First Muppets then Conan O'Brien now this
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please god let there be no more badgers


This is a good week for me finding things out about games
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Okay I've gotten too distracted to keep doing the LP of Investigations, not that I think anyone was reading it anyway. Though let me say case 3 has been giving me much reason to "OH GOD WHY."

Progress is actually happening with the comic! If I keep up this pace, I may actually complete it in time. Though, it will be a close one, of this I am sure.

Also seriously why is it that all the music I want to download is only the sort not available on iTunes.

Aaaaaugh my subscription is almost up ;-; Fifteen icons is so small
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Whoop whoop, more Edgeworth. Usually I would just not put the game down until it's finished, but I've got work to take care of for class. Only got the second case done today.a

Case Two: Turnabout Airlines )
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Playthrough of Ace Attorney: Investigations. 'Cause why not. Potential spoilers ahead!

Case One: Turnabout Visitor )

Overall, the game looks like it's off to a good start. Great graphics, characters no less enjoyable than before, and clear evidence of an overarching plot that'll be throughout the game, which we usually don't get.

In other news, Roommate 1 decided to get rid of the mice today. She's... going through a lot of issues right now, and their wheel keeps her up at night. Not helpful to the situation. They were annoying in a lot of ways, but I'm going to miss having the furry little guys around.

I am so glad that there is a small but steady trickle of new EBA fanart to be found. It just makes my day when I check up on these things.
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So, I finally got the focus down and started working on some of my project, which of course has been evading some solid, sit-down work lately. I got some work done last night, and figured I'd have to keep it up today and get a lot of work done.

But, I had to go shopping for foodthings first. Which is good. I was low on foodthings, and now I have sauces with which to make my ramen taste more like actual food. So while I'm waiting for the bus, I stop into the EB Games they got right there, to ask when they think the new Ace Attorney game's gonna get there, since there's often a few days in between release and arrival at the store.

They had it already.

I'm not going to be able to focus on anything at all but this game for the next approximate 30 hours.

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Today's the last full day at home. It was pretty decent. I slept poorly last night, but that doesn't count.

~Woke up, made myself bacon and eggs, felt proud of myself for putting effort into breakfast, watched adorable dogs on television.
~Went to hang out with highschoolers on their first day back, chilled with them, gave my friend his late Christmas present which was a plushie Companion Cube. He geekgasm'd and it was adorable.
~Finally got to go to the delicious and inexpensive Japanese place in the area. I had missed their sushi so hard.
~Got a massage. It was nice, but of all the places I felt was in most need of pressing the kinks out, you'd think she would have spent some time on the lower back. Weird.
~Got sick of missing my two vanished games: PW2 had been lent out for over a year, so I finally confronted the person who had it. I might be able to get it back tomorrow. Rhythm Heaven is too fun to let be lost, so I went to get a used copy at Gamestop. I was surprised that the store clerk recognized me; I guess female gamers over the age of 11 are rare enough to come by around here, since I don't purchase all that often. Anyway, back to my tap-tap-flicking.
~Watched the third of the Frank Sinatra movies we've TiVo'd during my break. To be honest, they're kind of dull, most of the time, and this one--The Tender Trap--had themes that were so mind-bogglingly sexist and conformist in today's society. Doesn't matter, Frank's always been a better singer than actor anyway.
~While we were watching Tender Trap, Dad was commenting on how a lot of people feel the need to fill in that conformity of society by having a significant other of one way or another, and settling down instead of bein' free like you want. He kept pulling examples from his favorite movies, like Cool Hand Luke, A Thousand Clowns, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. He finished it with it's cool that I'm so blatantly asexual, because I can completely resist that desire and not feel bad about it. I think it was a compliment?
~My dad also suddenly got all passionate, telling me about the comics of R. Crumb, and running downstairs to grab one of his volumes. A brief glance through looked... really weird.
~I think I need to put up an OOC plotting post for RP when I get back to the dorms. I'm in a real rut with my guys ._.

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