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Hey! I'm not dead! Hard to tell by looking at this thing. Whoops.

I'm trying my hand at NaNo once more, with very little expectation to actually finish, but the fact is that I think I have enough various short story ideas that I can get along pretty well. As things stand right now, I used day one to churn out a brofic, and spent the next three days fumbling through another. Currently at 9374 words, way beyond just my personal goal for the date, so that's... that's good. I'm okay with that.

iJAG is going great, from the perspective that everyone is awesome and fantastic and I love what everyone does. However I have the particular issue of being really, really behind on tags. and NaNo does not show signs of changing that any time soon. Why am I considering a third character, again...? Of course, my issue keeping up with tags has not at all extended to the Evil AU Log, which has just. Been. Mind. Blowing.

On the school front, my class is awesome, and I'm doing analysis of Charlie/Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for my final project. (Note: that's literary analysis on the book, and film review on the original movie.) The only downside to this is that the film review is supposed to be in the style of, you know, a film review in a newspaper or for a website or something, and the book analysis is all in depth and detailed. I wish it were vice versa. The movie has so much depth that I would love to go on at length about. And the book, while a classic, isn't quite as... easy to pick apart. Especially since that one has to be done with a group. And my group is not very good at helping. But when do group projects ever have someone ELSE doing the work?
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Things are going swimmingly over at It's Just A Game. Fawful's making lots of fr--ene--...he's meeting people. And annoying them! That's all you can really ask for, with this guy. I've already written like two more apps for the game, though I'm not even sure if I want to send one of them in anyway. Besides, I want to at least hold back and get settled before bringing in another. Like, until week change! Which is tomorrow. WILL I MANAGE?

Speaking of tomorrow AAAA PONIES I NEED THEM. I have tried to avoid spoilers for the most part but people are making it so hard to wait. Though there was a fantastic interview with Lauren Faust that went up and got me very optimistic about things--particularly that Bronies haven't actually influenced the show beyond a certain pony's eyes, among a wide variety of other things. Mrs. Faust, you are the coolest.

I've got only one week now before I'm back to school, and man am I ready for it to be here now, except for all the packing and whatever. Yet somehow this last week manages to feel like it will be a very long one, particularly due to the sudden slamming down of lots of hours at work. Worse ways to eat up the time, I guess.

Also, I finally got a tumblr, perhaps as a replacement to my Insanejournal, since my RLbuddy was bugging me about wanting to see my sketches. I don't think I've quite managed to get sucked into the supposed black hole yet, but pray for me regardless.
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It's Just A Game has gotten off to a great start, I'm having a great time with everyone, old friends and new folks alike! I was worried about taking Fawful on again, but the little nutter has been absurdly fun to play with. I still flail around a bit with "HOW I MOD" but it's really a ton of fun, especially with the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] lynxgriffin behind the whole game.

Finally getting things in line for going back to schoolplace. Got my flight booked, setting things up with roommates... Still got like two whole weeks left but I am ready to be up there.

Bluh I bought a different toothpaste than usual and it screwed my mouth up something bizarre. My tongue, the inside of my lower lip, the whole lower half of my mouth really is all sore and miserable. I think my saliva glands are swollen and working double time, or maybe it just feels that way because my tongue aches every time I swallow. Needless to say I went out to get the right toothpaste posthaste.

Our cast may be small, but my hopes are high =D it is already super awesome anyway and it can only get better! OF THIS I AM CERTAIN.


In other news, finally got the Roommates assigned... one of them is a roommate from last year, but she's the one who was out of the apartment 95% of the time and was not part of the We Hate Sarah squad, so hopefully that'll be fine. The weird bit is that I'm not the only Sarah there! DOUBLE SARAH, ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY??? Meh. Forgive me for not being all that enthused after last quarter... but I still can't wait to get back to school.
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As a reminder, guys! It's Just A Game now has open reserves! Please check it out; we're already shaping up to have a wonderful cast, and the more the merrier!

In less jolly news, Rocketman is in the computer hospital. Sunday evening he spat out screws, and suddenly attempts to try and close the monitor became very difficult, with the siding coming off and computer innards showing. HP said they'll take care of it, but that means sending him away for perhaps a full week; I'm relying on the home computer now, which at some point since I got Rocketman became slow as balls. Just a heads up for anyone who I didn't whine to about already |D;;b

I guess the advantage to having unreliable 'net access would be it might force me to do more writing. And considering all the terrible things Evil AU has been doing... I think some brofic is in order. More as the situation develops =|
For those of you on my flist who are not Plurkers, but are role players...

An MST3K-inspired Panfandom RP

Lynx has been working on this game for a long while now, and I'm excited to be a part of it. I really hope you guys will be interested in it, because I'm sure it'll be buttloads of fun!

Reserves are open as of today, Applications open August 20th, and the game itself starts on September 3rd! Please check it out!

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