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Being at home's kind of nice. I have a dog and a sister and parents who are nice to see and love. And a really comfy bed.

Also, monster-infested Chicago is a terrible place to bring a timid, sweet pony, but god damn it is so much fun!
unij: YOU BET KID (Franky's deep soul)
Bluhhhh families are complicated. Why can't everything in the world make sense and be easy. Conveniently, though, playing Franky in various threads in total Dad-mode has been unbelievably therapeutic. The guy knows how to reduce things down to a place where the answer feels obvious; feeling bad about what's going on won't get anything done. All thins considered about him, the fact that he's a calming presence is kind of hilarious. "I did it my way," indeed.

My Pokewalker is broken again, though. Even worse than before. It pisses me off.

Day 18: A song you wish you heard on the radio

I have often wished that there were radio stations that played video game music; there's some stuff that is really beautiful to listen to, be it instrumental background music or things with lyrics like this.

Day 19: A song from your favorite album

I don't really pay attention to albums themselves? I care more about artists. Annnd my more favorite artists have already taken previous Days, so... but this makes a good opportunity to talk about how awesome the Homestuck soundtracks are. I don't think there's been any updates that have pumped me up as hard as this one, though Act 4's conclusion was undeniably epic. This one finally made me realize how huge all the stuff going on is, and as ever the music couldn't be more fitting.

Day 20: A song you listen to when you're angry

As I've said before, I don't really have much sad or angry music. So when I'm frustrated, I prefer to channel that into a feeling of badassery, like whatever is opposing me, I don't have to worry about it; I'm more bad than it is.

Even on your song list... LOCK ON! )
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Apparently my parents are moving. I mean, my dad has been super excited for a week or so about this house not too far up the hill from us, with a fabulous view and not much else. But Dad doesn't get excited about much, so despite Mom's reservations she let him go ahead and start looking, but we were thinking--and kind of hoping--that it would fall through. But it sounds like things are getting serious. It's not a far move, but packing up and cleaning up our place for sale is a big process. And, on top of that, my sister just... two days ago, I guess, got an offer with a friend to share an apartment. She's been really wanting to move out lately, with how nuts Mom can get, so she's thrilled to take it up. Weird how these things line up, I guess.

Okay, I don't know why, but for some reason watching playthroughs of Persona 4 is something I find hilarious. I swear I've watched the same 4 hours of opening plot with three different comedy tracks. I found the guys who did the Endurance Run and it is cracking me up. I am a loser.

Pokemon news: Red is a bastard with ridic-level pokemon and I had my butt handed to me. I managed to get through 4 of his six, but that was with spamming hyper potions the whole way and getting a lot of help from the hail. Also I had to sacrifice one of my main 6 in order to use Rock Climb. This is why I hate HMs.

Day 06: A song that reminds you of someone

Back in 2nd or 3rd grade, I had a friend who I would hang out with all the time, with weekly playdates. Whenever she came to my house, we'd bust out the Beanie Babies and play with them while my clock-CD player went on in the background. I didn't have a very evolved taste in music back then, all my CDs were cartoon and movie soundtracks, and the Rugrat Movie one the leading one for that time. She ended up going to live overseas for a year, and by the time she got back we had grown apart. We were still classmates up through high school, but never really hung out since. It happens.

Song List )
Paper is over, done, turned in, mission complete, dai sei kou!

I am going to celebrate by shooting people with toy bullets.

Saturday there's going to be a game of Zombie Capture-The-Flag, 10PM to midnight. I went today to Target to check out the Nerf selection. It's pretty huge, and Sarah is very very bad at making decisions when it comes to spending money.

So I am asking you guys for advice! (Especially you, [livejournal.com profile] anzila , you nerf warlord you) If you were in a zombie nerfocalypse for two hours, what would you go with? A huge tommy gun or belt-fed blaster, plenty of ammo and little accuracy to worry over, but cumbersome? A smaller dart gun, easy to move around and hide with but requiring more refills? A sword, requiring no reloading but a bit large and forcing closer combat? There's plenty of extra darts available purchase, though nothing to hold them with. Nothing costs more than $20 without tax.

Final order of business: HEY  [livejournal.com profile] katiebalatie   HAPPY  BIRTHDAY  I LOVE  YOU  I  MISS  YOU  I  AM  SO  CALLING  YOU  WHEN  YOU  GET  BACK  IN  THE COUNTRY  TOMORROW
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Today's the last full day at home. It was pretty decent. I slept poorly last night, but that doesn't count.

~Woke up, made myself bacon and eggs, felt proud of myself for putting effort into breakfast, watched adorable dogs on television.
~Went to hang out with highschoolers on their first day back, chilled with them, gave my friend his late Christmas present which was a plushie Companion Cube. He geekgasm'd and it was adorable.
~Finally got to go to the delicious and inexpensive Japanese place in the area. I had missed their sushi so hard.
~Got a massage. It was nice, but of all the places I felt was in most need of pressing the kinks out, you'd think she would have spent some time on the lower back. Weird.
~Got sick of missing my two vanished games: PW2 had been lent out for over a year, so I finally confronted the person who had it. I might be able to get it back tomorrow. Rhythm Heaven is too fun to let be lost, so I went to get a used copy at Gamestop. I was surprised that the store clerk recognized me; I guess female gamers over the age of 11 are rare enough to come by around here, since I don't purchase all that often. Anyway, back to my tap-tap-flicking.
~Watched the third of the Frank Sinatra movies we've TiVo'd during my break. To be honest, they're kind of dull, most of the time, and this one--The Tender Trap--had themes that were so mind-bogglingly sexist and conformist in today's society. Doesn't matter, Frank's always been a better singer than actor anyway.
~While we were watching Tender Trap, Dad was commenting on how a lot of people feel the need to fill in that conformity of society by having a significant other of one way or another, and settling down instead of bein' free like you want. He kept pulling examples from his favorite movies, like Cool Hand Luke, A Thousand Clowns, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. He finished it with it's cool that I'm so blatantly asexual, because I can completely resist that desire and not feel bad about it. I think it was a compliment?
~My dad also suddenly got all passionate, telling me about the comics of R. Crumb, and running downstairs to grab one of his volumes. A brief glance through looked... really weird.
~I think I need to put up an OOC plotting post for RP when I get back to the dorms. I'm in a real rut with my guys ._.
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So today was pretty awesome.

Most important was learning that my teachers think I'm awesome. I went in to talk about my evaluation today--at Evergreen, we don't get grades, just evaluations of how you performed during the quarter--and my teacher basically said that she and the other teacher feel lucky to have me in the class. They think I'm talented, insightful, creative, and interesting. There are students in the class texting, or falling asleep, but seeing someone like me who really works and enjoys it helps them keep in mind why they came out of retirement.

I have the awkward cross of an easily-inflated ego being kept down with constant personal reminders of shortcomings. You could say that learning this has been a happy little push to the former.

That aside, I suddenly received a package today from my uncle containing Glee: Volume 1, which is awesome and had songs I had not yet stolen online. I also finally got the Random Shirt from Shirt!Woot, though I don't get it at all.

Also, continuing with adventures in Persona 4, the ~bad bad bathhouse~ level has a while yet to go, but in the meantime I got to show my friend the first two episodes of One Piece. She already thinks Luffy is a hilarious character, which is a very good sign.

So yes, I am pleased with the events of the day 8D
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Home is nice. My dog is fluffy and loves me and my bed is so comfortable. I forgot how nice my bed was, seriously. And real meals! Fabulous.

I am a bit worried by the apparent lack of Rhythm Heaven. I assumed that I'd left it at home somewhere but my mother has cleaned the house who knows how many times in the last two months and I've yet to find it in the neat little stacks of my crap she's left in my room. =\

ALSO: now that I'm in a place with a solid internet connection, I can skype! If anyone wants to get in a convo with me while I'm here, lemme know~
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I love my family they send me things that I desire

Like macadamia nut chocolates

No seriously I have my tablet now and though I can't remember where at home the right discs are for downloading it to work at its full potential, it does work at part of its potential and now I can use my computer to DRAW THINGS 8D probably in paint because I'm still not sure about how to get a copy of Photoshop workin' on here and run on sentences are fun

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