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31,031 words as of last night. I'll be aiming for the full set of 3s tonight, I assume. I'm not sure how I managed to get this much done, but then again, looking at all the junk I've written, it's a lot of silly rubbish anyway. Progress is progress!

School's still going pretty well, aside from some mild disasters with group projects. Because, well. Group projects are pretty much guaranteed to have a few of those. Professors can't actually assign that stuff and expect anything to go right. Logically, this means I should be busting my chops to pick up the slack, get my work done, be prepared. And I have been, for the last week or so. But right now I just found out there's a new Layton game out, so I think that that earns a little leeway.

Be setting up a christmas card post soon, I assume. It's still baffling to me how we need to start these things so early, but hey.
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Safely returned to school, and a pretty good first day if I do say so myself. Contacted a friend off the bat and found out he was heading to a meeting for the Gaming Guild, and joined him for a very fun game of Settlers of Catan. I should definitely try to visit that club more, board games are a great chill way to make buddies. There was also Grocery Bingo where my friend won and I didn't =B Then I got to know one of my roommates really well, the rest have been off doing... things? Anyway, the one I chilled with seems like a really friendly person, so yaaay there.

The bad side to all this is the fact that very little of the actual things I own will be actually available to me for the next three days. I have the necessities; clothes, toiletries, a towel. But my sheets, blankets, trash can, scissors--all those little things that are not necessary but still really useful to have around (and also make my room not look like a blank white nothing) will not be returned to me from storage until Monday. Thankfully roommate lent me a pillow, but it's pretty painfully bare. I will power through ( ._.)9

I'm tired maybe I should sleep.
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About this time last year, I had a panic attack because I hadn't planned well in advance and had no idea where I was going to store my stuff over the summer.

Good news: A friend living in the area has agreed to store my belongings for the months I have gone!
Bad news: Though, I have no actual boxes or storage stuff to put my belongings in...
Bad news: ...and even if I did, I don't know how to get it over there. IDK if using the bus to transport boxes is very feasible or if the bus drivers allow it even, and I don't feel comfortable asking for help from my roommate with a car who doesn't like me.
Good news: Though I have found one cardboard box by lurking around the cardboard recycling bins! In fact, I think it would be large enough to carry all my stuff, if I needed to, even a couple things that really are too big for conventional boxes.
Bad news: ...which leads to the logical issue that this box is way too big, to the point it needs to be turned on its side to even fit through doors. This would be not only a bitch to carry but compress the whole "how do I transport this" problem even further. Also putting all my stuff in one box would be HEAVY.

I'm starting to think I should just hit up Target or maybe Goodwill tomorrow and see if I can buy some storage bins, which would at least be easier to carry around. But that transport thing is still an issue.

Also Washington should really not be a place where it gets too hot to sleep. That just feels wrong to me.

Hahaha ~first world problems~
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Oh man, this week is going to be a doozy. I'm slogging through the various readings due for seminar on Wednesday, and while none of them are too terribly long I can't really make heads or tails of what it is most of them are getting at. That's just a mild inconvenience to compound on top of completing research and an annotated bibliography on a topic that really is rather impossible to find primary sources for, as well as putting the finishing touches on the group project of a (freakin awesome) puppet show. I just can't wait until Friday. I'm gonna get down on Friday.

On the RP front, I'm all a tangle of conflict; I've already put my foot down and will be dropping Franky at XI within the next couple of days (probably after things get less distracting), and I had just about decided that it was time to take Hajime out of the Institute as well. Until I got to talk with Olaf, finally, for the first time in ages, and... well, dammit, I just can't resist that girl. Logs with Mod have consistently been the absolute most fascinating and entertaining parts of my entire run at that game, and the promise of the drought ending is enough to make me cling on... just a little longer...

Another thing to do once things settle down after this week is replay Ghost Trick if I want to make sure I can handle picking up Missile at Second City. That dog has all my love, and I want to do him justice. After all, no one can complain about a hyperactive puppy ghost after they've gotten used to the ponies.
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Am I really hormonal right now, or have the last couple days really been that much back and forth with the good and bad? I honestly can't tell. I'm so distracted and worked up over... everything, yet nothing. I just. Argh.
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Oh man this class I'm in. It's only week one, and things haven't really hit the fan yet, but it looks like things are going to be pretty intensive. Or, rather, pretty intensive for a more artsy class at this school. I won't compare myself to the science majors.

There's a lot of reading every week, which on its own isn't all THAT bad, but it can get exhausting having to read seventy-five pages of dense language on a computer screen is hard to pull off, then followed by a hundred+ more pages for the OTHER readings we have to do. But really, that's not all that bad.

The seminar passes are cranked up, though--there's the standard "what are they about, what's the theme, what did you learn" thing we have to write, which is relatively simple. But suddenly now we also are required to pick something from the readings and do research on that--including at least one print source. Jeez, I have to actually get up and go to the library! This is nuts, man!

And we basically have to do a writeup for everything we do in class. How did you become closer to your goals in the workshop this week? How did your time working with other students go?

Honestly, it's just a lot of things that, while maybe not so bad on their own, build up fast. I'm still hoping to have fun, but man this is not the kind of writing I want to do.
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It's weird when, all of a sudden, college makes you realize you're not smart.

I've never had all that much trouble writing papers, aside from procrastinating like nuts on them, but once I sit down and make myself do it--usually just a few nights before it's due, derp--it's fairly easy for me to figure out what I want to say, how to get the point across and find examples from the text.

But it turns out I've met my match. For class, we have to read The Temple of the Golden Pavilion by Yukio Mishima. I'm about halfway through it, right now, and it's by no means a bad book--it's really pretty interesting. But I cannot understand the mindset of the main character. He's obviously designed to have a very different mentality than most people, I think, seeing as the basic point of the book is describing the thought process of a man who is essentially a terrorist. But usually I really enjoy psychoanalyzing and viewing things from another viewpoint. It's usually fun, and not all that hard for me. I don't know if it's the way his thought process is described, or the manner in which the book was translated, or what, but I honestly cannot follow what this guy is getting at.

That on its own would not be a problem for me. I could read it through and not really get the character without minding too much, it's still a good book. But today our teacher told us we have to write a paper on this thing, too. Only 2-4 pages, not much, but I am now officially worried. There's a difference between BSing a point to draw it out, and having absolutely no idea what to say. When I make a thesis, I at least have to know what I'm saying. And I honestly don't know what to write about this book.

My hope is that seminaring on this thing tomorrow will generate SOMEthing, but... ugh. It's really weird, realizing that I've hit a complete wall with this thing. It's a little disorienting.
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I wish I knew how to have confidence in my stuff. I keep worrying about what people will think, if it'll look dumb, if it's not good enough. Then I keep worrying that the teacher is especially looking at me and thinking how I'm not trying hard enough or doing it right because I'm not doing the same sort of thing as everyone else. I keep thinking I didn't do enough for this project, in spite of the fact that I'm sleep deprived as a result of working on this sucker. Sure, it's not all polished and gorgeous and it's only 11 seconds long, but it's still something, isn't it?

Ugh just two more days of this class and I'm done and I can relax. Two days. Rrgh.
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There was a blackout last night that prevented me from getting any work done on NaNo, and also on the paper that was due today. Luckily, due to said blackout not only affecting the whole campus but even the town as a whole well into this morning, class was canceled and I am able to finish said paper today. However, there is also a project due tomorrow, so now I need to work on two projects, further delaying any progress with NaNo.

Considering I've more or less completely run out of ideas with where I'm going with NaNo, I'm mostly glad for the excuse not to stare at the word count and try to will it up another few thousand words. Good lord is this month over yet.

Day 23: Pokemon -Favorite Evil organization?

I always thought that Aqua and Magma had pretty dumb plans, and I never even finished Pearl so I don't really care for Galactic much at all. Besides, even if Rockets were just 'evil for the sake of evil' which is always pretty dumb, the fact that they were around for two whole generations makes a much better impression in my mind.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
I love that 5th Gen is gonna be evil hippies too )
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Bluh bluh trying to figure out how to make an art project with legos and trying to figure out how I'm going to get to Seattle this weekend. My brain is not assisting the process much. =\

I should try and actually have something of interest to say on these ._. sorry guys

Day 19: Favorite Eeveelution?
Espeon is a beeeeast.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
Why wouldn't they use the Leaf Stone for Leafeon >( )
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Two awesome 30 day memes have appeared near-simultaneously on my flist, and while they are both tempting, I don't really have the energy for them right now =( I don't have the energy for much of anything, lately. I've been feeling really lazy and unmotivated... I still don't have any ideas for the next class art assignment, I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do for NaNo, I can't get excited enough to tag with Spin anywhere at SC, and overall I just feel... blah.

I have a mid-quarter conference with one of my teachers tomorrow, and maybe he'll give me a bit of guidance on the matter. At least, I hope so, but nothing either of my teachers have done these last four weeks have really inspired much confidence in me. I did talk with an academic adviser about my options for next quarter, and she pointed out a decent number of programs to look into, but I still have five weeks to get through until then.

Meantime, I spent the last couple days watching Xiaolin Showdown as inspired by RP-based shenanigans. It was a goofy show, entertaining enough to eat up a couple lazy days. Jack really was the best part, I didn't really care for any of the other antagonists, and in seasons 2 and 3, where Jack's influence waned, so did my attention span. People just need more evil boy geniuses in their lives.
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I had a pretty bleh day in class. For no particular reason other than I really need to start working on this self portrait project. And I hate self portraits. They feel tacky, overdone in every class I've done and also narcissistic. But I get to take pictures of myself, and then make two more pieces out of that. And it just doesn't inspire me in the slightest. Thinking about it put me in a really lousy mood.

Then I came back to my room and saw the new One Piece spoilers and my day got infinitely better

I am easily distracted I guess. In both good and bad ways =\
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Halfway through my first day of class.

Really uncertain about whether or not I'll enjoy it at all.

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Whelp, now that I've started getting settled into the Alternia House, it's of course time to start packing up for going back to school.

And man, If I thought packing up for moving houses was unpleasant, this is even more awkward. For the house shift, it was just a matter of "Get everything into boxes, GO." Now, I have to figure out what things I'm going to need and what  things I'm going to want. Feels weird, man.

Also, some guy found the Franky drabbles I've been doing on ffnet and asked me to join his writing forum type thing. I'm a little flattered but mostly kinda weirded? Yay me 8|;;
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Glee finalie: Cliched and highly predictable throughout... but still very entertaining to watch.

In MSPA news... god I feel so bad for PM. On every level. It just. The whole situation must be awful for her. If I were more coherent right now I would do a big writeup about it. But I needed to get out something about it. Like, I feel worse for her than the kid who just had to find his friend/sister's dead body, and after that D_M post yesterday my heart was kind of wrenched for him.

[livejournal.com profile] secondcityrpg officially has opened the app gates, and Spin's is in. Now I sit back and be excited and hopeful for a week, aaa.

oh god packing is scary and we don't have a microwave and eating is suddenly difficult hnnnng
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I'm starting packing. I'm not leaving until Saturday, but it's very important to get a head start on all this junk. I don't even have that much stuff, but it takes up a lot of space in boxes. My mom mentioned there was a woman who was driving from Washington back down to California, and might be willing to drive some of my stuff down for me, so I also need to figure out if I'll need that service. I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing; if I only end up needing a few boxes, would it be easier to just have the woman bring it all down? Though that would be pretty rude. But it seems weird using storage space when I don't have a ton worth storing.

I'm also slightly concerned about the fact that my nerf sword doesn't even come close to fitting in any of the things I have. Damn broadswords.

Speaking of which, the second round of the zombie nerfocalypse was good fun. We had a lot more attendees, and managed to play three games. Humans even won one of them! I'm still sore from all the running around and so forth.

Last of all: One Piece I love you. I love Oda for being the world's biggest troll. And I love him for giving me canon reason to play out Mr. Frank and confuse the school. Now all we need is to have the damn crew back together HNNGH
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Apparently, despite the fact that they had been making a big noisy deal out of working on fixing a pipe for like a month now and had apparently just finished it, the damn thing burst last night, and now the entire dorm area is without water for 24 hours or so. No washing dishes or taking a shower or properly working toilets or sinks. Whee.

But hey, if you're gonna fulfill the stereotype of looking like a total wreck on that last day finishing your paper, what a better way to do it?

Actually, my paper appears to be on the verge of finished. 21 pages without pictures added, which is pretty much the last thing I need to do and is what I will be spending the day taking care of in the library after class is over. Almost, almost...
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So on top of the essay I'm writing on Iron Man (coming along slow but sure, I think), we have to read one book a week, and then write two 'talking points' to bring in for seminar. It's pretty much all books based on music, with a few exceptions. And it has been getting harder for me every week to find points to go off about. I just... I love music, I think music is awesome. But I am not a scholarly analyzer when it comes to music. I listen to it, and enjoy it, but I couldn't tell you much about composition or genre or influences or how it connects. I just enjoy it.

I am looking at this book and staring at the pages and trying to figure out what I can say that I haven't already said in all the past papers I've turned in. It's. Not coming easy.

Hnarrrg having to use my brain is not as easy as it should be
So my time ticket for next fall's classes is in a week.

All the classes for next fall look kind of really lame.

This disappoints me greatly.
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Soooo, had my conference with my teacher about my first draft, but it turns out that mine is one of the three that he hasn't gotten to read yet. Thanks, Big D. He gave it a glancethrough, though, while we talked, and commented that it looked pretty strong so far. I've got more sources to go off of right now, as well, so hopefully this won't be much of an issue.

And hey, maybe if I didn't procrastinate so much, I could get in a second draft that he could look over before the final is due and get more feedback.

I'm not sure who I think I'm kidding with that line of thought though.

My buddy [livejournal.com profile] childofthemoor  let me borrow her PS2 so hopefully I can pick up my Persona playing, which I am satisfied with. I maxed out my social link with Brosuke today. It was epic manly. Next in line, Chie. B|b

Ummm jeez what else can I say. I'm mostly updating just because it's been a while and Ma likes it when I do these things.

...it is so weird having Franky and Hajime as my most active muses. Enjoyable, though. Hopefully plot with the Ouenkid can start up within the week...?

...I think that's it.


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