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Brute-forced my way through 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors. I was getting pretty disappointed with myself because apparently I was getting every single bad ending before the good ending... before I found out that the very first ending I got WAS the good ending. However, for it to be completed, they actually require you to unlock one of the other endings (which happened to be the second ending I got.) It took like four days, which is a pretty long time for me on a puzzle game honestly--usually I can power through in a day, but each of the Important Routes took me a day each, and then a lot of messing around with trying to find the other ones. It made me start playing Sudoku again, damn this thing. I might have a Seven muse, because he's awesome. Also, I can't help but find parallels between Seven/Lotus and Franky/Robin, which makes me giggle a little.

Speaking of One Piece, GOOD LORD finally we're getting back to the good stuff. We spent enough time from the crew already, every little bit seems like fresh air. Brook, you silly moron, you ruin everything <3 Though seriously, how the heck did Zoro get caught? Will Franky get to blow something up? Please? Figures it would happen right after the big Second City plot where I don't know what fighting abilities he has. Hurrrrr.

Also speaking of Second City, 4th Wall Day! Never been in a 4th wall thing before... but hopefully it will be fun? Damn, I just need to be more active in general over there =( Franky torture does not excuse all the tags I've been ignoring.

Looks like the Mom Train is already on the verge of coming down. But I can't really blame her when I stay up until 5 in the morning playing 999, sleep until 1 PM, then spend the rest of the waking hours holed in my room. Shaping up to be a fun fun summer.
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I lost it sometime today. I already had my roommate try calling it and listening for it in my room. I've been checking around where it might be, it might show up at the police services. Thought it would be good to let you know.
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Happy Belated America Day, all you Americans.

So, I went to see Toy Story 3 again, this time with my parents. Dad liked it but doesn't like to talk about his emotions so was vague on how much he cried. Mom, on the other hand, said she was bored. My mom fails at watching movies.

Toy Story 3 spoilers )

Anyway... I think I might have to make a Nepeta account. This is wholly the fault of [livejournal.com profile] deltashade  and all the other Trolls on D_M. Damn y'all and your entertainingly eye-searing formatted trolling. C'mon Hussie, give me more to work with.
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I love you a lot. Even if we butt heads when I'm home, I always know that you care a lot about me and hope for the best. It means so much to have your support. Have a great Mother's Day, all right?
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Today almost resembled something along the lines of productive. I mean sure, I slept until almost 1, but I actually left the building!

Mostly I'm super pleased to have finally found a scanner on campus, and a pretty decent one too. Or maybe it just feels really good in comparison to the horrible blurry pics I was getting from the camera. Either way, I can freak out a fraction less. There's no real photo editing program I could see on the computers hooked up to the scanner, but if I ever really need it I could probably email it to myself and work with it... I'm just babbling to myself now SORRY

Also, when I was checkin' the library, I saw they were taking blood donations. I've never actually given blood aside from medical needs to check if my blood is diseased (it has not been so far yay), though I always thought it would be something I should do. Unfortunately I asked about it a few minutes too late, and they were done for the day, but they'll be back in January so woo I guess.

Two more days for [livejournal.com profile] xi_rpg , I am nervy and excited. I really really want a Team Music proper, guys. It's just. Yes.

Also I think I need to draw this:
One Piece always brings the lulz )
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Kind of freaking out here.

About an hour ago, my home phone got called by my mom's cell. When I answered, I heard a bunch of unfamiliar voices on the other end; young men, calling to each other. I had no clue what to make of it. My mother's car is here, and my dad's is gone, which made me think the two of them are out together, but my dad left his cell phone at home. I tried calling my mom a few times after that, but she never picked up.

After a lot of personal freaking and debating, I called the police, just in case there was something to be done. They weren't able to get through, but they're seeing if they can contact the phone company to get an idea of where she is. Since there's not much to go off of, they told me that maybe she just accidentally hit the speed dial for home and it was background noises. I'm hoping that's it.

...I don't know, I'm just... a little spazzy right now.

EDIT: It's okay everything's fine 8D;;

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