostly totally normal, but...

Well it was my first day back since Thanksgiving (so not really all that long), and I shared the shift with one of the new guys who's actually a pretty cool dude and fun to spend the shift with. He's a naturally chill personality, and makes it easier to be friendly with the customers just by following his lead.

So towards the end of the shift, things are slowing down, so we have time to banter with a couple customers while trying to convince them to upgrade for moar popcoarn. It was fun times. After a little bit, though, the woman from the couple comes back, which is no big, people often come back after changing their mind and wanting something else, but no, she had a special tip for us because she thought we were cool.

She gave us lesbian magnets.

No kidding, magnets with two chicks kissing and taking each others clothes off. And a tiny little business card with more chicks making out. Apparently she's some sort of nudity artist. She gave both me and my coworker our own magnet.

I don't know about you guys but I find this to be the most hilarious tip ever.
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Okay, so I have been looking wherever I can for my Rhythm Heaven game, right? But you'd think long enough in a house with a cleaning-happy mother would turn it up already. Checking under dressers and couches didn't work, so I figured it's likely not going to turn up around the home.

I did hold hope out for today, however, as it was my first shift back at work. (PS [livejournal.com profile] deltashade my theater has Pirate Radio.) I thought, I've brought the games to work for downtime before, it's totally plausible that the thing slipped out of my bag at some point without me noticing. Maybe someone found it and put it somewhere, but it's pretty tiny so maybe not.

Work gave more than enough downtime for me to rifle through the mess of where we stick our bags and look for it. I even pulled out all the crap and organized it to make sure I didn't overlook anything. And guess what? I did find my game! Just... not the right one.

I hadn't even noticed that I'd lost my Fire Emblem game ._. way to go, self. I guess that sort of counts for a happy ending?

Gonna try and finish NaNo today, so I don't gotta worry about it during Thanksgiving prep in Sacramento.
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I am so sick of this new rule already

I literally just stared out the booth window for the entire shift. There is nothing to do auuuuugh I can only hope that shifts that aren't shared with Ckoworker aren't as utterly miserable. At least by a smidge.

In other news, meme.

Post a list of all your roleplaying journal names and explain what the names mean, if anything.

Sob I need places to play some of these guys )

Aaaand I'm probably forgetting a couple but whatever

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So today was hot, like stick-to-the-couch hot. But I feel like I've been through worse. And I come into work, where it's even hotter due to no air conditioning in the lobby and the heatblaster popcorn machine. Turns out, some idiot down in LA where they're in charge of our theater is all like "OMG WHY DO YOU READ AND STUFF DURING THE TWO HOURS OF DOWNTIME BETWEEN MOVIE SETS THAT'S NOT ALLOWED ANYMORE." You can imagine that pissed me off pretty bad, because honestly, man, cleaning up between movies takes maybe twenty minutes, what are we supposed to do? Not to mention most the workers here are students, and need that time to do homework. So I go into the seven o clock rush annoyed and hot, and the sevens are always our busiest, so it all combines into a big ball of overheated stress.

If I had to guess, that's why I fainted.

Yeah, fainted. About halfway through the rush, I suddenly get dizzy. And I think, "Whoa. That's not good. But it's in the middle of the busiest rush, I don't wanna back out for nothing, maybe if I just try to clear my head..." but a second later, my vision starts blurring, so I manage to say to Joworker that I need to sit down. Next thing I remember, I'm waking up, wondering why Joworker is standing over me while I'm napping, what's she doing standing over my bed oh damn.

Apparently, since Joworker was looking right at me when I went out, she caught me the instant I started to fall, so I didn't hit my head or anything. I came to maybe thirty seconds later? Something like that. They got me some water and ice to cool me off, and within a few minutes I was feeling fine aside from a dull headache that I've still got now. But they made me sit out the rest of the rush, no surprise.

At least we didn't have to worry about how to spend the time, since we're not allowed to read anymore. That gave us plenty to talk about during the downtime.

I love that, after Joworker totally freakin' took charge and helped me out, when a cricket got into the theater during closing, she screamed and hid behind me. Silly woman.

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Oh my god today was even busier than yesterday, we had over five hundred people during the seven o' clock shows. It was nuts, man. But I'm done until Wednesday, so it's okay. I lived.

Memes! Ask any of my role play characters questions.
01. What would your character die for?
02. What would they refuse to do under any circumstances?
03. What do they dream about?
04. What single object would they be most hard pressed to part with? Why?
05. What is their fondest memory?
06. What is their worst memory?
07. What or who was were their most significant influence?
08. What would be their biggest nightmare?
09. What makes them laugh?
10. If they were to die, what would be their last words?
11. Who is the most important person in their life?
12. Is your character a virgin? If not, who was their first?

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So we got Julie and Julia at work today. If you've been paying attention, perhaps you are aware that this movie is getting big exposure and pretty damn good reviews. And you may also notice that today is the very first day for it, and I think we're the only local theater that has it. Why does this matter? Because this combination never happens at our theater.

See, what we usually get is movies that are usually artsy or depressing, the kind only people who are old, haughty, or both go to. And most often, we only get said movies a week or two after their premiere, when the bulk of viewers went to whatever other nearby theater had it.

In short, today was packed. In a four hundred seat theater, we rarely exceed one-fifty people on the weekends. We had three hundred and eighteen at the seven o'clock showing.

Ganager is freaking out per usual, and due to business being so huge, he asked me to cover an extra half-shift tomorrow. Why not, it's not like I got anything else to do. Yay money.

In other news, we figured out how to get Rocketman to connect to the internet upstairs: a really long cord. WOO SEMIMOBILITY

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So today I went with my nana to get some shoes, lo an' behold, three damn pairs, including the ones I needed for cosplay! Go me. Now I need the wig and the gloves... the wig shouldn't be a problem, so long as I actually go get it, but... where the hell do you buy white cloth gloves? I know they exist, I just have no idea where to look!

Anyway, because we cut it kinda close between shopping and the start of my shift, Nana dropped me off at work and I had to sit around without any of my timekilling methods. I was like "aaa need video games." But it was an okay shift aside from being boring. I got free chocolate yaaay, and someone asked me to cover another shift tomorrow. More money's good, but I'm spending it with Ckoworker. God she annoys me, she just complains nonstop and... I need to learn to tune her out, man. She's unbelievable.

I feel like I had more to say but no I guess not.
Man I just watched Marley & Me and dammit I hate dog movies because the dog ALWAYS dies and it ALWAYS gets me and now I want to hug my dog but she is sleeping ;-;

Work was pretty amazing today. Amazing in the "My god how are people this stupid and obnoxious" kinda way. I got stories. Some of 'em may be the kind that I like to tell for a while. Yeah, today was real special. I'll put it like this: Hotdogs, wigs, 'freshness' and hobos. Especially hobos. Wharrrgh.

I need new headphones, mine are on their way out. I may take advantage to be a proper EBA geek. But I'm not paying for those expensive-ass (yet awesome) headphones I posted about earlier.

I wasn't planning on apping anyone in Daisychain's last round, but I started thinking too hard. I mean... no one's gonna app Morris. And I certainly didn't have plans for him anywhere else... and you're allowed to have two characters from each canon, right? He'd be fun, especially with the (unbelievably awesome) large cast we've got. And then we'd only be short Derek, Kahn and Foxx! It's almost like a full Agency! ...Someone talk me out of it please.
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in other news... well nothing of real importance just a lot of little lame things

I think I got hit on in the park today by a guy who was kind of cute but I am deaf blind and dumb to these sorts of things so I can't be sure.

Also I shared a shift with Ckoworker (who is the most annoyingly depressing woman I have ever had to deal with for an extended period of time), which I always kinda dread, but I lucked out and she kept to herself. Qanager was around, he's by far the coolest of the four and a half managers, but apparently Nanager has misplaced like four goddamn keys to the office so Ganager was griping to Qanager and dragged down the mood. Ganager's a great guy, and adorable for all his cussing and grumbling and whatnot, but it would be great if he actually TOLD his employees when he was upset with them. That's how things get fixed, man.

Jumpin' Jack Flash came on the radio and I nearly cried from happy WHY DO I FREAK OUT WHEN COOL SONGS COME ON THE RADIO I DO NOT KNOW.

And Spin's being a woobie over in DC and I've been wanting to write this for a while, he needed to get some of that depression out so I could reduce some of this foul mood that's been leaking over. Why are the EBA getting all depressed goddamn crab bites ;-;

...Lastly Ed dropped from DC, I know she's been struggling and it's probably for the best, but ;-; Man I'm gonna miss RPing with you for however long it takes for us to get back together BUT WE WILL RP AGAIN THIS WE PROMISE it will be like Rumbar Pirates and Laboon only A HAPPY ENDING maybe at edensphere which I am totally still considering though how the hell would Brook work there I DON'T KNOW BUT SOMEHOW IT WILL HAPPEN SHUT UP wow this was an epic run-on sentence
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Okay so we had The Big Lebowski at midnight tonight and at first I was all "Bah have to work til like one in the morning laaaaame"

but then like slowly throughout the night the computers all like died one by one until right before it was time for the midnight movie all we had left working was the concession computer, so we had to have everyone come in and buy tickets from that and thought we'd have to like sell concessions manually, adding up prices in our head

we were nervous as hell

and then we're like "what no. Let's just have everyone buy tickets first and they can come back for popcorn later if they want it so damn bad"

so that's what we did

And it worked out pretty well even though it was an abnormally large turnout for a midnight movie everyone was really understanding so that was good

plus we got like a six dollar tip which is amazing because you're lucky to get a fifty cent tip in a week so yeah but we decided to give it to our manager anyway

I've got an adrenaline rush right now from it all so I'm gonna go play Samurai Blue on all four levels to try and get it out. GOOD THING I'VE GOT WORK AGAIN TOMORROW HUH I'll get over it.
Auuuugh I am suddenly overcome with the desire to upgrade a bunch of my RP accounts. Why are there so many shiny icons out there. Why. Auuuuugh. I totally would do it, too, but [livejournal.com profile] yamikonumber7 had a pretty damn good point in noting that when I get to be an actual college student, those five dollars are gonn' be supar useful =\ I keep saying, "Hey, I've got a job, this is nothing when I make such a nice wage," but it's not gonna last. Grumble.

Speaking of jobs, augh I have to work on my birthday. I totally spaced out on that when filling out my availability... not like I had anything better to do that day anyway. Meh. 

Groan. These last couple days have been a mixed bag.

Some jerk decided it would be a great idea to cut the student parking area into like a fourth its size so they could put up a carnival for the weekend. I mean, sure, it's the last Friday before spring break, but c'mon, man!

Also, my college claims to have sent out the transcripts I asked for weeks ago, but none of the colleges seem to have gotten them. This is problematic and worrisome.

On the more entertaining side of things, as of yesterday afternoon we'd already sold 20 advance tickets to the midnight 3D porno at our theater, and while I was working three different people asked me what "Wildcat Women in 3D" was about. One even asked, upon my informing, for details: "Is it, like, lesbians, or...?" As hilarious as this is, I'm very glad I'm not working the midnight shift. The people who come to those things are scary, from what I hear.

And auuuugh I'm just so annoyed at my English teacher. I can't tell if his methods piss me off because he's doin it rong or if he's doin it rite and it's just not working for me. Maybe I just fuggin' hate having to read articles on American Culture in my English class. nnngh.

~Got a B in Chemistry last semester oh goddamn so relieved
~My English teacher is still cooler than the last one, but he's taking the class in an even more random direction than the last one. An English Teacher teaching a class on research papers is fine, if not boring as fuck. But teaching a class on American consumerism? wtf. I have no idea. I have been given pause.

~People with Gold Memberships rank above people with Platinum Memberships. The Tabletop RPer in me is aggravated to no end.
~I need to stop wanting to talk about coworkers behind their backs. It's just not cool.
~NOTE TO ALL MOVIEGOERS: If it's the last showing of the night, and there is like no popcorn left in the popper to the point of almost needing another batch, and the workers look really stressed because, for example, their shift is almost over but they have to first clean the popcorn machine, please, for the love of all god, have the consideration NOT TO ORDER A LARGE POPCORN. Okay? Okay. THANK YOU.

~Okay so the Phenomenauts concert tomorrow would be a lot more exciting if the whole getting home afterwards part wasn't starting to look like a total disaster D8

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Survived long day of stuff. Man, working matinee is way easier than evening, even on Saturday. But I'm probably going to get scolded soon for playing Ouendan between rushes. >> Just the final Cheerleader level left, though...

And then Abantey was pretty cool. Becky's seriously like one of the coolest people ever, right? She's just so... so... I dunno. Becky's awesome. And the three other players, all guys about my age. Becky aptly noted to me in private how 'Preposterone' they were, and I wonder if they're just teen boys trying to be cool just because that's how teen boys are, or if it's because "LOL YOUNG FEMALE IN OUR MIDST WE GOTTA BE MANLY MEN." The sane part of me hopes for the former, while the attention whore in me is pleased at the thought of the latter. Nnh. Either way, Becky says I play a better male character than any of them, so la-de-da. She noted that maybe my character should hit on hers, just to show the guys up. I'm kinda tempted 8D;;

Backdating a minute because I think this is awesome: My English teacher at a community college imposed the rule that we can't use the 'to be' verb, so we can expand our vocabulary and improve our writing. To find someone who encourages learning like this, at a college of such low caliber, is really really exciting for me.

For some reason I am inordinately pleased with the burrito I made myself for dinner. It was damn tasty.

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