Feb. 21st, 2011

unij: YOU BET KID (And now you know)
8O We actually read a book for class this week that I found genuinely interesting! After Dark by Haruki Murakami. Like, with past books, I could be like "yeah I guess I am slightly interested in the ideas in here or whatever," but I would always check to see how many pages until the next chapter and the like. With this one, I opened it up last night because I figured I should get a little reading done so it wasn't all last minute, then suddenly whoa hey I'm on page 142 when the heck did that happen.

Also yesterday my friend invited me to go forest exploring, there's a pretty great chunk of forest around the school, and a path that you can follow to the beach a bit off, but more fun is exploring the less well-traveled areas and feeling like you're in some post-apocolyptic fantasy world where nature took over. Also I almost sank into a bog at one point which made me really glad I had decided to wear boots. There were a few moments that showed off my friend is much more coordinated than I but the pain my muscles now feel will make me mightier ( ._.)9

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