Jun. 5th, 2011

unij: YOU BET KID (school is hard)
About this time last year, I had a panic attack because I hadn't planned well in advance and had no idea where I was going to store my stuff over the summer.

Good news: A friend living in the area has agreed to store my belongings for the months I have gone!
Bad news: Though, I have no actual boxes or storage stuff to put my belongings in...
Bad news: ...and even if I did, I don't know how to get it over there. IDK if using the bus to transport boxes is very feasible or if the bus drivers allow it even, and I don't feel comfortable asking for help from my roommate with a car who doesn't like me.
Good news: Though I have found one cardboard box by lurking around the cardboard recycling bins! In fact, I think it would be large enough to carry all my stuff, if I needed to, even a couple things that really are too big for conventional boxes.
Bad news: ...which leads to the logical issue that this box is way too big, to the point it needs to be turned on its side to even fit through doors. This would be not only a bitch to carry but compress the whole "how do I transport this" problem even further. Also putting all my stuff in one box would be HEAVY.

I'm starting to think I should just hit up Target or maybe Goodwill tomorrow and see if I can buy some storage bins, which would at least be easier to carry around. But that transport thing is still an issue.

Also Washington should really not be a place where it gets too hot to sleep. That just feels wrong to me.

Hahaha ~first world problems~

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