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Good news: Die Hard is a great movie. Bad news: I think I was eating better at school than I was before I got home.

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UGH, COMPUTER. I can understand shutting down with, like, 10 percent battery left. I can even accept 25, though that's pushing it. But 35% of the battery left, and my computer suddenly clicks off? Hell with that. This thing doesn't even give me any warning of running low on juice until 25%, and even then it's a barely noticeable icon in the corner. Bull hockey.

Also, saw Inception tonight with my friend. We were both pretty solidly underwhelmed: it wasn't bad, but we really didn't think it lived up to the hype at all.

Day 11: A song from your favorite band

I think this question is cheap for making me pull out my favorite band when i could use it on another category 8| Regardless, They Might Be Giants is a brilliant group--one thing I love, beyond their whimsy and bizarreness, is the fact that you get songs about things that you never hear about; while everyone else is writing love songs, here we have a song about the effects of imperialism and the glazing over of history, put to a fun and easy tune.

(speaking of Tiny Tunes, dear god I only realized the other day that Elmyra Duff is supposed to be the opposite of Elmer Fudd. DERRRRRP)

Day 12: A song from a band that you hate

Again, I don't really listen to things I don't like, so nothing really stands out in my mind as a terrible band who I loathe. That being said, while Nickelback songs on their own are okay--I can listen to them on the radio, etc--it drives me insane that they are pretty much all recycles of the exact same song over and over. The same thing applies to Linkin Park.

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Happy Belated America Day, all you Americans.

So, I went to see Toy Story 3 again, this time with my parents. Dad liked it but doesn't like to talk about his emotions so was vague on how much he cried. Mom, on the other hand, said she was bored. My mom fails at watching movies.

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Anyway... I think I might have to make a Nepeta account. This is wholly the fault of [livejournal.com profile] deltashade  and all the other Trolls on D_M. Damn y'all and your entertainingly eye-searing formatted trolling. C'mon Hussie, give me more to work with.
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There is something overwhelmingly satisfying about reading reviews for the Airbender movie. Every single one is negative. Last I checked it had a 7% on Rotten Tomatoes. Roger Ebert thought it was supposed to be post-apocalyptic. No one can get over how bad the 3D is. The performances are consistently compared to wood. It gives me hope; hope that this movie will fail so hard that there is no possible hope of the planned sequels coming into fruition and hurting the fans any further.

Some deep down, naive part of me actually hopes that, in a decade or something, a director who won't ruin the series so thoroughly and instead will give it the treatment deserves will arise and make something worthy of the Airbender title. But if not, well, at least we can all agree that Shamalamadingdong is a moron who fails on every level.

I also will never get tired of this icon.
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Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3


brb hugging all the toys I still have left and apologizing to them for not playing with them more
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Iron Man 2 is awesome. It didn't give me the same High On Life feeling I got when I went to see the first movie, but it was still pretty freakin' sweet.

Super 8's trailer made me all excited, but according to what I've heard it's unrelated to my favorite monster movie ._.

Finally, I have caught my first cold whilst at school. Just snifflies and a slightly funky throat, but still unpleasant.
Ahh man I was thinking about doing a midnight showing of Iron Man tomorrow, but then I remembered there are no busses that late to either get me there or back

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I went to see How To Train Your Dragon today!

Unfortunately, my friend wanted to see it in the IMAX 3D, which is fine, but I came up with the brilliant plan of buying a ticket for something else and bringing the glasses we already had, to save money. Today, I learned that the 3D glasses for IMAX are different from the regular 3D glasses. My friend, though, already owned the correct pair.

So I watched the movie in Blurryvision, which was annoying but I deserved it. The movie was really good regardless, I just wasn't as immersed as I would like to be. The main characters were great, and I totally want my own Night Fury. Adorable. It's a simple story, sure, but it's done really well.

In similar news, I caught Lugia last night, but didn't save afterwards and left my game in Sleep mode. Then I came out this morning to find one of my parents turned off the game. Smooth.

Goin' back to school tomorrow. I first typed "to school" as "home." Interesting.
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Today's the last full day at home. It was pretty decent. I slept poorly last night, but that doesn't count.

~Woke up, made myself bacon and eggs, felt proud of myself for putting effort into breakfast, watched adorable dogs on television.
~Went to hang out with highschoolers on their first day back, chilled with them, gave my friend his late Christmas present which was a plushie Companion Cube. He geekgasm'd and it was adorable.
~Finally got to go to the delicious and inexpensive Japanese place in the area. I had missed their sushi so hard.
~Got a massage. It was nice, but of all the places I felt was in most need of pressing the kinks out, you'd think she would have spent some time on the lower back. Weird.
~Got sick of missing my two vanished games: PW2 had been lent out for over a year, so I finally confronted the person who had it. I might be able to get it back tomorrow. Rhythm Heaven is too fun to let be lost, so I went to get a used copy at Gamestop. I was surprised that the store clerk recognized me; I guess female gamers over the age of 11 are rare enough to come by around here, since I don't purchase all that often. Anyway, back to my tap-tap-flicking.
~Watched the third of the Frank Sinatra movies we've TiVo'd during my break. To be honest, they're kind of dull, most of the time, and this one--The Tender Trap--had themes that were so mind-bogglingly sexist and conformist in today's society. Doesn't matter, Frank's always been a better singer than actor anyway.
~While we were watching Tender Trap, Dad was commenting on how a lot of people feel the need to fill in that conformity of society by having a significant other of one way or another, and settling down instead of bein' free like you want. He kept pulling examples from his favorite movies, like Cool Hand Luke, A Thousand Clowns, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. He finished it with it's cool that I'm so blatantly asexual, because I can completely resist that desire and not feel bad about it. I think it was a compliment?
~My dad also suddenly got all passionate, telling me about the comics of R. Crumb, and running downstairs to grab one of his volumes. A brief glance through looked... really weird.
~I think I need to put up an OOC plotting post for RP when I get back to the dorms. I'm in a real rut with my guys ._.
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Oh right also Princess and the Frog was really great.

I went to see it with a friend, and also I accidentally invited Roommate 2 which put some damper on the to-and-from journey, but that didn't stop me from thoroughly enjoying the movie. The characters were all very likable, the songs fun, and I think that Disney did a great job with combating all the complaints that so many people expect of Princess movies by now.

I don't have anything really to add that hasn't already been said by others on my flist, but it was a ton of fun and I wholeheartedly recommend it to y'all.
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So my roommate made me watch "Tremors" today. Kevin Bacon playing a cowboy is always fun. What a dumb movie =D

Since there is apparently someone interested, here's the thing I wrote reflecting on Daisychain, the year it contained and how it ran parallel to my own journey through gettin' to a decent college. Our teachers wanted us to not give any comments or context and just let people observe and so my group was like "what."

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IN OTHER NEWS: Two of my clubs overlap D= ah well. I wasn't all that interested in the circus one anyway.

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Oh man. I forgot how much I loved... jeez, two different things. It's weird to be reminded how much you like stuff!

Firstly, Psychonauts. It's a brilliant game, and I've known this all along. Quirky and silly and creative as hell, with amazing little bits of attention to detail and full development even for the most minor of characters. Unfortunately, I have the loser tendancy to never finish any game that requires full-screen use on a computer, so I never finished the game. Recently, I was prompted for some reason to look into an LP, and while the LPer himself is dull as hell, the game remains just as vibrant and fun as ever.

Also, Stardust. That movie is brilliant. I watched it recently, like a month or two ago, and still loved it, but today I watched it for the first time since I've seen it with people who hadn't seen it before. It's always great, to do that, to see them go through the same emotions you did that first time. The ending had a couple cheesy parts, but it does a great job making you care about the characters, feel for them, enjoy their development. And man during that climax scene, seeing one friend squeal with the horror of WHO WILL GET THERE FIRST was just brilliant. Such good times.

1) District 9: A+

2) Ponyo: C

3) Daisychain is ending what the hell am I supposed to doooooooo

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