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As a reminder, guys! It's Just A Game now has open reserves! Please check it out; we're already shaping up to have a wonderful cast, and the more the merrier!

In less jolly news, Rocketman is in the computer hospital. Sunday evening he spat out screws, and suddenly attempts to try and close the monitor became very difficult, with the siding coming off and computer innards showing. HP said they'll take care of it, but that means sending him away for perhaps a full week; I'm relying on the home computer now, which at some point since I got Rocketman became slow as balls. Just a heads up for anyone who I didn't whine to about already |D;;b

I guess the advantage to having unreliable 'net access would be it might force me to do more writing. And considering all the terrible things Evil AU has been doing... I think some brofic is in order. More as the situation develops =|
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If my computer keeps ruining things for me, I think my head might explode.
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Hot water's on, and guess what else? WIRELESS INTERNET!

For the first time in the year since I got him, Rocketman can move freely throughout the house without a big fat 60-foot cord connecting him to the internet! Until he runs out of batteries.

For the last day, Comcast decided to shut off all the interwebs in the whole area, but by the time it was back up, dad's new router was ready to go, and now there's nothin' that can stop me! Awwwww yeah.
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Ugh, moving tomorrow. So not looking forward to it. I like our house. This new one is so... not the house I've lived in for thirteen years. 8(

Dunno if Internet will be up and running tomorrow, but I'm figuring it will be by the end of the day. Hopefully. We'll see.

Rocketman continues to be a douche of a computer, with lousy battery life and now the siding is coming off. Come on, man, you can do better than that.

Been playing Plants Vs. Zombies a lot lately, because that song they made is completely awful but mind-numbingly catchy. It's just plain silly.

I am so out of practice with writing fics, but the drabbles I've been doing for the 30 Challenge have been pretty fun, though none of them have been very long--all under 400 words. Though, they did inspire me to work on a slightly longer fic idea. I'm not sure how long that one will go, but it's been interesting to work with so far.
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UGH, COMPUTER. I can understand shutting down with, like, 10 percent battery left. I can even accept 25, though that's pushing it. But 35% of the battery left, and my computer suddenly clicks off? Hell with that. This thing doesn't even give me any warning of running low on juice until 25%, and even then it's a barely noticeable icon in the corner. Bull hockey.

Also, saw Inception tonight with my friend. We were both pretty solidly underwhelmed: it wasn't bad, but we really didn't think it lived up to the hype at all.

Day 11: A song from your favorite band

I think this question is cheap for making me pull out my favorite band when i could use it on another category 8| Regardless, They Might Be Giants is a brilliant group--one thing I love, beyond their whimsy and bizarreness, is the fact that you get songs about things that you never hear about; while everyone else is writing love songs, here we have a song about the effects of imperialism and the glazing over of history, put to a fun and easy tune.

(speaking of Tiny Tunes, dear god I only realized the other day that Elmyra Duff is supposed to be the opposite of Elmer Fudd. DERRRRRP)

Day 12: A song from a band that you hate

Again, I don't really listen to things I don't like, so nothing really stands out in my mind as a terrible band who I loathe. That being said, while Nickelback songs on their own are okay--I can listen to them on the radio, etc--it drives me insane that they are pretty much all recycles of the exact same song over and over. The same thing applies to Linkin Park.

30 Days )
It pisses me off so much that I cannot upload files on this computer without breaking the internet.

Downloading is fine, but sharing with others is apparently right out.

I guess I should figure out if this is still a problem at school. Grumble.

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