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Class based: We watched Montreal Pop, a recording of an epic concert that made a name for a lot of the 60s musicians. Including the epic moment of Jimi Hendrix lighting his guitar aflame, then bashing it to pieces.

But shortly before he did that, when he was rocking out, he did a guitar riff of Frank Sinatra. I had to doubletake there, I thought I imagined it, but after it was over my teacher was like "hey who noticed that bit on Strangers In The Night" and I just geeked out like crazy.

Now to get to work on that annotated bibliography.

RP based: This latest plot is freaking the hell out of Spin. It kind of shocked me how bad he retreated from all this mess. J's invitation to Christmas turned out to be a bigger blessing than I knew, they've definitely left early to evade hearing about this and to keep Spin's brain from shutting down.

I am tryyyying to get Tanaka more CR and I really hope it works. And maybe I can finally do a fight with Franky! And Fawful... well. *ahem*
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It has been approximately 25 hours since I was last asleep

This is the longest time I can remember being awake.

It was weird, between one and eight o'clock AM, I was feeling surprisingly good. I kept myself going by listening to Let's Plays of terrible Mario games, which provided just enough distraction to keep my mind from wandering too badly, but not so much to make me want to look up from my work all the time. I have fourteen of the pages fully inked, some of them even a little colored.

But there's around ten pages, maybe more, left to finish. I don't expect to be able to finish them today, but god damn it I need to try. But my brain is crashing, and I have so much work left to do in so little time and I have had all quarter to work on this I have no excuse for not doing it sooner but I feel like such crap and I do not own any coffee

I feel like a college student
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Name seven of your characters/muses

1) Fawful (Super Mario)
2) Franky (One Piece)
3) Madotsuki (Yume Nikki)
4) Agent Spin (Elite Beat Agents)
5) Leaf Coneybear (25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee)
6) Tanaka Hajime (Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan)
7) Inoue Miyako (Digimon)

Questions )

Auuuuugh this project. The ending is turning into this blob of loose ends that I don't know how to satisfactorily tie together, and there is less than a week to figure it all out and draw it and ink and word and copy. *flail flail flail*

I am so behind on sleep it's ridiculous. I blame it entirely and totally on Grimdark.
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Okay I've gotten too distracted to keep doing the LP of Investigations, not that I think anyone was reading it anyway. Though let me say case 3 has been giving me much reason to "OH GOD WHY."

Progress is actually happening with the comic! If I keep up this pace, I may actually complete it in time. Though, it will be a close one, of this I am sure.

Also seriously why is it that all the music I want to download is only the sort not available on iTunes.

Aaaaaugh my subscription is almost up ;-; Fifteen icons is so small
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Oh my god you guys I am so bad at coming up with an actual, solid, planned plot.

My teacher, noticing how generally panicked and depressed I was over my lack of productivity, agreed with me that it would be best if I was given solid deadlines, rather than the loosey-goosey, open-ended thing that a lot of my classmates are doing, she'd assign me specific dates to show her bits of my project.

Her first deadline was to have a solid outline of the story, specifically the ending, e-mailed to her by Monday at the latest. She's a firm believer that having an ending when you start is the most important thing. You can change the ending while you work, but you have to have an ending in mind. And this is, as far as I have known from looking at the processes of others, an entirely accurate assumption. But I have never been able to come up with a solid ending for anything I've done. Ever. I come up with characters, basic premises, a starting point and a few bits of things to happen along the way. I always hope I'll come up with more later. This may explain why I've never actually finished anything.

Anyway, point is, I'm sitting here staring at the paper, and realizing I have no freaking clue where to go with this. It is unbelievably frustrating to just be caught up on the outline.

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After having no clue for the first two and a half classes what to do with the project, or how to work Sinatra's products to fit into something that would be fun for me and also not one hundred percent unoriginal, I finally got struck by inspiration last night and it is so relieving.

Basic outline, 40s setting, but with magic. An older charmer tries to show a fast-living illusion-caster how to actually enjoy the craft, rather than just using it as a tool. Good thing I know so much about the 40s culture 8|;;

Doing character sketches now. It would be awesome if I followed through and didn't chicken out of comic format, switching back to short story. The idea of it is a very visual, anyway, and wouldn't translate well, so HEY SARAH DON'T SCREW UP
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So I've started studying, most of the info I've found so far are in relation to Frankie's career, his singing styles, how he got roles in movies and the teenagers who worshiped him.

Then I found an excerpt on Presley, and how he hit it off with a girl who Frankie had an eye on previously, and Presley always joked in private with friends about winning against him:

He looked up into his mirror in time to see Frank Sinatra walk through the dressing room door, accompanied by two unpleasant-looking companions. The conversation was extremely civil and very brief. Sinatra complimented him on his show and on the completion of his new film, and offered him some free advice: if Elvis wanted to continue working in good health, he should make sure he wasn?t stepping on the wrong toes. Without ever mentioning her name or losing his smile, Sinatra succeeded in making Juliet Prowse the biggest turn-off Elvis could imagine.

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Today's the last full day at home. It was pretty decent. I slept poorly last night, but that doesn't count.

~Woke up, made myself bacon and eggs, felt proud of myself for putting effort into breakfast, watched adorable dogs on television.
~Went to hang out with highschoolers on their first day back, chilled with them, gave my friend his late Christmas present which was a plushie Companion Cube. He geekgasm'd and it was adorable.
~Finally got to go to the delicious and inexpensive Japanese place in the area. I had missed their sushi so hard.
~Got a massage. It was nice, but of all the places I felt was in most need of pressing the kinks out, you'd think she would have spent some time on the lower back. Weird.
~Got sick of missing my two vanished games: PW2 had been lent out for over a year, so I finally confronted the person who had it. I might be able to get it back tomorrow. Rhythm Heaven is too fun to let be lost, so I went to get a used copy at Gamestop. I was surprised that the store clerk recognized me; I guess female gamers over the age of 11 are rare enough to come by around here, since I don't purchase all that often. Anyway, back to my tap-tap-flicking.
~Watched the third of the Frank Sinatra movies we've TiVo'd during my break. To be honest, they're kind of dull, most of the time, and this one--The Tender Trap--had themes that were so mind-bogglingly sexist and conformist in today's society. Doesn't matter, Frank's always been a better singer than actor anyway.
~While we were watching Tender Trap, Dad was commenting on how a lot of people feel the need to fill in that conformity of society by having a significant other of one way or another, and settling down instead of bein' free like you want. He kept pulling examples from his favorite movies, like Cool Hand Luke, A Thousand Clowns, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. He finished it with it's cool that I'm so blatantly asexual, because I can completely resist that desire and not feel bad about it. I think it was a compliment?
~My dad also suddenly got all passionate, telling me about the comics of R. Crumb, and running downstairs to grab one of his volumes. A brief glance through looked... really weird.
~I think I need to put up an OOC plotting post for RP when I get back to the dorms. I'm in a real rut with my guys ._.

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