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So I just started watching "No Ordinary Family."

Why did no one tell me that Heroes got a REAL second season?!
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Today my roommate bought a pinata and we all went at it with a hatchet and a sword. I suspect this may be the best way to celebrate any holiday ever.

You know what's really, really refreshing after dealing with Hussie's passive-aggressive dealings with his fanbase? Reading Linkara's responses to comments in his videos. He's willing to explain any perceived plot holes or missed points in a logical manner, is willing to concede on points but mostly stands by what he's done, but above all, he's respectful and friendly towards praise and criticism alike. When he does go on his occasional rants, they always feel well-thought out, justified, and even if he's angry, he doesn't talk down to anyone or get insulting to his fans. Thank you, Lewis. You are awesome.
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The pettiest and absolutely least important of all the things that are bothering me right now:

Yes, I know, I get it. Pokemon is basically glorified cockfighting. Hahahahahaha this is a hilarious thing to bring up, let us mention it and drive it into the ground of every single Let's Play ever made. There are so many more logical fallacies to focus in this story concept, guys. Let's talk about why Professors of these monsters never have more than three of them around, or why there are no actual hospitals for people, or the realization that certain Pokemon, like Alakazam, are hundreds of times smarter than any human yet for some reason still put up with us. These are much more interesting to consider. Cool? Cool.

Have you guys heard about that Majora's Mask Creepypasta thing? The one that's super duper spooky? I have, the last couple days, but I didn't read it, because I never played Majora's Mask, so I figured I wouldn't really get the full experience of it. But today, I figured, oh why not, it'll be good for the lulz.

As I'm reading through this undeniably spooky thing, I do get some mild chills of "Wowwwww aaa do not want," but I figure I'm doing a pretty good job of not getting too freaked out.

Until, maybe halfway through the story, as the person is going into more and more detail about how this game and their computer is haunting them and controlling their movements, my internet suddenly goes out.

I noticed because AIM suddenly shuts down and can't reconnect. Since I already had the page for the story up, I could keep reading, so, well, I did. I called to my sister to check if her internet was having a problem (we had a very time-consuming wireless issue just yesterday, it could have happened again), but hers apparently worked fine.

As I finished the story, Mom told me to walk the dog. The Alternia House is on a hill with no sidewalks and sporadic lighting. It had gotten dark while I'd been reading, and, of all things, the fog had come in.

As you might be able to tell by me posting this, I was able to get the internet back running with a little fiddling, and nothing jumped me on the walk (though we did see a raccoon). The most noteworthy was that my iPod brought up both Ghostbusters and Great Bay Shrine on the walk, but it's still a delightful little peek into why Sarah is a derp who shouldn't read ghost stories |D


Mar. 29th, 2010 06:33 pm
Auuuuuuuuuuuuuugh finally back in my warm happy room

So remember how I lost my iPod in the shuttle? They were still holding onto it, thank god. But I had to go get it myself at the shuttle company's office. The bus didn't get me very close, and it was raining. I was irritated. There was, however, a bus that was able to take me back. Which was nice.

Anyway, important thing is I got my iPod back. Musiiiiiiiiiiiiiic.

Other important thing is first class today. I hadn't realized that writing papers was going to be such a big deal; they expect something every week, on top of the big research paper due at the end. Learning that made me nervous; I haven't written a real research paper in years, and I've never enjoyed them much at all. But then I recalled that this is, essentially, what a college workload is supposed to be like, and I should suck it up because it doesn't mean the class is any less interesting.  So I'll just. See how this works.
Did they just--

They just made an "I'ma let you finish" joke on ABDC

They just

Oh my god this crew is my favorite holy balls.

I remember thinking about I should post about other things but that just. Blew my mind too much.

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So... uh.

Hey, people who read MS Paint Adventures
(By which I mean basically only [livejournal.com profile] theguindo )

If I were to make a Jade account, what do you think would be a good name?

And yes, gardengnostic is taken.

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