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Realizing that the 5th of November is the day from Back to the Future made me way happier than anything involving the letter V.

I went to the the improv show for our campus comedy club. They're not Whose Line, sure, but it's a lot of fun guys just having a good time doing what they do. And I know a lot of the people in the club, so I know that it's really a lot of just what they do naturally. Funny people are neat like that. There's always this awkward pause after the show, where I want to hang around and congratulate them and chat them up, but I don't actually know any of them well enough to be considered a 'friend,' I think, and their closer buddies dominate the conversation while I stand all awkward on the sidelines. Seriously, how does social happen?

After this morning's My Little Pony, I needed to call up my sister. Too many emotions and feelings. We're two very, VERY different people, but we get along so well, and that's something I'm eternally grateful for. My sister is one of my biggest supporters in all I do, and I love her to no end.

I'm a little bit floored by how well NaNo is going; 11,366 words tonight, that's way beyond just my own personal goals, to say nothing of what the NaNo site desires. The chats and Word Wars I do are absolute godsends in terms of motivation. Tonight's round just flew by.

Favorite line of the night:
"This is art," blurted the voice as soon as he neared the painting.
"Well, that’s debatable, isn’t it," Wheatley replied.

Yeah, that's right. It's a Portal fic. What of it. I like this game, okay?
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There is something inordinately satisfying about filling your phone alarms and tones and whatnot with Pokemon sound effects.
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Okay anyone who's watched both shows will have come up with this the very instant they watched "Art of the Dress" but my god

I cannot get over how much I want Rarity on Project Runway, holy crap.

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Bluh I am officially out of ideas for where to take this NaNo story. Bluhhhhhh. I guess that means I get to just start a new one now whooooo

Today my friends and I had our first round of Avatar The Last Airbender DnD. It was pretty awesome. We're huge dorks.

Day 18: Digimon -Favorite Siblings?
You know, thinking back, the only characters I ever saw really feel like a true sibling relationship were Henri and Suzie. Sure, Tai and Kari were close, and Matt cared about TK, but you never saw them really get annoyed at each other like real siblings do--or at least not like me and my sister ever did. They felt a lot more like actual siblings, to me, than just characters we're told are siblings.

30 Days of Pokemon/Digimon
Davis and June were pretty hilarious tho )
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The first episode of The World God Only Knows has aired, and I am quiiiite pleased with it =D I am a big fan of the manga, which I think is brilliantly funny in both its parodying of the harem genre while still having a genuine plot behind it. The few trailers I saw for the show made it look like they were focusing on the shoujo bits, but I was very, very pleased to see all the humor has been kept intact.

The animation looks really good in this, motions fluid and colors bright, more comedic scenes done in a different style than the chibis of the original manga--some of the changes don't work perfectly, but not badly enough to take away much. There were a couple times where I giggled aloud at the expressions and reactions, and more than once I found myself marveling at how smooth the animation was. Whoever it is doing Keima's voice sounds like a perfect fit, as well.

The thing I love about this series is that it involves a guy trying to win the hearts of several women, but it never relies on fanservice to keep the audience interested in the female characters. They're all cute, sure, but it's centered around personalities and situations, and not the situations that involve accidentally falling into a girl's boobs or walking in on her naked a million times. I would love there to be more stories like that. I really would.

Someone else should go watch/read it so I can have someone to squeal with kthx.

EDIT: ...especially now that I've read the most recent chapter holy shiiiiiiiiiit
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The pettiest and absolutely least important of all the things that are bothering me right now:

Yes, I know, I get it. Pokemon is basically glorified cockfighting. Hahahahahaha this is a hilarious thing to bring up, let us mention it and drive it into the ground of every single Let's Play ever made. There are so many more logical fallacies to focus in this story concept, guys. Let's talk about why Professors of these monsters never have more than three of them around, or why there are no actual hospitals for people, or the realization that certain Pokemon, like Alakazam, are hundreds of times smarter than any human yet for some reason still put up with us. These are much more interesting to consider. Cool? Cool.
You know a great way to fend off fears of evil video game ghosts?

Watching old episodes of Legends of the Hidden Temple.

Though now I might have nightmares of Temple Guards and goddamn monkey statues
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Oh my god you guys it makes me so happy that someone on the TGWTG site is doing Digimon reviews--it took her forever to get around to it, but I am sooooo pleased now that she's started. This show raised me, you guys. I love it so much, and to see someone else geeking over it like me makes me feel so vindicated. I really wish she'd spent more time on character analysis outside of Tai and Matt, because I think there's a lot to look at for all of the Adventure kids.

In other news,
The How's My Driving? Meme

And finally, we bring this sucker to a close.

Day 28: A song that makes you feel guilty
I second [livejournal.com profile] yamikonumber7 's response: What? Lol, no.
Day 28: A song you thought you knew the words to and then it turned out to be something totally different

I thought it was a happy song about quirky, confident people falling in love. Then I found out it was about how attractive people are lonely and desperate for their sad one-night stands. I like my version better.

Day 29: A song from your childhood

In elementary school, we always had a big year-end revue that was often a pain, but hey, you got to be in stage in front of your parents. In fourth grade, so many of us signed up that our grade got split into two groups. Our group did this song, and we kicked ass. The parents cheered extra loud, and even the fifth graders told us we rocked. I kept the cardboard guitar cut-out in my closet for years after.

Day 30: Your favorite song at this time last year

I think I've earned the right at this point to break my "No EBA" rule. It's still my favorite, for reasons entirely separate from Lobster Bucket--my Favorite Song tends to last for years on end, until I get tired of it. But until then, this song will always, always, always make me smile.

The End )
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Apparently my parents are moving. I mean, my dad has been super excited for a week or so about this house not too far up the hill from us, with a fabulous view and not much else. But Dad doesn't get excited about much, so despite Mom's reservations she let him go ahead and start looking, but we were thinking--and kind of hoping--that it would fall through. But it sounds like things are getting serious. It's not a far move, but packing up and cleaning up our place for sale is a big process. And, on top of that, my sister just... two days ago, I guess, got an offer with a friend to share an apartment. She's been really wanting to move out lately, with how nuts Mom can get, so she's thrilled to take it up. Weird how these things line up, I guess.

Okay, I don't know why, but for some reason watching playthroughs of Persona 4 is something I find hilarious. I swear I've watched the same 4 hours of opening plot with three different comedy tracks. I found the guys who did the Endurance Run and it is cracking me up. I am a loser.

Pokemon news: Red is a bastard with ridic-level pokemon and I had my butt handed to me. I managed to get through 4 of his six, but that was with spamming hyper potions the whole way and getting a lot of help from the hail. Also I had to sacrifice one of my main 6 in order to use Rock Climb. This is why I hate HMs.

Day 06: A song that reminds you of someone

Back in 2nd or 3rd grade, I had a friend who I would hang out with all the time, with weekly playdates. Whenever she came to my house, we'd bust out the Beanie Babies and play with them while my clock-CD player went on in the background. I didn't have a very evolved taste in music back then, all my CDs were cartoon and movie soundtracks, and the Rugrat Movie one the leading one for that time. She ended up going to live overseas for a year, and by the time she got back we had grown apart. We were still classmates up through high school, but never really hung out since. It happens.

Song List )
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Have you guys heard about that movie, The Kids Are All Right? It's gotten a lot of positive buzz, and it's our most popular movie at the theater right now. Almost everyone comes out looking pleased, but as of today, our fourth day with the movie, there have been two walk-outs who make sure to share their feelings of how terrible and offensive it is.

First was on opening night, a woman who stormed out, growling "I hate that movie," and when we ask her, as she storms past, why she feels that way, she says that the main characters, a lesbian couple, are "sell outs" because one of them made out with the male lead. I guess I can understand that point of view, a little, since it's gotta be pretty annoying to have so little representation of lesbians in Hollywood, only to have it twisted a little, but... the trailer for the movie showed that was going to happen. And I think storming out before seeing how the thing was resolved is a bit hasty.

Then there was today, when two girls came in to see the movie. They commented on how much they liked my coworker's shirt, which was a promotional one for the movie, with the title written on the front. We had spares, so we gave them two for free. About an hour into the movie, they came out, asking for their money back, because the movie was racist (the male lead was rude to the gardener, they said), misogynistic, and the couple appeared to be verbally abusive to each other, played for laughs. I mean, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I think there's a lot of assumptions being put in there. I mean, there's no laugh track, can you really be sure all of the above is played for laughs, and not meant to be commentary? And aren't there lots of couples who trash talk to each other for the fun of it? I wouldn't know, admittedly.

...There's no real point to this above rambling, it's one thirty in the morning and I'm just rehashing the things me and my coworkers were saying.

Moving on to less political things! After spending a bunch of time in Pokemon leveling up a few spare Poke's for the sake of evolving and adding to the 'Dex, it is really refreshing to get back with my main six, and actually feeling like the leveling up process has a point. Also I'm finally en route to Mt. Silver, which contains Pokemon with a decent exp. rate turnover and that feels awesome. Not to mention I caught like four new guys in an hour, that was awesome--I always made a point of trying to only catch the first in an evolutionary chain and evolving them naturally, but after realizing I never actually followed up on that I have started being a little more progressive. It feels good.


Also I really like my neighbor she is a sweetheart who pays me a ton to look after her cat sometimes but it would be great if she actually emailed me with instructions when she says she is going to. This is for the sake of her gimp cat after all.

Day 04: A song that makes you sad

To be honest, I don't really listen to very many sad songs at all. I don't like feeling sad. I like to feel happy. My iPod is full of songs that either make me feel happy, or make me feel badass, or make me feel like a total geek. Or some combination of the three. Songs make me most sad when I have something sad to associate them with. And no scene has ever made me cry harder than the one I associate this song with.

30 Day List )




Jul. 8th, 2010 08:38 pm
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A lot of fans think that the seasons stopped being worth watching after season two. I, however, still love this show to pieces and totally one hundred percent plan on watching this through; I loved Data Savers, and there's no reason to shoot down this new series without giving it a look. And when I realized the first episode was already out today, you better believe I squee'd!

Episode 1: Taiki Goes to a New World! )

also, in regards to MSPA: WHAT A TWEEST
First Zombie Nerocalypse breakdown!

We had two games, about 40 minutes to each. In the last ten or so minutes, the humans needed to get to the dropoff point with all the flags, and defend the dropoff point until time ran out. We started with 20 people who showed up, plus one moderator who simply observed and could not be tagged (Another moderator was a participant). While we were prepping for the second game, four more people passed by and decided to join in. We were limited to the library building, which has a basement and four floors. The basement was off-limit to zombies. There was eight flags in total, in the form of teddie bears; two bears on each of three floors, one on the remaining, and one outside.

First round, I was a zombie. The zombies totally won, hands down, and I didn't even see anyone. Me and the other guy who were camping near a bear never even got to face off against anyone, and the humans managed to get five bears.

Second round, there were fewer starter zombies, because they obviously had the advantage of, you know, respawn. My aim is pretty awful, but sticking with a bigger group turned out to be a huge advantage. I managed to get a bear, and lasted until the final ten minutes, before getting zombified by one dude who was a goddamn NINJA zombie, he was so fast, I swear. Only five or so humans made it to the final drop point with all eight bears, and which point we had to crawl up the hill at them. While most zombies took the frontal route, I was a ninja and went solo up the side, managed to kill a guy who wasn't paying attention.

There was a group of vampire LARPers who, ironically, seemed to be looking down on us. Which is just plain silly.

Everyone had a really great time, and there was even talk about doing it again next weekend! Since the zombies have clear advantage, there's going to be some mixing around of rules, but overall it was a great time. And I think everyone found out how badly we need to work out to prep for next time XD Zombieland wasn't kidding, Cardio is important.
Paper is over, done, turned in, mission complete, dai sei kou!

I am going to celebrate by shooting people with toy bullets.

Saturday there's going to be a game of Zombie Capture-The-Flag, 10PM to midnight. I went today to Target to check out the Nerf selection. It's pretty huge, and Sarah is very very bad at making decisions when it comes to spending money.

So I am asking you guys for advice! (Especially you, [livejournal.com profile] anzila , you nerf warlord you) If you were in a zombie nerfocalypse for two hours, what would you go with? A huge tommy gun or belt-fed blaster, plenty of ammo and little accuracy to worry over, but cumbersome? A smaller dart gun, easy to move around and hide with but requiring more refills? A sword, requiring no reloading but a bit large and forcing closer combat? There's plenty of extra darts available purchase, though nothing to hold them with. Nothing costs more than $20 without tax.

Final order of business: HEY  [livejournal.com profile] katiebalatie   HAPPY  BIRTHDAY  I LOVE  YOU  I  MISS  YOU  I  AM  SO  CALLING  YOU  WHEN  YOU  GET  BACK  IN  THE COUNTRY  TOMORROW
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Someone who's played Persona 4 get online so I can geek out to them

Ugh one of my favorite pairs of pants is now ruined by grease stains and I lost one of my pillowsheets. My life is so drama.

Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/literary works and put their summaries from Better than it Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

god damn it I love tropes )
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Good news: I just realized that, on top of all the awesome musical things I could write this epic research paper on, I could also do an epic paper on Marvel in the 60s.

Ohhhh snap.

I mean, it occurred to me before that doing comics was an option, but it just dawned on me that Marvel got started in the sixties. Rise of Spider-Man, Iron Man, X-men, this is kind of a big deal. I do hope that certain numbers among you would be willing to lend advice if I pursue this suddenly tempting topic.

Bad news: I've lost my student ID somewhere. I am quite sure it was in my pocket this morning, but it decidedly is not now. I've retraced my steps, checked all the lost and founds, and yet to no avail. I'm not quite freaking out yet, but I am definitely nervous >>
Instead of working, I found a pretty cool thorough quiz to determine your Hogwarts House. I took it for Spin and Franky.

Spin: Gryffindor-50, Ravenclaw-67, Hufflepuff-94, Slytherin-28
(Haha I am not surprised by this, he would generally come up Hufflepuff in quizzes I took in the past, but some bias in me always hoped he would get in Gryffindor. I think that's the bias lingering from the books. Didn't help that they called Hufflepuffs "a bunch of duffers" ._.)

Gryffindor-90, Ravenclaw-47, Hufflepuff-41, Slytherin-85
(I'm not sure how I feel about that Slytherin score. Franky can be a bastard, sure, but he's not all that cunning or power-hungry. Gryffindor's a good fit, though. ...Hahah Harry Potterish score, now that I think of it.)

Fun fact: whenever I take housing quizzes, I'm really very close between all four of them ._. I get different answers all the time, no clue which I fit into.

I also did that Sailor Senshi thing for the two of them and had way too much fun with it ._. CURSE YOU INTERNET

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