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Am I really hormonal right now, or have the last couple days really been that much back and forth with the good and bad? I honestly can't tell. I'm so distracted and worked up over... everything, yet nothing. I just. Argh.
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Happy no longer Halloween, guys! The day was mostly spent hangin' out with the Anime club; we started watching AMV Hell 4, which went on way too long and is, sadly not my style, but some of the more... vocally geeky members were being so enthusiastic and kind of made it even more painful to watch some of the worse compositions. I just wanted to show some properly done AMVs. Then we gave way to Cowboy Bebop which was much better.

Then there was tasty but way-too-expensive sushi, then hanging out with people, then video games (I'm actually getting pretty good at Brawl, but only with Kirby), and now there's a dude still here. Say hi, dude!

He's busy talking about his class, nvm.

My costume came out good, but didn't get a good picture of it. But it happened! )
In other news, love me!

Roleplay Love Meme
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So! Today is dubbed productive.

First off, more class. It took a while to find the right room, namely since it was on the exact opposite side of campus from the apartment... at least for now. See, on Thursday the class is split in two. Half does the Drawing class, and the other half does Acting. After four weeks, they switch.

I'm in Drawing first, and guess what we get on day one? NUDE MODEL! |D I was surprised by how unbothered I was, but the fact that she was female likely assisted with that. It was weird for me to realize that, after drawing for years and generally being considered good at it, this was my first official art class of any sort. And I don't think I did too bad! Yay me.

Made another stop by the mall today. It was mostly for the sake of scoping out clothing to put together for my Halloween costume, as an Airboarder from Rhythm Heaven. (No one will recognize me in the slightest, which keeps up with tradition =Db)  It is ridiculously hard to find blue pants that are not jeans at the mall. Or, really, any pants that aren't jeans. I eventually found all the pieces I need though, but held off on purchasing until Monday; there's a sale starting at the fabric store I got a coupon for.

I really hope I can find a way to draw and scan myself some decent icons before the 14th...

It is raining in Washington. I am prepared to never see the sun again.
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First off:

HEY GUYS, want to help me think of a Halloween costume? I like to have an idea of what I'm going for a while in advance, so as to accommodate for my addiction to procrastination. I tend to do really obscure geeky things, in outfits that wouldn't be hard to buy the bits and pieces in various stores. Past examples include the TF2 Engineer, a Reaver, EBA, so forth. If you guys can help me think of cool things then I would appreciate it.

Moving on.

Still getting used to things, but it's more or less going well. One roommate isn't going to officially move in until tomorrow for some reason, but the rest are here, and two of them are proving to be pretty cool people overall. We've already done some hanging out in the few days we've gotten, and bonded over missing buses. One's a bit on the hyperactive side, so I worry that I may grow weary of her over time, but I'm crossing my fingers and hoping we'll work it out. The fact that she's a Twilight fan is something I'm going to have to grin and bear.

The Club Day and Academic Fair happened this afternoon. Signed up for a bunch of stuff that sounds cool; circus club, hip-hop club, gaming, video gaming, anime (called the GRAS, Giant Robot Appreciation Society), folk dancing, steampunk/victorian/somethingororther, writing, and maybe even a spot on the radio station. Who knows how much I'll follow through with, but I was told to sign up for anything that sounded maybe cool, so I did.

Still hoping I'll be able to have enough balls to make friends besides the roomies. Hope so, not worried about it.

College internet sucks. And the weather jumps around.

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ComicCon is getting readily closer, and its proximity is proportionate to both my excitement and my nerves. I decided to try and embroider the emblem on the armband for the costume, just for that extra something. It's far from professional-looking, but it's coming out well. I also wanted to do it for the larger one on the jacket, but quickly came to realize that there was no way I could get it done with the thicker fabric. Ah well!

Also, I did order a wig online, but of course it hasn't come yet. Things have kept me from checking out the local wigstores, such as lack of car access or bad timing with shifts... I feel like I should be more worried than I am about that, but I keep thinking it's nothing to worry about. I hope I'm right.

The main source of my nerves is the part where my friends and I still don't have a solid plan for what we're doing, as far as organizing what we need to get and bring, the best way to get around, or which things we want to go to. I wouldn't be so worried about the last bit, but I know that Bailey and Lauren are way more into DC comics and the like than I, and while I've survived just sorta smiling and nodding when they go on about it, I'm nervous it'll throw me off if it's all they're focusing on at the con. And I sure don't want to risk getting lost doing things on my own D=

Meantime, I'm trying to get my RP drive back. Spin's been completely dead since his breakdown, and more and more I'm getting frustrated with Tanaka's lack of CR. I keep asking if people want to thread with the cheerleader, but... nngh. Oddly enough, Madotsuki and Fawful are doing fine with their own things. I'm having a lot of fun with their stuff, but it's not the same as runnin' around being Elite or manly. At this point I'm just really hoping Kia and I can find a good place to settle down afterwards.

Hey guess what came in the mail today guys

My Asahi uniform which is super awesome and lovely thanks to [livejournal.com profile] starherd  who is amazing, and also gloves. Yeah that's right, all I need is my wig and we are ready for some osu action. I ordered a wig online yesterday, but I'm a bit antsy about if it'll get here in time. I plan on checking for wig stores in the area just in case.

You know what else came in the mail? Entertainment Weekly, which was full of tidbits about what's gonna be at Comic Con, including Iron Man 2.

My god you guys today is just like "SARAH COMIC CON IS COMING AREN'T YOU PUMPED"



And also HAPPY BIRTHDAY [personal profile] lynxgriffin 

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So today I went with my nana to get some shoes, lo an' behold, three damn pairs, including the ones I needed for cosplay! Go me. Now I need the wig and the gloves... the wig shouldn't be a problem, so long as I actually go get it, but... where the hell do you buy white cloth gloves? I know they exist, I just have no idea where to look!

Anyway, because we cut it kinda close between shopping and the start of my shift, Nana dropped me off at work and I had to sit around without any of my timekilling methods. I was like "aaa need video games." But it was an okay shift aside from being boring. I got free chocolate yaaay, and someone asked me to cover another shift tomorrow. More money's good, but I'm spending it with Ckoworker. God she annoys me, she just complains nonstop and... I need to learn to tune her out, man. She's unbelievable.

I feel like I had more to say but no I guess not.
Hmm. I think I'm feeling less moody, now that Spin has gotten out that rant last night. He's still pissed off, but hey, I got out a damn fine rhyme. Yaaay.

So basically today was spent trying to find items for cosplay. Shoes or gloves. And also headphones just because the ones I have don't work in one ear anymore. However, after three hours walking around, I got nothing to show for it. I mean, I found some shoes that are basically what I need, but damn they're expensive. I think at this point my best bet is to call in on the birthday present my nana owes me. Yaaay doting grandparents.

By the end of the outing, I was feeling lousy, but you know what made it okay? I met a really friendly miniature shnauzer named Sergeant Pepper. Is that not a great name for a dog? I think it is. Also, Best Buy had a box set for Season 5 of Digimon. I mean, I didn't buy it, it was th terrible English version, but I've never seen Digimon DVDs anywhere! Just knowing they exist helped my mood.


Jeez, I keep thinking about the limited timeframe and reeeeeally hope my costume can get done in time. ComicCon is really looming...

And man. Oh man. One Piece. I finally got to episode 257, with the cutting through tidal waves and screaming and epic and whatever, but you know what made it? You know what really made that episode awesome?

Fucking Sogeking, man. FUCK YEAH.
I've lost weight. My pants don't fit. Oh my gah.

Good news: This is awesome and encouraging especially with potential for cosplay
Bad news: Oh man I have to go shopping. God I hate shopping. I'm like that perfect weight where 'normal' stores are too small and plus-sizes are too big. I don't think I've lost quite enough to get into gorram Macys.
Regardless, I'm still pumped about this epiphany and hope I can keep it going.

Auuugh I have five and a half hours of work tomorrow followed by five hours of Abantey which is cool but still five hours. My teeth are gonna be throbbing all up ons.

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