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Oh man I fail something fierce at keeping this updated. Curse you Plurk, you just make pointless updates so easy!

I've pretty much stopped updating my InsaneJournal, and switched to putting my art stuff on my Tumblr. So far it's primarily my artdump space, and I haven't gotten too sucked in to the black hole of .gifs and artlogs others put up... but that may just be a matter of time.

Recovering from a brief run-in with my mortal enemy, The Common Cold. He put me in a headlock that left me out of it for a couple days, but I think I'm wearing him down. Nothing but mucous, for the last few days.

My class is going great, I really love it, though my teachers have no idea how to make a decent Powerpoint, it's a little bit painful. ALL THE OVERUSED TRANSITIONS. Ecch. Since it's an all-level class, there's some extreme basics that are getting explained and make the lectures painfully long, but in the end it's good information to have about topics I want to know about, so I can suck it up.

Annnnd that's my life in a nutshell right now. Runny nose aside, I'm pretty okay with it.
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Safely returned to school, and a pretty good first day if I do say so myself. Contacted a friend off the bat and found out he was heading to a meeting for the Gaming Guild, and joined him for a very fun game of Settlers of Catan. I should definitely try to visit that club more, board games are a great chill way to make buddies. There was also Grocery Bingo where my friend won and I didn't =B Then I got to know one of my roommates really well, the rest have been off doing... things? Anyway, the one I chilled with seems like a really friendly person, so yaaay there.

The bad side to all this is the fact that very little of the actual things I own will be actually available to me for the next three days. I have the necessities; clothes, toiletries, a towel. But my sheets, blankets, trash can, scissors--all those little things that are not necessary but still really useful to have around (and also make my room not look like a blank white nothing) will not be returned to me from storage until Monday. Thankfully roommate lent me a pillow, but it's pretty painfully bare. I will power through ( ._.)9

I'm tired maybe I should sleep.
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It's Just A Game has gotten off to a great start, I'm having a great time with everyone, old friends and new folks alike! I was worried about taking Fawful on again, but the little nutter has been absurdly fun to play with. I still flail around a bit with "HOW I MOD" but it's really a ton of fun, especially with the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] lynxgriffin behind the whole game.

Finally getting things in line for going back to schoolplace. Got my flight booked, setting things up with roommates... Still got like two whole weeks left but I am ready to be up there.

Bluh I bought a different toothpaste than usual and it screwed my mouth up something bizarre. My tongue, the inside of my lower lip, the whole lower half of my mouth really is all sore and miserable. I think my saliva glands are swollen and working double time, or maybe it just feels that way because my tongue aches every time I swallow. Needless to say I went out to get the right toothpaste posthaste.
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Oh man, this week is going to be a doozy. I'm slogging through the various readings due for seminar on Wednesday, and while none of them are too terribly long I can't really make heads or tails of what it is most of them are getting at. That's just a mild inconvenience to compound on top of completing research and an annotated bibliography on a topic that really is rather impossible to find primary sources for, as well as putting the finishing touches on the group project of a (freakin awesome) puppet show. I just can't wait until Friday. I'm gonna get down on Friday.

On the RP front, I'm all a tangle of conflict; I've already put my foot down and will be dropping Franky at XI within the next couple of days (probably after things get less distracting), and I had just about decided that it was time to take Hajime out of the Institute as well. Until I got to talk with Olaf, finally, for the first time in ages, and... well, dammit, I just can't resist that girl. Logs with Mod have consistently been the absolute most fascinating and entertaining parts of my entire run at that game, and the promise of the drought ending is enough to make me cling on... just a little longer...

Another thing to do once things settle down after this week is replay Ghost Trick if I want to make sure I can handle picking up Missile at Second City. That dog has all my love, and I want to do him justice. After all, no one can complain about a hyperactive puppy ghost after they've gotten used to the ponies.
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Final project: Video edited, paper written, lecture prepared, presentation given, class entertained. Heck yeah.

I'm glad I don't get stage fright bad enough to mess with how I want to do my presentations. I can understand how some people need to have a powerpoint with all their details written down for them, or else they'll forget things and it'll be too much pressure. But for me, that's boring to watch and boring to present. I need to entertain people, and get involved, make things funny and interesting. If possible, I like to put on a sort of skit-like aspect in my presentation. It gets peoples' attentions, and actually makes people want to ask questions, which in turn makes me feel better. My heart may start going crazy and I get nervous when I get in front of everyone, but at least the adrenaline is being put into something.

In unrelated news augh my hair keeps getting in my face and is impossible to make look good at this length but I want to grow it out for cosplay-based purposes ugggh the conflict of practicality vs. fashion
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Man, with the last two quarters there was a serious dirth of options for classes that interested me, but now this quarter's coming up and there are a whole bunch of ones that sound interesting! Ah well this problem is better by a lot.
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You know how to tell when you had a good teacher? When they send you an email, and when you find it in your inbox, you get a warm feeling in your heart. I missed this guy =3

Got medicine for my ears, which hopefully means I'll soon be feeling less grumpy and ill all the time. In the meantime, WHOOPS FALLING BEHIND ON NANO

Day 15: Pokemon -COOLEST Boy?

That one Camper from Red and Blue; he was a cool guy. He had a girlfriend!

Day 16: Digimon -Favorite Friendship?

Oh god why would you make me pick this, five seasons and so many friendships.... on the biased note, I loved the fact that Joe and Gomamon were such complete opposites in nature, and even argued a lot early on. I also love how Davis could make pretty much friends with anyone off the bat, in spite of what a pure derp he was. In particular, how he refused to ever doubt Ken, from the very start. Such total bros.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
considering you just impressed his girlfriend, though... )
Paper is over, done, turned in, mission complete, dai sei kou!

I am going to celebrate by shooting people with toy bullets.

Saturday there's going to be a game of Zombie Capture-The-Flag, 10PM to midnight. I went today to Target to check out the Nerf selection. It's pretty huge, and Sarah is very very bad at making decisions when it comes to spending money.

So I am asking you guys for advice! (Especially you, [livejournal.com profile] anzila , you nerf warlord you) If you were in a zombie nerfocalypse for two hours, what would you go with? A huge tommy gun or belt-fed blaster, plenty of ammo and little accuracy to worry over, but cumbersome? A smaller dart gun, easy to move around and hide with but requiring more refills? A sword, requiring no reloading but a bit large and forcing closer combat? There's plenty of extra darts available purchase, though nothing to hold them with. Nothing costs more than $20 without tax.

Final order of business: HEY  [livejournal.com profile] katiebalatie   HAPPY  BIRTHDAY  I LOVE  YOU  I  MISS  YOU  I  AM  SO  CALLING  YOU  WHEN  YOU  GET  BACK  IN  THE COUNTRY  TOMORROW
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Soooo, had my conference with my teacher about my first draft, but it turns out that mine is one of the three that he hasn't gotten to read yet. Thanks, Big D. He gave it a glancethrough, though, while we talked, and commented that it looked pretty strong so far. I've got more sources to go off of right now, as well, so hopefully this won't be much of an issue.

And hey, maybe if I didn't procrastinate so much, I could get in a second draft that he could look over before the final is due and get more feedback.

I'm not sure who I think I'm kidding with that line of thought though.

My buddy [livejournal.com profile] childofthemoor  let me borrow her PS2 so hopefully I can pick up my Persona playing, which I am satisfied with. I maxed out my social link with Brosuke today. It was epic manly. Next in line, Chie. B|b

Ummm jeez what else can I say. I'm mostly updating just because it's been a while and Ma likes it when I do these things.

...it is so weird having Franky and Hajime as my most active muses. Enjoyable, though. Hopefully plot with the Ouenkid can start up within the week...?

...I think that's it.

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Class based: We watched Montreal Pop, a recording of an epic concert that made a name for a lot of the 60s musicians. Including the epic moment of Jimi Hendrix lighting his guitar aflame, then bashing it to pieces.

But shortly before he did that, when he was rocking out, he did a guitar riff of Frank Sinatra. I had to doubletake there, I thought I imagined it, but after it was over my teacher was like "hey who noticed that bit on Strangers In The Night" and I just geeked out like crazy.

Now to get to work on that annotated bibliography.

RP based: This latest plot is freaking the hell out of Spin. It kind of shocked me how bad he retreated from all this mess. J's invitation to Christmas turned out to be a bigger blessing than I knew, they've definitely left early to evade hearing about this and to keep Spin's brain from shutting down.

I am tryyyying to get Tanaka more CR and I really hope it works. And maybe I can finally do a fight with Franky! And Fawful... well. *ahem*
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My PokeWalker appears to be broken ._. It won't turn on anymore. It worked fine last night. I don't have a screwdriver small enough to unscrew the back and get a look at the battery. I guess it's a good thing that Wooper invaded it last night before I put Kiku the Dratini in, at least.

In other news, yesterday we got to watch TAMI, a concert in 1964 that featured, amongst others, The Beach Boys, Marvin Gaye, Chuck Barry, James Brown, and The Rolling Stones. It was pretty freaking amazing.

Looks like I'm doing my paper on the start of Marvel, too. We'll have to see how this goes =D;; I think I've found a couple good sources, at least. (did you know there was a Marvel workout book in the 70s? I'm not surprised but it is very silly anyway.)
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Good news: I just realized that, on top of all the awesome musical things I could write this epic research paper on, I could also do an epic paper on Marvel in the 60s.

Ohhhh snap.

I mean, it occurred to me before that doing comics was an option, but it just dawned on me that Marvel got started in the sixties. Rise of Spider-Man, Iron Man, X-men, this is kind of a big deal. I do hope that certain numbers among you would be willing to lend advice if I pursue this suddenly tempting topic.

Bad news: I've lost my student ID somewhere. I am quite sure it was in my pocket this morning, but it decidedly is not now. I've retraced my steps, checked all the lost and founds, and yet to no avail. I'm not quite freaking out yet, but I am definitely nervous >>
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Hnnnnnng I hate HMs I hate HMs I hate HMs

I forgot that you need Strength to get through Victory Road and I really do not want to have one of my team wasting one of their moveslots for such a lame move, it's bad enough they make me waste a Pokemon on Waterfall, what is even the point

Also, I talked with my teacher today and he was totally cool with the idea of comparing some of the ideas in EBA with the 60s music for the research paper. I'm not sure I'll do it, since I've already done a lot of junk on EBA and it might be good to branch out, but it's good to have that option. These teachers are cool people, f'real.

Blarg suddenly I have no tags to do, joining new logs what is this
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I went to see How To Train Your Dragon today!

Unfortunately, my friend wanted to see it in the IMAX 3D, which is fine, but I came up with the brilliant plan of buying a ticket for something else and bringing the glasses we already had, to save money. Today, I learned that the 3D glasses for IMAX are different from the regular 3D glasses. My friend, though, already owned the correct pair.

So I watched the movie in Blurryvision, which was annoying but I deserved it. The movie was really good regardless, I just wasn't as immersed as I would like to be. The main characters were great, and I totally want my own Night Fury. Adorable. It's a simple story, sure, but it's done really well.

In similar news, I caught Lugia last night, but didn't save afterwards and left my game in Sleep mode. Then I came out this morning to find one of my parents turned off the game. Smooth.

Goin' back to school tomorrow. I first typed "to school" as "home." Interesting.
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So, when I was finishing my project, adding the last of the inking and putting the words in, I kept thinking, "Oh man, what was I thinking, this is so dumb, why did I like this ending, everyone will think the story is so poorly constructed and this character is so one dimensional, this panel is the worst drawn panel in the history of comics oh my god I am such a bad artist."

Then I put up the twenty-six pages of hell and everyone was like "oh my god this is awesome you put so much work into it this story is interesting I wish I had more time than class gave us to look it over"

and I felt better.

In other news I now have to get active in XI again, right in time for app period too, I'm so out of practice with actually initiating stuff and I need more CR aaa

Also why is it that of all the things that I could draw now that I have time to focus on other things, I decide to do gendershuffled Franky and Spin. DERP.
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Okay so

two days of no sleep

and then one more day where I don't finish adding the dialogue on the computer until around two in the morning

and it is done

I am both pleased and displeased with the results but the biggest thing is the fucker is done
and that is what really matters.


VIM - 43

SARAH learned a new skill: LV. 3 COMATOSE INSOMNIA

SARAH gained allegiance with LENIENT TEACHERS!


brb oversleeping and missing my presentation.
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After having no clue for the first two and a half classes what to do with the project, or how to work Sinatra's products to fit into something that would be fun for me and also not one hundred percent unoriginal, I finally got struck by inspiration last night and it is so relieving.

Basic outline, 40s setting, but with magic. An older charmer tries to show a fast-living illusion-caster how to actually enjoy the craft, rather than just using it as a tool. Good thing I know so much about the 40s culture 8|;;

Doing character sketches now. It would be awesome if I followed through and didn't chicken out of comic format, switching back to short story. The idea of it is a very visual, anyway, and wouldn't translate well, so HEY SARAH DON'T SCREW UP
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So today was pretty awesome.

Most important was learning that my teachers think I'm awesome. I went in to talk about my evaluation today--at Evergreen, we don't get grades, just evaluations of how you performed during the quarter--and my teacher basically said that she and the other teacher feel lucky to have me in the class. They think I'm talented, insightful, creative, and interesting. There are students in the class texting, or falling asleep, but seeing someone like me who really works and enjoys it helps them keep in mind why they came out of retirement.

I have the awkward cross of an easily-inflated ego being kept down with constant personal reminders of shortcomings. You could say that learning this has been a happy little push to the former.

That aside, I suddenly received a package today from my uncle containing Glee: Volume 1, which is awesome and had songs I had not yet stolen online. I also finally got the Random Shirt from Shirt!Woot, though I don't get it at all.

Also, continuing with adventures in Persona 4, the ~bad bad bathhouse~ level has a while yet to go, but in the meantime I got to show my friend the first two episodes of One Piece. She already thinks Luffy is a hilarious character, which is a very good sign.

So yes, I am pleased with the events of the day 8D
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So over the last three days, everyone in my class gave monologues reflecting parts of themselves. Going through a class on introspection, it can make it hard to realize some of the things about the people you're sharing the time with. And now, all of a sudden, we get to realize things about these people we never knew, never imagined about them.

Some of the monologues were more interesting than others, more dynamically presented, better memorized, but everyone was putting themselves out there for people to see, and many of them were really powerful. People were still coming up to me two days after my monologue to tell me how much they enjoyed mine, but I still felt a little self-conscious when I saw how deep some of the other people got.

I don't have much else to say about it. It was just really, really nice.

Now for some memes.

Snowballs flyin pine trees dyin )

Television, television )

Lastly, I've been debating who, if anyone, I should app at [livejournal.com profile] xi_rpg next. I do like playing Morris, but considering who he was as a kid I'm not sure if he'd really work in that sort of environment. It'll be something I'll have to think on a lot. I've also considered Tanaka, as it could be fun to work with him there (especially since I'm missing playing him now), but I don't wanna seem like a canon-hog. I dunno. I wish I had more muses outside these games.
Okay so now I am chill up until evaluation week =D

So I don't remember how much I've spoken about it, but for our class, they didn't bother with tests or whatever, they told us to turn in three pieces of self-reflective art, one of which had to be 18x24 or larger, and also a monologue of self-reflection from 5-10 minutes.

The instant they gave us this assignment, I knew I wanted to tell the class about the effect Elite Beat Agents had on me. Because I'm that big a dork.

The art was kind of... well, I'm not much of a painter, or a metaphorical artist. I draw comics and doofy crap. So I worked out one kind of cool metaphorical ink drawing, but then I drew a comic about how Digimon made me want to start drawing, and then I just did a giant drawing with me making a bunch of faces. People seemed to enjoy it.

Then I dress in full EBA suit (it's been a while since I last wore it, with the added upgrades of better headphones, dress shoes, and a tie tied all by myself), go up and talk about how I don't have much in the way of spirituality, but then I got this silly game about secret agent male cheerleaders, and described to them how I totally got into the last level's buildup for JJF. I clapped and chanted, "E.B.A. E.B.A." and I described the Agents breaking free of their statues, and sang some Jumpin' Jack Flash, and talked about how awesome it would be if that were true, if your soul really was a song. It was very silly.

I am very glad it went over well; I expected it to, but I got a little bit panicked last second. But people were laughing a lot, which was good, and a couple people even asked me about the game which you KNOW I love. The acting teacher called me a ham |D

All in all, I am pleased and now have nothing to worry about for a bit.

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