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Things are going swimmingly over at It's Just A Game. Fawful's making lots of fr--ene--...he's meeting people. And annoying them! That's all you can really ask for, with this guy. I've already written like two more apps for the game, though I'm not even sure if I want to send one of them in anyway. Besides, I want to at least hold back and get settled before bringing in another. Like, until week change! Which is tomorrow. WILL I MANAGE?

Speaking of tomorrow AAAA PONIES I NEED THEM. I have tried to avoid spoilers for the most part but people are making it so hard to wait. Though there was a fantastic interview with Lauren Faust that went up and got me very optimistic about things--particularly that Bronies haven't actually influenced the show beyond a certain pony's eyes, among a wide variety of other things. Mrs. Faust, you are the coolest.

I've got only one week now before I'm back to school, and man am I ready for it to be here now, except for all the packing and whatever. Yet somehow this last week manages to feel like it will be a very long one, particularly due to the sudden slamming down of lots of hours at work. Worse ways to eat up the time, I guess.

Also, I finally got a tumblr, perhaps as a replacement to my Insanejournal, since my RLbuddy was bugging me about wanting to see my sketches. I don't think I've quite managed to get sucked into the supposed black hole yet, but pray for me regardless.
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First bit of class had already. I am nervous. I'll do a more in-detail post later today.

More importantly: I had a conversation with XI's Chopper-mun the other night, and he ended up putting a marvelous image in my head, for the inevitable battle versus Magneto. And it had to be drawn.

Warning: Immature audiences only )
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I was chattin' with the ever-so-awesome [livejournal.com profile] asbestoslegs  today and finally got the balls together to try and draw some stuff purely through tablet. Considering it's my first time actually completing something, to my memory, they came out decent enough, if not sketchy.

Also I updated my DeviantArt for the first time in over a year ._. yaaay
XI shenanigans =d (2 pics) )

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What do you know, drawing stuff for RP and actually putting effort into it can be really fun.

I am smart.

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It would be awesome if Copic had more than one shade of purple, one shade of skin tone, and an actual shade of red.
Fun fact: apparently Crimson combined with Prussian Blue makes the near exact same shade of the provided Violet color when blended together =|

When I was trying to come up with more people to draw I realized how few characters I follow or even interact with.
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NaNoWrimo's comin' by, slow and sure. I do feel a little weird making what is in some definitions a giant fanfic based on a RP but you know what I'm rolling with it and the words are coming. *poses* I can do this!

In other news, some people may remember this doofy One Piece conversation. It wouldn't leave my head. So I drew some nonsense.

Can you tell I'm not used to drawing for One Piece? )

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Various notes:

~Up was really good and that is totally how dogs talk <3
~Oh god Spin's account is about to die out D= I know I shouldn't spend the money but I have no idea how I can survive with him only having fifteen icons, seriously DDD=
~I don't know if anyone CARES but as a reminder I keep all my writings and art on my InsaneJournal account. Just an FYI.

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Association Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

Meme cut for length )

Also I drew Spin in a Diva uniform because I realized that it would show off his abs. And I have soooooo much fun drawing abs. aaaaa.
My dad saw this and thought he looked super gay. I can't blame him. When my mom asked me to explain why I drew it, I tried to say it was "because I like drawing abs," but she seemed to be looking for some sort of commentary on something or I don't know. It was awkward and weird.

Still gettin' used to the copics, but it's a good start, right?

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I enjoyed drawing this. It made me sad. I need to practice with my shiny new copics more, though.

These things always look better before you scan them =\

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My brain won't stop
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He's too much fun.

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