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I have my hair in a ponytail
I haven't been able to do this for eleven years

what am femininity
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Finally replaced my PokeWalker's battery. brb jiggling it all over the place

in other news aaaa writing is hard when you keep getting distracted and/or second guessing yourself

...just like everything ever 8O
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Okay so

two days of no sleep

and then one more day where I don't finish adding the dialogue on the computer until around two in the morning

and it is done

I am both pleased and displeased with the results but the biggest thing is the fucker is done
and that is what really matters.


VIM - 43

SARAH learned a new skill: LV. 3 COMATOSE INSOMNIA

SARAH gained allegiance with LENIENT TEACHERS!


brb oversleeping and missing my presentation.
Okay so now I am chill up until evaluation week =D

So I don't remember how much I've spoken about it, but for our class, they didn't bother with tests or whatever, they told us to turn in three pieces of self-reflective art, one of which had to be 18x24 or larger, and also a monologue of self-reflection from 5-10 minutes.

The instant they gave us this assignment, I knew I wanted to tell the class about the effect Elite Beat Agents had on me. Because I'm that big a dork.

The art was kind of... well, I'm not much of a painter, or a metaphorical artist. I draw comics and doofy crap. So I worked out one kind of cool metaphorical ink drawing, but then I drew a comic about how Digimon made me want to start drawing, and then I just did a giant drawing with me making a bunch of faces. People seemed to enjoy it.

Then I dress in full EBA suit (it's been a while since I last wore it, with the added upgrades of better headphones, dress shoes, and a tie tied all by myself), go up and talk about how I don't have much in the way of spirituality, but then I got this silly game about secret agent male cheerleaders, and described to them how I totally got into the last level's buildup for JJF. I clapped and chanted, "E.B.A. E.B.A." and I described the Agents breaking free of their statues, and sang some Jumpin' Jack Flash, and talked about how awesome it would be if that were true, if your soul really was a song. It was very silly.

I am very glad it went over well; I expected it to, but I got a little bit panicked last second. But people were laughing a lot, which was good, and a couple people even asked me about the game which you KNOW I love. The acting teacher called me a ham |D

All in all, I am pleased and now have nothing to worry about for a bit.
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So, I originally hoped I'd be a cool enough dude to memorize some of Brook's breakdowns from One Piece, but got too embarrassed to actually practice the pieces; I have no problem performing them in front of people, but I was worried what my roommates would think a room over >> a weird thing to get caught up on. So, instead, I did the more reserved "I aim to misbehave" speech from Serenity, which I suddenly realized I pretty much had memorized already. It went over well, though by chance I got to talk with the acting teacher at the end and she mentioned she could tell I hadn't rehearsed it much, and she'd like me to try again. Either way, yay geekery.

I also made up for the lack of Brook by bringing it into another aspect; [personal profile] edward_hyde and me were talking the other night about how not enough people appreciate the crippling solitude that the skeleton had to deal with. So I wrote a piece on that for the quick weekly reflection that we share in small groups on Thursdays. Before I was even done reading they were like "God stop I would have killed myself by now ._." I think they meant it in the way I intended rather than "your writing is awful" so... hooray?

Also I am still so happy over last night's episode of Glee. The show can do so great when it stops focusing on whiny white kid romance drama and instead branches out to the more neglected characters. Artie is amazing, Kurt has the best dad, and aaaaaugh Sue ;-;

Basically I am such an utter dork ._.
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How did I get a Franky muse

I play characters with totally crippling self-esteem issues. Characters who have mental blocks from sheer panic of messing up, from the rejection of others. Most even have mental issues stemming from it.

And now I have a muse who runs around in speedos because he feels like it


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So now I am an official college student.

Today was a big day of ups and downs.

Down: the first milk carton I tried this morning was spoiled and smelly like whoa. I should have seen it coming but it was mildly irksome.
Up: I'm pretty sure this is the right class for me. It's got heavy emphasis on writing and self introspection, which is something I'm good at. It also requires acting, which I'm decent at, and drawing, which... well to be honest, I'm only good at one thing, which is not charcoal drawing, so I'm nervous but hoping this will give me the opportunity to balance out.
Down: At first I thought I could nab a job working for the teachers, running about copying papers and setting up stuff for class speakers, but then it turned out it was a job only available for students with financial aid.
Neutral: The woman who did then get the aforementioned job thought I was queer |D I don't mind, I just thought it was funny. It's been a while since that last happened--out loud, at least.
Up: I did, however, get an application to work with the school cafeteria. It's in my expertise, after all.
Down: Because of all the running around job business, I was late getting to the bookstore and picking up the art supplies I need. All the other students had rushed in and nabbed the ridiculously large newsprint pads.
Up: The bookstore owner told me there was a place at the nearby mall where they'd have what I need
Down: She called the store, and said there were only three left. I got nervous, rushed to the bus, and then got to the mall and could not find the place there, and forgot the name of the store. I knew I'd recognize it when I saw it, but...
Up: People did try to help me, and though none actually gave the directions I needed I appreciated it nonetheless. (A janitor stepped out of his way to approach me and make sure I was okay. Am I a total dork for thinking of Uriel?)
Up: I finally found the place, which was not actually in the mall but within walking distance. There were two of the art pads left by then. Yay!
Down: I've been needing to go to the mall and get a small variety of things, but I did not want to lug around that ridiculous big pad. Waiting tomorrow won't kill me, though.

So it evens out to neutral! Yay?

Also please tell me How's My Driving?
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Oh god guys that was a close one

The internet broke, which is usually no big deal, but for some reason this time it needed the WEP key to reconnect and like no one remembered what it was 8D;; At first I was like "whatev" but then I was like "OH CRAP I NEED TO PRINT MY BOARDING PASS TOMORROW"

But then my mom found it and everything was happier.

I was lucky I had the magical [livejournal.com profile] yamikonumber7 's cell number, her texting helped me through that frightening and merciless time.

...Fuck I'm leaving for ComicCon in like thirty hours

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So today started out lousy because I felt bad for not doing work an' crap and also I had really awful cramps that made me miserable and I just wanted to go home after Psych class and down some ibuprofen and sleep. Then I went home and downed some ibuprofen and ma was like "Let's look at class options for Evergreen" and I was all "Yeah I did all the cool ones are for non-sophomores D="

Then I went online and the coolest class was like "Hey we accept sophomores now" and I'm like "Bitch yeeeeeees."

Then I still had to go to Asian Media class and was like "ehhh" but then my teacher was like "We're watching Blue Hawaii" and I was like "What" and the Spin in me was all "THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME" so I enjoyed it immensely despite it being so stupid

And then I came home and this secret was all like Haaaaay and I was like "Aww thanks Guin <3"

So yaaaay

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