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Hnnnnnng I hate HMs I hate HMs I hate HMs

I forgot that you need Strength to get through Victory Road and I really do not want to have one of my team wasting one of their moveslots for such a lame move, it's bad enough they make me waste a Pokemon on Waterfall, what is even the point

Also, I talked with my teacher today and he was totally cool with the idea of comparing some of the ideas in EBA with the 60s music for the research paper. I'm not sure I'll do it, since I've already done a lot of junk on EBA and it might be good to branch out, but it's good to have that option. These teachers are cool people, f'real.

Blarg suddenly I have no tags to do, joining new logs what is this
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Playthrough of Ace Attorney: Investigations. 'Cause why not. Potential spoilers ahead!

Case One: Turnabout Visitor )

Overall, the game looks like it's off to a good start. Great graphics, characters no less enjoyable than before, and clear evidence of an overarching plot that'll be throughout the game, which we usually don't get.

In other news, Roommate 1 decided to get rid of the mice today. She's... going through a lot of issues right now, and their wheel keeps her up at night. Not helpful to the situation. They were annoying in a lot of ways, but I'm going to miss having the furry little guys around.

I am so glad that there is a small but steady trickle of new EBA fanart to be found. It just makes my day when I check up on these things.
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So over the last three days, everyone in my class gave monologues reflecting parts of themselves. Going through a class on introspection, it can make it hard to realize some of the things about the people you're sharing the time with. And now, all of a sudden, we get to realize things about these people we never knew, never imagined about them.

Some of the monologues were more interesting than others, more dynamically presented, better memorized, but everyone was putting themselves out there for people to see, and many of them were really powerful. People were still coming up to me two days after my monologue to tell me how much they enjoyed mine, but I still felt a little self-conscious when I saw how deep some of the other people got.

I don't have much else to say about it. It was just really, really nice.

Now for some memes.

Snowballs flyin pine trees dyin )

Television, television )

Lastly, I've been debating who, if anyone, I should app at [livejournal.com profile] xi_rpg next. I do like playing Morris, but considering who he was as a kid I'm not sure if he'd really work in that sort of environment. It'll be something I'll have to think on a lot. I've also considered Tanaka, as it could be fun to work with him there (especially since I'm missing playing him now), but I don't wanna seem like a canon-hog. I dunno. I wish I had more muses outside these games.
Okay so now I am chill up until evaluation week =D

So I don't remember how much I've spoken about it, but for our class, they didn't bother with tests or whatever, they told us to turn in three pieces of self-reflective art, one of which had to be 18x24 or larger, and also a monologue of self-reflection from 5-10 minutes.

The instant they gave us this assignment, I knew I wanted to tell the class about the effect Elite Beat Agents had on me. Because I'm that big a dork.

The art was kind of... well, I'm not much of a painter, or a metaphorical artist. I draw comics and doofy crap. So I worked out one kind of cool metaphorical ink drawing, but then I drew a comic about how Digimon made me want to start drawing, and then I just did a giant drawing with me making a bunch of faces. People seemed to enjoy it.

Then I dress in full EBA suit (it's been a while since I last wore it, with the added upgrades of better headphones, dress shoes, and a tie tied all by myself), go up and talk about how I don't have much in the way of spirituality, but then I got this silly game about secret agent male cheerleaders, and described to them how I totally got into the last level's buildup for JJF. I clapped and chanted, "E.B.A. E.B.A." and I described the Agents breaking free of their statues, and sang some Jumpin' Jack Flash, and talked about how awesome it would be if that were true, if your soul really was a song. It was very silly.

I am very glad it went over well; I expected it to, but I got a little bit panicked last second. But people were laughing a lot, which was good, and a couple people even asked me about the game which you KNOW I love. The acting teacher called me a ham |D

All in all, I am pleased and now have nothing to worry about for a bit.
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Oof, my days are so lazy. The class is really pretty chill on the homework front, which is pretty nice in comparison to a lot of other people I know. Most of my time is spent writing, either for the classwork or for NaNo, not to mention the couple of apps I've been working on for [livejournal.com profile] xi_rpg .

Mostly for class I've been getting a lot of inspiration from the various characters from games, stories, etc. and expanding on the ideas I have about them, without actually going into fandom mode so that pretty much anyone can read it and get what's going on. So far, it's been working pretty well. It has left me feeling pretty weird, though, because I haven't written anything entirely original for a long time now. Though, NaNo has now drained the ideas I had for working with Madotsuki, and still left me with well over thirty thousand words to go. I originally planned for a lot of stuff to happen, but now that I've gone through the scenes of her getting found I feel like it would be redundant to keep pushing things like that in detail, if I don't want to actually lay down plans of how she got so messed up. Therefore, until I get more ideas, her role in the story is done. So for now it's delved off into exploring how an OC of mine had to deal with the attack from the beginning, as an original Manhattanite. It's... almost like writing something original, I guess?

Still can't believe I'm going to try for Franky. He's a character completely out of my comfort zone, but at least I know that way I won't the the overlap with Spin that I was worried about with Usopp. If I really do end up applying for Morris, I'm pretty sure I'm going to wait at least a month, so I can get into the groove with this funky cyborg. Playing a character in authority would be totally weird, namely as his version of authority is getting everyone to learn cool dance moves. Coming up with lesson plans about carpentry when I know nothing of it myself might be a bit weird. BUT I WILL MAKE IT WORK, FOR I AM PLAYING A SUPER GUY! Yessssss.
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Did it. App'd Morris. Didn't take much prompting from Kia to get me to do it =D I'm pretty sure that that's the fastest I've ever churned an app out. I was convinced before that it wouldn't work to play him here alongside Spin, but now that there's such a big cast I think I'll have a good time. And Hell, [livejournal.com profile] yamikonumber7 's looking at Foxx...


...Hey [livejournal.com profile] aviekokyre . Yeah you. I'm calling you out.

Having a Derek would be pretty awesome don't you think.

...Just... puttin' that out there.

Man I just watched Marley & Me and dammit I hate dog movies because the dog ALWAYS dies and it ALWAYS gets me and now I want to hug my dog but she is sleeping ;-;

Work was pretty amazing today. Amazing in the "My god how are people this stupid and obnoxious" kinda way. I got stories. Some of 'em may be the kind that I like to tell for a while. Yeah, today was real special. I'll put it like this: Hotdogs, wigs, 'freshness' and hobos. Especially hobos. Wharrrgh.

I need new headphones, mine are on their way out. I may take advantage to be a proper EBA geek. But I'm not paying for those expensive-ass (yet awesome) headphones I posted about earlier.

I wasn't planning on apping anyone in Daisychain's last round, but I started thinking too hard. I mean... no one's gonna app Morris. And I certainly didn't have plans for him anywhere else... and you're allowed to have two characters from each canon, right? He'd be fun, especially with the (unbelievably awesome) large cast we've got. And then we'd only be short Derek, Kahn and Foxx! It's almost like a full Agency! ...Someone talk me out of it please.
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Why do things cost money =<
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in other news... well nothing of real importance just a lot of little lame things

I think I got hit on in the park today by a guy who was kind of cute but I am deaf blind and dumb to these sorts of things so I can't be sure.

Also I shared a shift with Ckoworker (who is the most annoyingly depressing woman I have ever had to deal with for an extended period of time), which I always kinda dread, but I lucked out and she kept to herself. Qanager was around, he's by far the coolest of the four and a half managers, but apparently Nanager has misplaced like four goddamn keys to the office so Ganager was griping to Qanager and dragged down the mood. Ganager's a great guy, and adorable for all his cussing and grumbling and whatnot, but it would be great if he actually TOLD his employees when he was upset with them. That's how things get fixed, man.

Jumpin' Jack Flash came on the radio and I nearly cried from happy WHY DO I FREAK OUT WHEN COOL SONGS COME ON THE RADIO I DO NOT KNOW.

And Spin's being a woobie over in DC and I've been wanting to write this for a while, he needed to get some of that depression out so I could reduce some of this foul mood that's been leaking over. Why are the EBA getting all depressed goddamn crab bites ;-;

...Lastly Ed dropped from DC, I know she's been struggling and it's probably for the best, but ;-; Man I'm gonna miss RPing with you for however long it takes for us to get back together BUT WE WILL RP AGAIN THIS WE PROMISE it will be like Rumbar Pirates and Laboon only A HAPPY ENDING maybe at edensphere which I am totally still considering though how the hell would Brook work there I DON'T KNOW BUT SOMEHOW IT WILL HAPPEN SHUT UP wow this was an epic run-on sentence
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I got my first haircut in nine months today. It's like having a hairbaby. I needed that hairbaby out of me.

My god [livejournal.com profile] yamikonumber7 and I have been doing so much EBA ficcing and headcanon-making and it is fabulous. I am being fandom productive and it is great except for the part where no one ever sees it >> BUT IT'S STILL FUN

P.S.[profile] deusexmetallia  IT'S GOING TO BE SUPER METAL GUYS.

EDIT: oh god [livejournal.com profile] edensphere  why do you tempt me with amnesiac Spin whyyyy

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Gettin' ready for New York

Gonn' be awesome, I anticipate. Conversation with [livejournal.com profile] yamikonumber7  made me realize that buying a steel bat while there would be the best souvenir ever, all things considered. Though I'm still not sure how I'm going to spend all my time; I'm awfully lazy, but I'm also awfully cheap, so getting around may prove mildly problematic.

Also GameTrailers had an ad for "EBA 2.0" and I flipped out but then it turned out to be some stupid website. But the comments were pretty much entirely composed of disappointed people who thought the same thing so maybe iNiS will take the hint?

And lastly I have Superb medals in all 50 levels of Rhythm Heaven, and 31 perfects. I feel like part rhythm god or something.
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Series of happy events today:

Watched Star Trek again. Still good.
It seems we may be getting a Starr at DC. Hell yes.
Tanaka's antics at Paixao continue to amuse 83

Good moods.
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Taken from [livejournal.com profile] aviekokyre 

Pick ten of your currently unfinished stories. Fanfic, original fic, RP logs, whatever. Post a sentence or two from each story.

Okay. Ten. I can... figure something out.

Mostly unfinished due to my supreme procrastination skills )
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I was really really bored at work today, so I turned on EBA and decided to try the Training sequence again

Then someone came in and I had to put the DS aside for a minute, so I closed it to put it in standby mode.

When I opened it up again, Kahn yelled at me, "SLEEPING ON THE JOB? GET TO WORK!"

I love this game so much
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So I got an e-mail from Evergreen all like "Hey make sure to send your tuition by the 5th and also you should sign up for housing by the 1st" and I'm like "Well I want to but you guys haven't accepted me yet 8|" so I sent them an e-mail all like "I accidentally my whole application. What should I do, is this dangerous?" We'll see >| NEVER  MIND  I  GOT  IN  FUCK  YES

Also I'm feelin' kinda iffy about the whole [livejournal.com profile] yn_dressing  thing. My Madotsuki is really great working with her situation in DC, and is fun for brief conversations in Dear_Mun, but I'm not sure how I'm going to keep her going with other, equally nuts characters from her canon over a stretch of time. I also made the stake of having her realize she's awake >> I think I may have to fix that soon. I hope the other players aren't thinking I'm lame D= *paranoia*

[livejournal.com profile] yamikonumber7  oh my god actually doing srs EBA stuff is so great. Aaaaa

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Brought to you by [livejournal.com profile] bellzooks , who requested some Spin data.

memememememememe )
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I wrote an essay about Elite Beat Agents and Ouendan.

It took me a long time

I'm very proud of it.

It's here.

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Association Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

Meme cut for length )

Also I drew Spin in a Diva uniform because I realized that it would show off his abs. And I have soooooo much fun drawing abs. aaaaa.
My dad saw this and thought he looked super gay. I can't blame him. When my mom asked me to explain why I drew it, I tried to say it was "because I like drawing abs," but she seemed to be looking for some sort of commentary on something or I don't know. It was awkward and weird.

Still gettin' used to the copics, but it's a good start, right?

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Brief overview of the last couple days:

Phenomenauts concert was freakin' awesome once we figured out how to get back home. The first opening band was okay, good music but truly paled in comparison to what came after; dude with an accordion came in doing cover songs and being weird and generally awesome, and teaching us things like how to get wasted without alcohol or that violins and trombones are natural enemies. It was hilarious and epic. I am EXTREMELY disappointed, however, that the Phenomenauts did not play Rocket Roll. It's not a full concert without Rocket Roll, really. But they did have Earth is the Best! That's important.

Also mosh pits are SCARY ;-;

Beat the final level of Ouendan with the Cheer Girls; in fact, after beating it, I achieved the final rank. Epic timing, eh? Yeah. Kinda proud of myself.

And now my brain is bombarded with ideas for both an EBA comic and a fanfic. And maybe an Ouendan comic too. FFFFF I remember when I had original characters.

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