Dear RPS:

Thank you for letting me know that there is a TV Tropes page for LJRP. Which then let me find out there's a page for Daisychain. Which sent me on another nostalgia trip. Aaaaaaaa. It's really tempting to go and fill that sucker out even more but my Trope-fu is weak.

Day 20: Digimon -Least favorite season?
With retrospect, Frontier really wasn't all that bad. It still had some great characters and a big overarching plot, but... when you get down to it, part of what really made the show special was the connection between a kid and their partner. Without that, the show was much harder to appreciate fully. Not to mention the two main guys far outranked the other characters by the end, which always frustrated me.

Day 21: Pokemon -Favorite Friendship
Again, I haven't watched the show in years. However, the original trio of Ash, Brock and Misty will always be the best in my nostalgic mind. And I can trust that, one way or another, Brock will always show up again to be Ash's bro.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
After all, he's the repressed sexuality... )
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"OMG I LOVE YOUR _____": A RP Meme D'Amour : My Thread
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It's not enough for me to be missing DC so badly for months, to be getting extra wistful over the reunion thread. Having the OOC chat's return was what really hammered it in. I haven't had that feeling that DC chat gave for a long time; feeling like being part of a chat where you're all friends who know each other, can have conversations together about the game without even being involved in plots directly with one another. It amplifies how much fun you have with the game itself by a ton. XI chat feels so disconnected for me, in comparison. We need to do this sort of thing more often.

Aaaaaugh I miss you guys.
Well, my personal birthday for it didn't come until about six months after, but that doesn't change the fact. I still don't think I'll ever find another game that I'll love as much as this one.

Happy birthday, Daisychain. It's been said before, but one time more won't matter: It was the best night ever.
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Why is it

The one day I spend the whole goddamn day traveling

is the day there's apparently everyone talking about a Cloverfield monster showing up in XI but the log is so busy that I'm too confused to know where it is or how to jump in on it

God damn it I am so bad about jumping into open logs already

I should be happy about this
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I've never seen a new year as all that big a deal. I stay up to midnight anyway, but 2010 seems like a nice enough thing to acknowledge. Especially since, looking back, I'm pretty happy with this year.

I made friends, online and in reality. I tried new things, perhaps not as many as some would recommend, but enough for me to feel proud enough. For a year that started off academically lousy, it's resolved into a place where I'm looking forward to more, hoping for the best. Heck, I'm feeling pretty pleased with things as a whole right now, even if not everything is exactly as needed and maybe I should be a little more prepared. But I've always been the sort to let things come as they are.

I want to repeat Erica's sentiment: So much of the support and happiness this year came from my experiences at [livejournal.com profile] daisychainrpg . I made great friends, did some great writing, had some powerful emotional experiences, found some fabulous new series to delve into. Not everything was perfect, but I couldn't have wished for a more supportive, welcoming, exciting game to have seen me through the majority of this year.
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People who are interested in either my NaNo story OR Daisychain, this may interest you, or maybe not just puttin' it out there.

Also, I'm starting to work on my friend cards/muse cards, and will send them out sometime next week, so if you haven't remember to give me your address!

That being said oh my god guys it snowed it was amazing 8D
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Oof, my days are so lazy. The class is really pretty chill on the homework front, which is pretty nice in comparison to a lot of other people I know. Most of my time is spent writing, either for the classwork or for NaNo, not to mention the couple of apps I've been working on for [livejournal.com profile] xi_rpg .

Mostly for class I've been getting a lot of inspiration from the various characters from games, stories, etc. and expanding on the ideas I have about them, without actually going into fandom mode so that pretty much anyone can read it and get what's going on. So far, it's been working pretty well. It has left me feeling pretty weird, though, because I haven't written anything entirely original for a long time now. Though, NaNo has now drained the ideas I had for working with Madotsuki, and still left me with well over thirty thousand words to go. I originally planned for a lot of stuff to happen, but now that I've gone through the scenes of her getting found I feel like it would be redundant to keep pushing things like that in detail, if I don't want to actually lay down plans of how she got so messed up. Therefore, until I get more ideas, her role in the story is done. So for now it's delved off into exploring how an OC of mine had to deal with the attack from the beginning, as an original Manhattanite. It's... almost like writing something original, I guess?

Still can't believe I'm going to try for Franky. He's a character completely out of my comfort zone, but at least I know that way I won't the the overlap with Spin that I was worried about with Usopp. If I really do end up applying for Morris, I'm pretty sure I'm going to wait at least a month, so I can get into the groove with this funky cyborg. Playing a character in authority would be totally weird, namely as his version of authority is getting everyone to learn cool dance moves. Coming up with lesson plans about carpentry when I know nothing of it myself might be a bit weird. BUT I WILL MAKE IT WORK, FOR I AM PLAYING A SUPER GUY! Yessssss.
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NaNoWrimo's comin' by, slow and sure. I do feel a little weird making what is in some definitions a giant fanfic based on a RP but you know what I'm rolling with it and the words are coming. *poses* I can do this!

In other news, some people may remember this doofy One Piece conversation. It wouldn't leave my head. So I drew some nonsense.

Can you tell I'm not used to drawing for One Piece? )

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So my roommate made me watch "Tremors" today. Kevin Bacon playing a cowboy is always fun. What a dumb movie =D

Since there is apparently someone interested, here's the thing I wrote reflecting on Daisychain, the year it contained and how it ran parallel to my own journey through gettin' to a decent college. Our teachers wanted us to not give any comments or context and just let people observe and so my group was like "what."

Seriously out of context how would you get it )

IN OTHER NEWS: Two of my clubs overlap D= ah well. I wasn't all that interested in the circus one anyway.

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You know, after that year of community college, I forgot how nice it was to have the feeling of accomplishing some homework. I mean, like, there was homework, but it was all really easy, and I didn't feel like I had to put any effort into doing it. Most days I could just finish it in class before the teacher collected it, and essays were done the night before at late hours. One time, I even managed to type up an essay I'd done no research on before, starting it at the beginning of class and turning it in at the end of the two hours. Still got an A.

Right now things are easy, but I know that this class is going to start challenging me more and more to get off my ass. And it feels really good to have the incentive to do work before the last minute.

Every week, along with other work, we have to complete a finished work that expands on something we wrote in our journals the week before. Since I mentioned how simultaneously I'm ending the era of being in a familiar place, and DC is ending, I thought it would be good to expand on that. Thought about doing a spiffy piece of art but... well, I put it off too long. Instead I did a Spin-style rhyming reflection. I may put it up later.

I'm mere chapters away from finishing One Piece. I think because I've been reading them all as a cluster, rather than waiting for each chapter to come out, I don't mind the lack of Straw Hats besides Luffy as much, but I know that waiting on end now is going to get old. Needs moar SH hilarity.

...I totally know I opened up this post with something specific to say in mind but I have completely forgotten what it was. Ah well.
So [livejournal.com profile] daisychainrpg is Ending as of last night.

I. I don't know. I have felt so much anxiety and worry and sadness over this approaching moment, and now that it's here, I just don't have the energy to get into it. So many people have already. I honestly feel bad for not having it hit me harder, even though it was making me panic a little just a couple days ago. Maybe I'm just too tired; not enough sleep on this first week of classes, I'll tell you that for sure. Maybe I've gotten it out of my system.  Maybe it'll finish hitting me tomorrow. Maybe not. But either way...

Have a chat log instead.
Queen lyric themes )

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Here's the meme, of role play theme
It makes me wanna tag and scheme
When it comes I wanna scream

Meeeeeme )

In other role play news... Well now I am looking at [livejournal.com profile] xi_rpg and feeling really bad for dropping so fast, especially since now they've got other Psychonauts. But I honestly just didn't have the muse and shouldn't have rushed in. I was resisting the idea of an AU Spin, but you never know. I may get talked into it yet.
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Oh man. I forgot how much I loved... jeez, two different things. It's weird to be reminded how much you like stuff!

Firstly, Psychonauts. It's a brilliant game, and I've known this all along. Quirky and silly and creative as hell, with amazing little bits of attention to detail and full development even for the most minor of characters. Unfortunately, I have the loser tendancy to never finish any game that requires full-screen use on a computer, so I never finished the game. Recently, I was prompted for some reason to look into an LP, and while the LPer himself is dull as hell, the game remains just as vibrant and fun as ever.

Also, Stardust. That movie is brilliant. I watched it recently, like a month or two ago, and still loved it, but today I watched it for the first time since I've seen it with people who hadn't seen it before. It's always great, to do that, to see them go through the same emotions you did that first time. The ending had a couple cheesy parts, but it does a great job making you care about the characters, feel for them, enjoy their development. And man during that climax scene, seeing one friend squeal with the horror of WHO WILL GET THERE FIRST was just brilliant. Such good times.

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Okay. Checklist for DC endgame, just as it stands:

~Spin has bust out the Healers, but they're out of commission more or less right now. He and Harry can go off and look for more help, and a special room of awesome super. I need this to happen. Just... aaaa. I will not let him get shot or tranq'd. He's suffered enough in this game as it is.
~Morris is in his hall looking for the family, likely to run into J soon, has a Tranq gun, and is eager to beat some faces into the floor quite literally. He will get a grazing arm shot, but otherwise will be okay.
~Fawful is out until September 11 at 11:00 PM. Who knows where the plot will have turned by then, but my god headgear.
~Madotsuki, my god she just keeps getting tugged around: gonna die, not gonna die, needs to die, wait maybe not, but will commit suicide at this rate. Got put in the room with the worst possible person, and now believes she's out of her 'coma' and into some sort of horrible asylum. She's probably too weak to move much, and hasn't been Crab Vaccinated, so soon the symptoms are going to start and take her out fast. If she's going to live, Derek needs to be patient with her crazy and get her to a Healer ASAP.

I had other things to maybe write about, but honestly I am too tired and distracted to write about them now. This seems to happen a lot since endgame started.

My god I want a happy ending for my characters so bad.

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I know we find out tomorrow but fuuuuuuuck
1) District 9: A+

2) Ponyo: C

3) Daisychain is ending what the hell am I supposed to doooooooo


Like I suspected a lot of this stuff but having it confirmed is


what the hell

Note to self don't do that thing you always do with plot revelations. DON'T.
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So yesterday I was feeling super lousy, but you know what? Talking with friends totally helps. I'm feeling a lot better. Yay friends <3

And did I ever need the boost. Today I just decided, "You know what? I need today to be happy. I'm going to do happy things today."

So I baked cookies.

Cookies! )

And now I have tags to do so I better do them Yay

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ComicCon is getting readily closer, and its proximity is proportionate to both my excitement and my nerves. I decided to try and embroider the emblem on the armband for the costume, just for that extra something. It's far from professional-looking, but it's coming out well. I also wanted to do it for the larger one on the jacket, but quickly came to realize that there was no way I could get it done with the thicker fabric. Ah well!

Also, I did order a wig online, but of course it hasn't come yet. Things have kept me from checking out the local wigstores, such as lack of car access or bad timing with shifts... I feel like I should be more worried than I am about that, but I keep thinking it's nothing to worry about. I hope I'm right.

The main source of my nerves is the part where my friends and I still don't have a solid plan for what we're doing, as far as organizing what we need to get and bring, the best way to get around, or which things we want to go to. I wouldn't be so worried about the last bit, but I know that Bailey and Lauren are way more into DC comics and the like than I, and while I've survived just sorta smiling and nodding when they go on about it, I'm nervous it'll throw me off if it's all they're focusing on at the con. And I sure don't want to risk getting lost doing things on my own D=

Meantime, I'm trying to get my RP drive back. Spin's been completely dead since his breakdown, and more and more I'm getting frustrated with Tanaka's lack of CR. I keep asking if people want to thread with the cheerleader, but... nngh. Oddly enough, Madotsuki and Fawful are doing fine with their own things. I'm having a lot of fun with their stuff, but it's not the same as runnin' around being Elite or manly. At this point I'm just really hoping Kia and I can find a good place to settle down afterwards.

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