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Oh right this thing I guess I should finish it
Day 30: Digimon -Favorite Movie?

A few years ago I went and made the effort of actually finding the ones that were only released in Japan, and I gotta say, they were fun. Nice to know the Tamer crew got their guys back for sure, especially. In particular, though, one that I really liked was one different from all the others, done entirely in 3D and out of continuity with any of the seasons. It just focused around a war going on inside the Digital world, and this one Digimon's involvement in it.

My favorite part was that there was this badass Wizardmon as a main character and he DIDN'T DIE.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
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I don't really have much of anything to say. v(._.)v

Day 27: Pokemon -Favorite Female Character?
Sabrina! Well, maybe she wasn't the favorite, but... those episodes she had left an impression as a kid, man. That stuff was scary.

Day 28: Digimon -Favorite Goggle-head?
To be honest, I was never a huge fan of the Goggleheads. Like, they're all fun guys, but they were never my favorite characters by any stretch. I didn't relate to Tai or Davis or Takuya at all. Takato was more relatable, but kind of... bland. And yet... bizarrely enough, I think the one I want to pick is not only the least relatable of all of them, but, uh, the only one without goggles! What can I say, Masaru (not Marcus 8|) was so over-the-top SHONEN that I couldn't help but find the guy hilarious.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
Taiki, meh. )
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Oh man, oh man, You know what I would buy the shit out of? I would buy the shit out of this. I don't do modelmaking but look at this so awesome aaaa. If only it were possible to find awesome things like that outside of Japan...

I feel like I should have something to say but I think I forgot it all so herpaderp meme.

Day 25: Pokemon -Favorite shipping(CAN’T REALLY SUB THIS FOR LEGIT SHIPS)?
Yeah, Avie really did have the best possible response. SS Anne, the only ship that lets you beat up its entire staff before sailing.

Day 26: Digimon -Favorite Quote?
Matt: I've been living a lie.
Gabumon: You're not a natural blonde?

Looking at IMDB, there are a lot of fun ones, but I limited myself to ones I could actuall yremember the context of and remember liking in the moment |D;; I feel bad because I know there are other ones I really liked, too, but ah well.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
Thank you, Silver, for let us actually go on the cruise. )
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So my friend who was gonna take me to the airport changed her mind and decided to take the shuttle. So I guess I am going to as well, except at a time that won't make me wait six hours. Never mind, guys! Herderp.

Ugh I am seven thousand words behind my personal goal for NaNo and I do not want to catch up ><

Day 24: Digimon -Favorite Villian?
Man, now that I'm thinking about it, Digimon has had some really great villains. Myotismon was the first great one, I think, and the D-Reaper was suitably terrifying. But, in the end, I really loved that Kurata was a wholly loathable, hateworthy villain in all the right ways. And above all, he was human--we've had human villains before, but in the end they were being controlled by Digimon. He's just a legitimate, genocide-loving douchebag.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
Haha murder in Digimon =( )
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So on Satuday I have a flight back home for Thanksbreak. As it turns out, my friend has a flight on that same day, but six hours before mine. Which means I get to hang around the airport for six hours because like hell am I shelling out fifty dollars to get a shuttle that'll take me a few hours later. In other words, hey people who have my cell phone or AIM, feel free to message me Saturday afternoon.

Day 22: Digimon -What should have happened, but didn’t?
Let's not get started on the s2 epilogue okay >< ugh. Instead, I'll mention how I'm still pretty put off by the severe oversight in 02 of dropping a ton of foreshadowing and really intriguing, dark ideas about Kari and the Dark Dimension... and never going anywhere with it. The heck? On a similar line, I would have liked to see more of that stuff in Tamers with the Digimon who were vying to try and get Rika to be their Tamer. It just sort of dropped off after a few episodes, it sounded really creepy cool.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
Also more Joe )
Dear RPS:

Thank you for letting me know that there is a TV Tropes page for LJRP. Which then let me find out there's a page for Daisychain. Which sent me on another nostalgia trip. Aaaaaaaa. It's really tempting to go and fill that sucker out even more but my Trope-fu is weak.

Day 20: Digimon -Least favorite season?
With retrospect, Frontier really wasn't all that bad. It still had some great characters and a big overarching plot, but... when you get down to it, part of what really made the show special was the connection between a kid and their partner. Without that, the show was much harder to appreciate fully. Not to mention the two main guys far outranked the other characters by the end, which always frustrated me.

Day 21: Pokemon -Favorite Friendship
Again, I haven't watched the show in years. However, the original trio of Ash, Brock and Misty will always be the best in my nostalgic mind. And I can trust that, one way or another, Brock will always show up again to be Ash's bro.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
After all, he's the repressed sexuality... )
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Bluh I am officially out of ideas for where to take this NaNo story. Bluhhhhhh. I guess that means I get to just start a new one now whooooo

Today my friends and I had our first round of Avatar The Last Airbender DnD. It was pretty awesome. We're huge dorks.

Day 18: Digimon -Favorite Siblings?
You know, thinking back, the only characters I ever saw really feel like a true sibling relationship were Henri and Suzie. Sure, Tai and Kari were close, and Matt cared about TK, but you never saw them really get annoyed at each other like real siblings do--or at least not like me and my sister ever did. They felt a lot more like actual siblings, to me, than just characters we're told are siblings.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
Davis and June were pretty hilarious tho )
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You know how to tell when you had a good teacher? When they send you an email, and when you find it in your inbox, you get a warm feeling in your heart. I missed this guy =3

Got medicine for my ears, which hopefully means I'll soon be feeling less grumpy and ill all the time. In the meantime, WHOOPS FALLING BEHIND ON NANO

Day 15: Pokemon -COOLEST Boy?

That one Camper from Red and Blue; he was a cool guy. He had a girlfriend!

Day 16: Digimon -Favorite Friendship?

Oh god why would you make me pick this, five seasons and so many friendships.... on the biased note, I loved the fact that Joe and Gomamon were such complete opposites in nature, and even argued a lot early on. I also love how Davis could make pretty much friends with anyone off the bat, in spite of what a pure derp he was. In particular, how he refused to ever doubt Ken, from the very start. Such total bros.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
considering you just impressed his girlfriend, though... )
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Ugh, seriously, my messed up ear is just... wholly distracting. I've been taking painkillers all day, since the Student Health Center is only open weekdays, and I really hope they can help me out tomorrow because dealing with this is a bitch. I even feel a bit out of it and woozy by this point, but that might just be because the pain kept me from getting a lot of sleep last night. YAY. And believe you me it is not fun trying to focus on NaNo like this.

Day 13: What do you think of Black and White/Best Wishes?
No real opinion.

Day 14: Digimon -COOLEST Boy?
The archetype of the second-in-command character throughout the seasons provided a lot of very cool boys that launched a thousand young children into fangirlism, but when you get down to it, the one character I looked at and thought, "Now THAT dude's a badass," was Ryo from Tamers. He'd been living in the Digital World for years, had a really hardcore dragon-type Digimon and his Mega form looked all sorts of awesome, and he wasn't even a dick about it; the guy was genuinely likable. Also, out of curiosity, I spent some time on the Digimon Wiki a little while back trying to better understand his backstory, and it turns out he actually links Tamers and 02 together. Friggin' sweet.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
but you have to play some of the really obscure games... )
unij: YOU BET KID (Pesterchumming)
6,070 words. It's crap, and I realized yesterday that it probably would read like one of those really terrible romance novels at some parts, despite the fact that there is no romance. Hurdurrrrrrr.

Also yesterday I made the mistake of reading fanfiction for Channel Awesome, which makes the interesting decision to take itself way too seriously for RPF about a bunch of people who like to make fun of things.

Day 10: Favorite Crest?
I remember just thinking that the crest of Friendship just looked plain cool. It's a yinyang with BLADES. Awesome. I can't really say which crest I really thought was genuinely best, though, I remember thinking they were all really good traits and probably switched which one I liked best every few weeks. Though, I also remember thinking that Zudomon was totally the coolest looking of the Ultimates. WALRUS TURTLE WITH A HAMMER, HELL TO THE YEAH.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
That's the impression I get. )
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Had a pretty decent Halloween! Got to hang out with some cool people, get some candy, watch some videos, the works. Though, one woman got mad at us for being loud, because 'there are children around and I don't want to hear any of the f word!" Never mind the fact that we weren't swearing at all and were mostly singing. Haha, mothers. On the opposite end of the scale, there was a pregnant woman dressed in an alien costume, and she called herself the Mothership. It was perfect.

Really not looking forward to tackling NaNo right now, though; I don't have much in the way of ideas for it, so I figure I'll stumble through it as an exercise but won't beat myself up if I run out of steam. I think for the most part it'll just serve as motivation to get more work done on some fics I've been putting off.

Day 08: Digimon -Favorite LEGITIMATE RELATIONSHIP?
Hmmmm. The only 'canon' relationship I remember ever really liking was Rika and Ryo from Tamers. The flirting from him and the tsundere-type denial on her part was really entertaining to me back when I was...what... twelve. I think, out of all the actual canon relationships, theirs was the only one I felt got enough development to make me feel like it worked. I'm still mad that Sora didn't end up with Tai.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon

In related news! DIGIMON ABRIDGED!
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Day 06: Digimon -Favorite Male Character?

I really like Joe. I dunno why, he was probably the least focused on during Adventure and showed up in, seriously I think three episodes for 02. But there's something so endearing about the kid trying so hard to be taken seriously and wants so badly to help everyone out, no matter how rarely he's taken seriously or how bad he gets trounced in the process. ...Dear god I think I just found the origin of my love for the Rookies. WOW. Cody and Henry in 02 and Tamers were also great characters. I guess I just have a thing for the serious-minded guys that try to act as the more logic-based teammate.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
Kids in Ameri--Japan--uh )

Hey Sarah how're those three art projects due Tuesday coming

Haha oh yeah I was supposed to work on those wasn't I

brb making fun of Creation of Man
unij: YOU BET KID (I Did It My Way)
Haha, wow, I'm finally back into rhyme-writing, and it's not even for Spin. I feel soooooo out of practice, but it's fun to finally try it again.

Also it's a pretty bad sign when I've fallen behind on this meme THIS early in the month but oh well RET'S GO!

Day 03: Pokemon -Favorite Movie?
I remember the second movie was coming out right when my love for the Pokemon series was on the decline, I only went to see it because they gave you the then-rare Ancient Mew card on opening weekend. Of course, afterwards the price plummeted, derp derp. All the movies have been honestly dorky as all heck, but I remember enjoying the Lucario movie when I saw it on TV, pretty much because Lucario's a huge badass.

Day 04: Digimon -Favorite Female Character?
As a little girl, I thought Sora was the most awesome fictional girl there was. She was cool, and she could fight, but she was nice, and she was good at soccer and was taken completely seriously by all the guys as an important member of the team. It's worth noting that I remember hating Yolei when I first saw Season 2, but when I rewatched it last year I thought she was a really great and well-designed character, too.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
Changing all the time, change into power )
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Hey all my MSPA-loving flist, did you notice that awesome thing that happened last night? Well hey, look what I found. (I still need to figure out how people make animated .gifs and stuff for avatars if they don't have photoshop 8| what am I missing here)

Day 02: Which Digimon would you like to have for your own?

I always thought that Gomamon was the coolest of the Chosen kid's Digimon. He was just so goofy, and had a lot more personality than some of the other Digimon, at least in season 1. Also, despite the fact that he's never been in any real focus at all, I think that Kotemon has an absolutely adorable design <3

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
Digt-digt-digt )
unij: YOU BET KID (Digimon are so squishy)
Oh my god you guys it makes me so happy that someone on the TGWTG site is doing Digimon reviews--it took her forever to get around to it, but I am sooooo pleased now that she's started. This show raised me, you guys. I love it so much, and to see someone else geeking over it like me makes me feel so vindicated. I really wish she'd spent more time on character analysis outside of Tai and Matt, because I think there's a lot to look at for all of the Adventure kids.

In other news,
The How's My Driving? Meme

And finally, we bring this sucker to a close.

Day 28: A song that makes you feel guilty
I second [livejournal.com profile] yamikonumber7 's response: What? Lol, no.
Day 28: A song you thought you knew the words to and then it turned out to be something totally different

I thought it was a happy song about quirky, confident people falling in love. Then I found out it was about how attractive people are lonely and desperate for their sad one-night stands. I like my version better.

Day 29: A song from your childhood

In elementary school, we always had a big year-end revue that was often a pain, but hey, you got to be in stage in front of your parents. In fourth grade, so many of us signed up that our grade got split into two groups. Our group did this song, and we kicked ass. The parents cheered extra loud, and even the fifth graders told us we rocked. I kept the cardboard guitar cut-out in my closet for years after.

Day 30: Your favorite song at this time last year

I think I've earned the right at this point to break my "No EBA" rule. It's still my favorite, for reasons entirely separate from Lobster Bucket--my Favorite Song tends to last for years on end, until I get tired of it. But until then, this song will always, always, always make me smile.

The End )


Jul. 8th, 2010 08:38 pm
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A lot of fans think that the seasons stopped being worth watching after season two. I, however, still love this show to pieces and totally one hundred percent plan on watching this through; I loved Data Savers, and there's no reason to shoot down this new series without giving it a look. And when I realized the first episode was already out today, you better believe I squee'd!

Episode 1: Taiki Goes to a New World! )

also, in regards to MSPA: WHAT A TWEEST
unij: YOU BET KID (Really please stop joking)
Okay, having finally finished watching the Jap version of Digimon Adventure last night, I can say this with confidence:

Dear lord the kids fell for every single trap laid out for them with unbelievable ease. Seriously, every time there's a building or some sort of indication there might be people around, even though it's been pretty clearly laid out that they're the only people around, they will always fall into it, then fall into a pit or get attacked by someone and go "OH NO WHAT A DIRTY TRICK"

It is silly

Also dear god it is so obvious that Jyou was crushing on Mimi why did they not end up together they were adorable.

In other news last night I god an idea for an RP based on the movie Stardust and now I'm like "8| What now"

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